10 USEFUL GADGETS FOR PETS


This automatic cats litter works with electricity technically it's a round litter with kitty litter that turns on its axis from time to time at this point the collector suits the granules and the conveyor belt automatically transfers the solid waste to a special container the liquid falls on a second bottom although the box is automatic a moment arrives when the container has to be cleaned for residual products the price of this litter box is $85


this interactive cat toy has six game modes and it's especially created to stimulate the natural hunting instincts of felines the device is manipulated with a remote control and in addition the toy is equipped with a timer to determine the best time to play if you order this gadget you will also receive three toys sticks a laser pointer and a remote control the toy works with three Triple A batteries and aa remote control with two the device costs $89


This toy robot will read users of the guilty feeling when they leave their pet alone at home the gadget is bone-shaped but it's also equipped with wheels and comes with a remote control go bone choose as a root on its own depending on the game mode but the process can also be controlled through the mobile phone the battery guarantees eight hours of stand-alone work and the price of the toy is $199


This is an innovative GPS tracker for your pets using your mobile device you can see where your pet is from anyway although the tracking program is completely free the user gets a variety of useful functions a fall detector and activity tracker and the possibility of creating routes and boulders
 the user can receive information about the location of his past and notifications in case the animal leaves the allowed premises the price of the device is $50.


This gadget combines a surveillance camera and a dog bowl the main idea is not only to help the users see what his pet is doing while the owner is away but also to provide the opportunity to interact with the dog giving him voice orders and rewards for following them before leaving the user can fill the trough with dry food or something tasty for the pet fuubo is controlled through the mobile phone when the owner sentence a reward to the dog Faubourg delivers a piece of delicious food to the pet the price the device is $99.


This device connects to a mobile phone via Wi-Fi it has a wide-angle camera powered by three lithium-ion batteries they guarantee one and a half hours of standalone operation in playback mode in addition the ball has integrated speakers a laser and LED lights with the mobile application you can follow your pet's activity in real time users of the application will also be able to receive notifications to know when the pet started playing with puppy if he's barking or if he's very active the price of the gadget is 125 dollars .

No Bowl

This pet friendly and safer people cat food dispenser was created to increase the physical activity of your CASP is very easy to use the owner places food inside the note bowl and Heights the toy when feeling hungry the cap begins to look for food around the house thanks to its excellent sense of smell the cat will soon find the mouse full of the food and the tacit the user can activate light and sound effects in the settings of the toy once the rodent is defeated the dispenser supplies the food to the cat this useful toy cost twenty dollars


This innovative cat feeder allows users to control the feeding process of their pets the innovation is in the RFID microchip recognition system installed in the collar when the chip is near the bowl the lid automatically opens to give access to the food container when the animal moves away from the trough the transparent lid closes keeping the food fresh and protecting it from unwanted visitors the device can be purchased for a hundred and ten dollars .


This universal five-block kit lets you create different shapes every time so your furry friend will never get bored of climbing them you don't have to worry about you pets health this product is completely recyclable and non-toxic unlike most cap furniture the design of this toy will look perfect in any room you can also use it as a shelf for books or for shoes its price is 250 dollars


You can control this feeding system using a mobile application you can adjust the time of delivery of food and water analyze the pets appetite and the amounts of water consumed which allows you to keep an eye on its health from a distance the device is equipped with a camera to see what the animal is doing you can get this smart device for one hundred and fifty five dollars