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This backpack is made of elastic materials and is composed of several resistant geometric figures the fabric that covers the structure allows the backpack to keep its shape while being full or empty without losing its flexibility this the ultra-modern backpack is still being developed so the price and other features are unknown

Q.BO ONE                                              

This robot has been specially created to study robotics in the family in an easy and the understandable way the robot is interactive and works with a simple programming the language it's also easy to arm and disarms for anyone an older adult or a child despite their technological knowledge The level of interactivity of the robot is designed to resemble that of a living being and not so that other gadgets such as a smartphone or smart button currently the robot can be purchased for 250 dollars


This small robot comes in four models city water underwater and off-road this allows it to be used in all kinds of conditions for recording research and leisure the robot consists of several large details which are easily assembled and disarmed without needing any extra instruments the wheels of this small device can be used to take panoramic photos with a smartphone or a GoPro camera the robot can move freely on rocks sand and snow as well as water it's controlled by a small plastic crystal the crystal as well as the device has its own lighting system the price of the basic robots is $28 and increases according to the characteristics of the model


This penned with a small digital screen allows you to change the image on it with the help of a special application and a couple of clicks in addition to the basic drawing a base which includes several gifts the application allows the user to upload his own drawings or edit existing drawings changing the color and adding text this accessory does not measure the blood pressure or count calories but definitely increases the individuality of the user the small device has a diameter of two inches of which 1.3 are occupied by the screen the device weighs half an ounce and can be used on clothing but also be placed on the wall the computer or the dot color this device works with Android and iOS devices and its price is $50


VI is an AI a personal trainer who lives in biosensing earphones the system is learning every day getting to know its owner and adapting to their lifestyle and their personal needs This AI personal trainer has controlled the voice commands and is able to regulate the weight the speed and other aspects of your training it can as well as play your favorite music and allows you to answer your calls without touching your phone why is accompanied by a special application that sends messages to the user and records their achievements during training the convenience interface and the friendly voice of AI will help you improve your results when it comes to training this electronic trainer is available for $200


Aryzon is a new set of virtual reality glasses capable of turning any image into a 3d model the the device uses special lenses and mirrors as well as a combined glass screen and a special mobile application it can work on any Android or iOS phone and it can be put to work in a couple of minutes this modern creation is not only ideal to enjoy games but also to learn for example it's a great tool for medical students you can purchase these virtual reality glasses for $29


The creators of maker arms say that this is the first robotic hand capable of doing anything anywhere for example with this device, you can print objects on 3d printers cut wood and aluminum use a laser engraving machine open packages and assemble other devices with small details the hand weigh 17 pounds and it's 20 inches tall the minimum price of the maker's arm is $1,000 and increases depending on the additional items which cost $100 or more

FIELD KIT                                  

This instrument is ideal for those who experiment with electro-acoustic sounds this small and the functional panel developed in Germany allows you to record and transform sounds from different microphones devices and even objects that have nothing to do with the world of music, the device consists of seven different blocks each of which has its own instructions as well as a radio receiver the price of this instruments are 56 dollars but may increase depending on the additional items

SENSORY PERCUSSION                                    

This sensor records the sounds emitted by a drumset and sends them into an electronic composition using a special application it's possible to use it in the studio on the road or at home it is basically a compact replacement for all kinds of percussion instruments the sensor has special grips are fitted to the edge of the drumset using an app the user can assign a specific sound to each part of the membrane you could buy this device for eight hundred dollars

This small and fully robot size submarine has a remote control weighs only five-and-a-half pounds and can descend to a depth of 328 feet this simple device has been created so that normal people not just scientists can do research underwater open ROV is 11 inches long five point nine inches tall and seven-point eight inches wide the underwater robot has three engines - located at the rear that allow the robots are moved forwards and an engine at the top to change the depth of immersion of the device viii built-in batteries allow the device to work up to 90 minutes underwater the small submarine can be purchased for seven hundred and seventy five dollars