This mountain bike is a great vehicle with an aluminum frame and an integrated 400 watt Bosch motor the BMW cruise bike has a 60-mile driving distance and can speed up to 16 miles per hour without any effort, the battery challenge is fully in three and a half hours also the bike has a really nice function an on-board computer that can tell you when the best moment to shift the gear is [Music] the bike weighs only 44 pounds and the users' maximum weight is 265 pounds

This vehicle has a nine-speed gearbox and hydraulic disc brakes the frame is mostly made of carbon the electric motor is located in the
bottom parts of the frame and has allows the ebike to speed up to 50 miles per hour the bike has several modes as well in the pure mode it's powered only by pedals in the pedal ak mode the the electric motor helps the user allowing him to speed up to 50 miles per hour while the driving distance is between 30 and 43 miles in the Egret mode the the back wheel is powered exclusively by electric propulsion but the maximum speed is only thirty miles per hour the 530 what's our lithium-ion battery pack a charge is completed in two and a half hours


           This device is hard to classify we don't know whether
it's wheeled seats or a bike moving without the user moving its legs in its essence uni carb is capable of transporting busy people who don't want to move their legs anywhere they want uni covers propelled by an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery it can cover a distance up to four miles while speeding up to four miles per hour generally speaking the gadget is a complex wheel made of smaller wheels

PORSCHE RX                 

This bicycle can become your an irreplaceable partner in every exciting off-road trip it has a 20 speed transmission and it's
equipped with 27 and 1/2 inch wheels the lights and the high-tech carbon frame is stable and at the same time it doesn't weigh very much the air spring units and hydraulic disc brakes guarantee the best control during every maneuver due to its construction and equipment Porsche, RX bike is not appropriate for public roads but if you do want to use it there you'd have to install some extra equipment

 HYUNDAI E 4U                    

 This personal vehicle looks like a wheeled egg and the driver
doesn't get fully inside only the bottom half does to make this moving construction while stable the high end ie for you is equipped with two external extra wheels in the back of the egg-like frame, it works like an electric scooter you have to tilt your body in different directions to move the transport wherever you need of course it requires some skill but you'll learn how to drive it's in a couple of hours

TOYOTA WINGLET                 

 These scooters designed by Toyota come in three sizes small medium and large the devices are meant to transport you around big spaces like airports miles and factories, all models are equipped with
electric motors allowing the scooters to speed up to three-point seven miles per hour the models are different in size they have the same width and length but the height is different the wheels are covered with panels to increase the security also the working distance is different for each model the s size one can only go up to three miles on a smooth road while M and L models can go up to six miles the big advantage of this device is the fast charging which takes only one hour


There are only four models of this smart surfing board designed by Mercedes-Benz the board is made from composite materials and it's
equipped with a telemetric system to measure the results of surfing the wetsuit has also fitted with this system the boards style and design of world-class and they fit perfectly with the philosophy of the Mercedes brand black and gray colors smooth well rounded forms and a badass logo many people support the idea of making more copies of this device because it can speed up to 39 miles per hour

MCLAREN TARMAC                        

The American bike a company specialized and the British automotive giant McLaren joined their forces and released a limited series of
this two-wheeled bike the s-works McLaren tarmac there are only 250 models of this limited edition the frame the fork the rudder well practically everything is made of carbon fiber and the bike doesn't weigh very much the McLaren designers were in charge of the painting and them chose two colors black and orange every byte comes with a pair of custom-made shoes and a helmet both of the same colors


This electric scooter is designed for people living in big cities who prefer the speed and the price of transporting over comfort city surfer is very compact but you can make it even smaller by folding it in two when you're not using it the scuba weighs only 4 pounds it can speed up to 16 miles per hour and travel up to 16 miles on one recharge of its lithium-ion battery and the electric motor turns on only if the user takes the vehicle to a certain speed

PEUGEOT E-KICK               

This scooter can easily fit in any car trunk it weighs only 19 pounds the lithium-ion battery is integrated into a thin platform on
which the user stands the energy store is enough for covering a seven and a half-mile distance the top speed of the scooter is 16 miles per hour and the motor is placed in the back wheel the same a place for the foot brake is the designers are especially proud of its handle it is foldable which allows transforming the scooter into a one-wheeled roller so you don't have to carry the e-kick all the time you can just roll it

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