Tick tock

Unlike other spinners made entirely or partially from metal this one is made of a special flexible rubber-like material that won't crack scratch or break even if you bend it besides thanks to the material this spinner is much lighter than others and you wont bruise your fingers the ceramic bearings with steel casing allows spinning the gadget for three minutes or more another cool feature of this gadget is that is versatile and you can create many combinations of different colors and forms every detail comes in ten colors which allows you to create more than a thousand amazing combinations for true spinner fans there are cool add-ons that will help you to perform more interesting tricks you can buy this colored toy for $12.

Clicky bits

This funny colorful gadget looks like a small ball that fits in your palm it has six buttons that you can press one by one or all together besides you can just roll it on your palms stimulating the blood flow the price of this gadget is $19.

 infinity cube

 This is another anti-stress toy in the form of an infinity cube that can calm you down and help you improve your fine motor skills the infinity of this toy consists in its structure each one of the eight little cubes can move in any direction and at any angle and you can even play with it using the only one hand when folded its dimensions are 1.6inches cubed when laid flat 3.2 by a 1.6by naught point 8 inches meaning that's no thicker than your wallet and easily fits in your pocket the infinity cube comes in two colors black and silver and it'll cost you 75 dollars

Gear one

 The outer diameter of the spinner is 1.8 inches making it much more compact than its analogs nevertheless it looks more brutal and even aggressive thanks to a set of decorative teeth on the edges and its black color that's always equipped with hybrid ceramic bearings and comes in several versions with screws of different colors and materials aluminum stainless steel and titanium by the way the creators of this gadget warn the user that they're not responsible for any possible damage to property or even personal injury while using the spinner but you can take the risk and buy this toy for 35 dollars or less depending on the model you choose

Spin block
This compact aluminum fidgets combines 7addicting fidgeting functions it's small light thin fits easily in your pocket and helps you relieve anxiety apart from all the typical options that similar gadgets have to offer like busing flaking this one's capable of spinning by itself for up to four minutes its dimensions are 1 by 1 and a half by one and a half inches the toy comes in two colors blue and black and it costs $45

Fidget  gadget

This small plastic widget perfectly fits in your palm or in your pocket and you can carry us around everywhere it's equipped with a number of different buttons which you can press turn or click calling your nerves and reducing stress besides you can use it as a key chain thanks to a ring with a magnetic clasp the fidget comes in 10 colors and costs$19


 This toy can be used as a spinner and it's a cool accessory for your work desk it's compact and looks cool enough to show it to your colleagues the spinner comes with a small tower to put the raw in when you're not using it to spin the toy if you want to see this gadget can decorate your office calm you down and it costs only 32 dollars

 the fidget flipper

This simple and compact gadget was creative for those who love clicking a pen in order to think better it's a concentrator just to keep their hands busy it's a small rubber tap that you can put on your pen on your pencil or use it by itself thanks to its material the tap can be bent in all directions you can pop it roll it and click it its dimensions are 0.9 by 1.3inches and it's perfect for any pen with a diameter between 0.25 and 0.6 inches this invention comes in                                                                                  six colors and costs only $5

Momentum 360

According to the creators of this toy this is the world's first centrifugal powered hand spinner its made of light but durable aluminum and high-quality ceramic bearings it can withstand corrosion and any mechanical damage apart from the spinning the gadget you can spin every detail separately if you want to protect your gadget you can also buy a stylish case for it the toy comes in five beautiful colors black blue silver gold and pewter and the price of this spinner is $40                                  


This little toys similar to a spinning top can relax you and help you to make different decisions depending on the users needs the gadget can have written different words short phrases or symbols the designers also created blank toy in which you can write what you want a perfect option for those who can never decide what to have for dinner or where to go for the weekend the gadget is made of stainless steel and it's small enough to fit in even the tiniest pocket its diameter is 1.25inches its height is 1.33 inches and its weight is 1.6 ounces you can buy this pretty decision-making spinning top for$24

Moon drop

Unlike the popular and numerous spinners in the market this unusual gadget keeps your hands busy unless you learn physics while playing it's a magnetic cylinder with a ring that can go up and down depending on its material the ring can move as if it were on the moon or on mars places with gravity force completely different from the gadget easily fits in your pockets and you can connect several of them using the magnets the price of this beautiful toy is $27


Some people believe this unusual gadget will replace today's popular spinners in the future but to be honest we find this idea quite unreal this toy consists of two magnetic balls attached to each other it comes in five colors and three sizes with the ball being not 0.6 not0.5 or not 0.3 inches in diameter the way to the toy is not 0.6, not 0.5 or not point three ounces correspondingly you can spin the balls on any smooth surface for example on a glass table or you could buy a special stand with colored illumination the price of a toy is $13

Vinci ring

Here's another beautiful gadget to reduce stress and keep your hands busy it looks like a wide heavy ring decorated with bearings you can spin it around your finger like a spinner or use it like jewelry and carriers on a necklace the toy comes in three versions made from different materials for asked titanium and gold depending on the material the bearings and the prices are different the starting price of this unusual toy is fifty dollars for the cheapest model 

Billet spin

Here's another pocket spins up the creators of this toy claim that it can spin on a flat surface for 13minutes or more of course if the user has had some practice depending on the model the toy can be made from stainless steel brass or copper and thanks to its construction this spin top is one of the lightest in the world this toy is perfect to relax or just to keep your hands busy during some boring lecture according to its creators even looking at it can calm you down just like looking at fire it'll be a perfect stylish gift and you can buy it for $35


This one is perfect for those who don't want to carry any extra equipment but still need to reduce stress it's the first modular fidgets system depending on the users preferences the small square fidgets can be put on the phone case on a cube on a keyring or even standalone the price of each fidget eight dollars the cube cost $17 and the phone case costs twenty-nine dollars