This modern self-propelled modular vehicle is a platformer two four or eight pairs of axles eight feet wide each depending on the model, it has a unique control system and a power station which can be quickly dismantled if necessary the carrying capacity of the vehicle is calculated from the maximum load on a pair of axles 44 tons on each so if there are four axles the maximum load capacity is 176 tons in the case of a taxes twice as much 352 tons

BLEAZ 75710

This Quarry dump truck was a hundred and ten tons and can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour four pairs of wheels drive the forty-six hundred horsepower electric motors which are powered by two diesel generators the vehicle has two modes of engine operation when the truck is fully loaded it runs on both diesel generators but when it's empty the second engine is cut off to save fuel

P8H 4100 AC
This excavator is one of the most famous and preferred loading machines for large-scale mining operations in the world the working weight of the vehicle is almost two tons this model is used by many global mining enterprises as it is efficient reliable and productive the developing company specializes in manufacturing only the best engineering solutions despite the high cost of equipment the machines produced by this company bear low operating costs

This crane is being produced in China and is just as good as the vehicles created by Tareq's and leaper this crawler crane weighs 4,000 tonnes and was presented for the first time on November the 2nd 2012 it has the greatest lifting capacity in the world and was developed especially for oil companies chemical industries and nuclear energy companies on top of that the crane has three different boom modes to easily perform all kinds of work

The social weight of this excavator varies from 70,000 to seventy-seven thousand five hundred pounds depending on the kind of equipment used the machine can work thanks to a four-cylinder engine with a working capacity of seven liters this the engine was developed by Leap especially for this vehicle the total power of the motor is 203 horsepower the operator in the cab can work while sitting or standing and has a great field of view thanks to the large glass cover the cab is equipped to the regulating chair a temperature control system and the radio set the central panel of instruments has a steering lever to operate and move the excavator's bucket

This excavator has a pretty obvious advantage in comparison with similar vehicles it has a huge power reserve which can be used in several situations, this is really important when working directly with viscous and massive elements and also to load blown-up rocks the total capacity of the bucket is 935 cubic feet the vehicle is 65 feet long and has a 16 cylinder engine

This unit outstands for its efficiency and service simplicity you just have to throw a branch or a piece of wood in the receptacle and you'll get fine wood wall the the unique wood grinder can reach a speed of 45 miles per hour the wood cutting machine has an interchangeable system of blades and the best thing is that reprocessing wood and using secondary raw materials is good for the environment and the economy and wood wall is used in many currents of industries

This crawler-transporter is designed to transport huge rockets and its carrying capacity is 8,000 165 tons the crawler is powered by two 2,200 horsepower 16 cylinder diesel motors two other two thousand seven hundred and fifty horsepower engines power the electric system and the hydraulic pumps the fuel capacity is eighteen thousand nine hundred and thirty liters while fuel consumption is about four liters per 33 feet the transporter is about 130 feet long and can accelerate up to 2 miles per hour

This heavy-duty a submersible pump was specially designed for working with high viscosity and high solids mixtures the pumps are used when pumping out hydraulic mixtures with a high percentage of dissolved and suspended materials as well as solid particles up to 4.7 inches in size the pumping process looks like this under the effect of the agitator located in the suction pipe area, the solid ground particles break away from the bottom surface form a concentrated pulp and get sucked into by a pump

This is a station that transforms wave power into energy this particular project is really unique because the station itself is located on the shore while the boys get placed in the water each one of them is connected to one end of a mechanical lever that moves thanks to the wave power this up and down movement activates a pump which creates pressure on the freshwater stored in the tank connected to the hyperbaric chamber the water under pressure activates a turbine which in turn rotates a generator that produces electricity

This is the world's largest farming tractor the first model of the Big Bird 747 was built in 1977 in Lahav Montana, the current version of the tractor is equipped with a 16 cylinder diesel engine of 760 horsepower the dimensions of the tractor are 26 feet long 20 feet wide and 13 feet tall the Canadian company United tire company made the tires for this giant 8.2 feet in diameter the weight of the fully-loaded tractor is more than a hundred thousand pounds

SK 3500D
This excavator can work at a height of up to two hundred and thirteen feet which are an absolute world record this vehicle is designed to demolish skyscrapers and other tall buildings it was built based on a crawler crane the carrying capacity of 200 tons the SK 3500 d is equipped with 15 points seven liters 315 horsepower diesel motor the three-piece the boom can all different kinds of attachments for different kinds of actions like cutting or drilling on the end of a boom, there's a rear-view camera for the operator controlling the whole process from the inside of the cabin also there's a fog nozzle that scatters water in order not to raise dust

The self-propelled building crane MK 88 was designed like this to allow only one a person getting in an operation position by pressing just one button the rotating part of the MK 88 has a two-section telescopic lattice boom the former access chassis is equipped with a special system to regulate the maneuver of the vehicle and activate the control of the back axis and air disc brakes which provide an optimum maneuverability m'kay cranes can realize several rides a day as a taxi cranes