RUNNING SHOE BIKE                                                

This unusual bike was duly noted at the  Prudential Ride London in July 2016 the  main feature of this bike which  otherwise is similar to any other bike  in the market is that it doesn't have  tires instead of tires the arms of each  wheel are equipped with six identical  running shoes so that's why many know  this vehicle as to the running shoe bike  truth be told you can't find this on the  market and the bike created by travelers, Steve thinks it's considered and bumpy  vehicle

BIRD OF PREY                                   

Unlike other more normal bikes in which  the driver is sitting the creators of  this bike proposed the owner to drive  while lying almost parallel to the  ground  this body posture increases aerodynamics  and reduces the efforts and the load in  the backbone allowing even people with  back problems to enjoy a ride the  position of the bike driver is similar  to those of swimmers or birds in flight  the body is held by the thigh and is  quite comfortable to move the pedals the  bike also has a low center of gravity  and the frame is made of aluminum also  allowing riding even faster despite the  strange body posture this vehicle is  completely safe even if the driver has  to brake suddenly the driver would not  end up flying in the air this horizontal  bike can be bought for forty-eight hundred dollars
LOPIFIT WALKING BIKE                                 

The idea of taking your treadmill out to  the street might sound crazy  nevertheless exactly that inspired  gadgets a-brewin Bergmeister and his  creation became quite famous all over  the world he created a new and unique  vehicle a a hybrid between an electric  bike and a treadmill the device has no  pedals and it uses electricity to move  around  to start traveling around you need to  put your right leg in the platform and  use your left leg to gain impulse after  that a special sensor detects the  movements and the bike starts going  while the user runs on the treadmill as  if we were at home or in the gym  the electric motor allows reaching a  speed of fifteen point five miles per  hour which compared to the two-point  five miles per hour of a person is quite  impressive in other words the owner of  this bike can walk with the speed of a  bike and travel more than thirty miles  on his feet this unusual means of  transport is 7.2 feet long  1.3 feet wide at three-point nine feet  saw the bike works with a lithium-ion  battery with six different modes  protected by steel body at the moment  you can find the Hanafi fit walking bike  in six different colors red orange blue  white black and silver and buy it for  two thousand two hundred thirty-seven  dollars                                           

THE BICYMPLE                                 

This bikes main feature  is that it works without your usual  chain system in order to ride it's you  just have to spin the back wheels pedals  and the bike will move as usual the by  simple works basically as a circus  unicycle but it's been upgraded and it's  great to use in the city the lack of a  chain called for a series of other  changes so instead of your usual  triangular frame the wheels are  connected by a crank arm axis with two  parallel shoes for more rigidity the  front part of the bike as usual allows  you to control the bike while the back  part comes with a seat the lack of a  separate pedal gear allowed the  developers to bring together the wheels  making the bike more maneuverable for  example this design makes it effortless  to overcome any obstacle in your way  right now this vehicle can be bought in  two different sizes depending on the  height of the driver you can buy the  basic version for $800 on Kickstarter                                                

THE JET BICYCLE                         

This bicycle powered by  a homemade jet engine is considered the  most dangerous in the world and we can't  argue with that it is as crazy as it  looks said about his creation of a British  inventor famous for many other crazy  ideas the jet engine is longer than  usual by 15 inches from the back seat  and the homemade turbines and can reach  an incredible speed of 50 miles per hour  making it quite dangerous both for the  driver and the people around riding at a  speed of 30 miles per an hour is quite  pleasant but at a speed of 40 miles per  hour the bike is very shaky and  extremely difficult to control the tyres  can't withstand the pressure and the  chances to die are quite high                                                             

WALKING BIKE                                          

 Sadly this bike is not  going to hit the market but it's still  one of the strangest bikes on today's  video the front wheel the frame the  handle and the pedals look just like  usual but instead of a rear-wheel the  creator's installed a series of metallic  elements similar to the lakes of a  spider apart from the usual elements of  a normal bike the device has more than  450 metallic pieces and 120 plastic  plugs this vehicle underwent a long  making process from being a mere 3d  model to a regular-sized bike but it's  still not going to be on the market  anytime soon the bike can reach a huge  speed but can only travel through flat  surfaces nevertheless the effect is  quite cool and it's been shown in  several exhibitions     

KWIGGLE BIKE                             

Compact  and foldable bikes and one of the trends  of our modern world and in this case the  lights of the bike the better the ride  this is the main idea behind this  bicycle sort of a hybrid between a  scooter a bike and the motorcycle the  unusual construction forces the driver  to ride practically in an upright  position although there is a seat but  it's used more for support and to avoid  falling back to be honest the bike is  quite peculiar but the developers say  that this position is comfortable and  helps you to avoid overload in the  backbone the neck and the shoulders  despite its strange look the bike can be  disassembled in 10 seconds and is quite  compact measuring 21 point 6 inches by  15 point seven inches by 9 point 8  inches in its folded State the bike is  ultralight weighing 18 point 7 pounds a  lot less than similar bikes on the  market the frame is made of aluminum the bike is equipped with side rails and  a plug-in handle and a bending frame in  the back it also has enlarged compressed  air tires and extra protection in the  wheels and brakes the vehicle isn't on  the market yet there will be soon and  its price will be around $1,500   


This bicycle created by a  German developer has a unique  construction and looks like half a  normal bike making it different from any  vehicle in the market nevertheless the  producer assures that the hell Brad is  great for city environments  the device has a big rear wheel and a  small front wheel the triangular frame  makes it easy to transport and given the  size you don't even have to fold it the  bike is 38 inches tall 31 inches long  and it weighs 22 pounds the bike  features a two-speed drivetrain add the  coaster brake it also has a 35 inch  turning radius and can stand by  balancing the front wheel and pedal it's  worth noticing that the usual bike  handlebar was changed by a control lever  placed on the back of the driver the  bike comes in three colors and its price  is around $1500                                   

BIONIC RUNNER                                  

This is  another bicycle that imitates the  process of running the Bionic runner has  no seats and uses a special construction  to protect the owner from injuries in  the feet this vehicle actually looks  like a training machines and work the  middle parts of the feet and the same  muscles who use went running but  protecting them from a load of running  in hard surfaces  the device has a folding aluminum frame  and it's easy to transport in the trunk  of any car the construction also comes  with a mechanical disc brake and an  8-speed transmission unless you regulate  the efforts and change your gear  depending on your necessities the bike  weighs 40 pounds and the price goes from  eight hundred and ninety dollars to  fifteen hundred dollars depending on the  model                           

PARAVELD FLYING BIKE                                                            
The creators of  this project have joined the new trend  of creating new weird bikes and they've  developed a vehicle that can travel on  the earth and in the air to this  singular three-wheeled bike is equipped  with a turbine an engine and a  paragliding like wing which you can  carry in a bag in the back of the driver  the person riding this unusual vehicle  can decide to travel through land using  your usual wheels and pedals combo or  better flying through the air with the  help of a powerful engine and you don't  even need a takeoff runway to fly away  the paragliding wing of the turbine  allow the boat to take off really  quickly and 10 feet of Freeland would be  enough this unusual flying vehicle  weighs only 74 pounds it can reach a  height of a mile and a speed of 24 miles  per hour the fuel would be enough to fly  for three hours you can buy this flying  bicycle and forget about traffic for  only $45,000