Ford mustang hoonicorn rtl v2 
Ken block famous race driver artist and stuntman created a unique vehicle with a 1400horsepower engine this car with incredible technical parameters is a full wheel drive coupe a created based on a ford mustang it is also equipped with a lot of additional elements in tuning it have a 6.7 liter 8cylinder engine- Garrett turbines and a special methanol injection system that guarantees higher power according to can block this is the most powerful and scary vehicle he's ever driven thanks to the considerable amounts of horsepower the car can wear out the rear tires before the driver can change gears the vehicle is very difficult and even dangerous to drive even for the most experienced drivers

The black smoke Mercedes-Benz 300d

This car received its name because it produces large amounts of smoke the vehicle was built-in Finland and is driven by t mu l solar this model has a600 horsepower engine upgraded with an additional turbine with a specially made greeting manifold its Irvine adds even more power to the vehicle the improved steering wheel construction uses Volvo Toyota and Mercedes elements allowing the black smoke to make incredible turns also the in Syria has also been modified to reduce the weight of the construction the creators took away all the details of the saloon and added safety frame it gives the bodywork lost strength the result is impressive and the black smoke is currently one of the most recognized drift cars Scandinavia and the Baltics

Maserati mc12 Corsa
Although this two-person hypercar can accelerate up to 190 miles per hour its creator was able to get permission to touse it on public roads the first miracle in this series weighed over 2,500 pounds and was created especially for one customer the car can accelerate up to 60miles per hour in 3.2 seconds it has a six-point three-liter engine and the capacity of 850 horsepower with a torque 780 nm today there are only 50 copies12 of which belonged to different people this vehicle is one of the rarest hypercars you can find on the road

Ferrari enzo                                   

We can't talk about the most powerful racing cars without mentioning this product from the legendary Italian company Ferrari this two-person supercar was launched between 2002 and 2005 in a limited series only 400 copies the model was named after the company's creator asv12 engine can reach 7800 rpm this beautiful sports car can accelerate up to 60 miles per hour in three-point three seconds and it's maximum speed is220 miles per hour they also say that the vehicle is impressive not only forty parameters and exterior appearance but also for its interior the the sporty design of the Enzo Ferrari is specially adapted for each customer even the seats are individually made another impressive aspect of this car is its price it costs about six hundred and seventy thousand dollars

Venom gt spyder

This car is a modification of the famous Hennessy venom gt and as several differences for example the roof of this car is foldable the changes in construction also increased the weight so the creators decided to improve the engine's capacity to not lose in the aspect of speed the spider is equipped with an internal combustion engine with two turbochargers and a capacity of 1,450 one horsepower creators also increased its volume to seven liters this renewed the vehicle accelerates up to 60 miles per hour in2.4 seconds the hypercar works with special gasoline blend containing 85%anhydrous ethanol the talk moment is transmitted to the rear wheels and the vehicle is equipped to the six-speed mechanical transmission thanks to its features this car was able to set the speed record among convertible models during competitions at Lemoore base California the spider reached 265 loss per hour braking view Gotti's previous record by about 12 miles per hour

Volkswagen Passat tanner foust racing

The next drift car on our list was built by tanner Foust stuntman and formula d champion using a heavy Volkswagen pass set as a base the results is perfect the model with a v8engine enhancement nitrogen injections can achieve up to 900 horsepower the aerodynamic characteristics of the bodywork make the vehicle even faster and more maneuverable the creators have included changes in the construction of the transmission and have reduced the size of the vehicle removing unnecessary lounge details in essence only the body structure of the original Volkswagen Passat remained although the model still bears resemblance to the original vehicle even though many of the parts were modified drift car still looks like Volkswagen has sat inside the vehicle is more like a racing car thanks to the absence of details a minimalist lounge design

SSC ultimate aero it

The creators of this car wanted to break all the speed records, not in vain this model held the world the speed record for several years since 2007 256 miles per hour even though it has now been surpassed the SSC ultimate aero remains an incredible vehicle with impressive features, the vehicle reaches 60 miles per hour in 2.78 second thanks to an 1183 horsepower v8 engine although honestly these numbers can only be achieved using special fuel created by the vehicle developer company in addition to these qualities the SSC ultimate aero tt stands out in comparison to other sports cars, because it's very comfortable the loungers comfortable armchairs instead of sports seats and a whole multimedia entertainment system the production of this vehicle is also limited and most models were in the hands of automobile collectors worldwide rumor has it that the average price of the first-generation SSC company's creation is 1million dollars

Mazda MX-5 radbul

This drift car project belongs to Newzealand drift and mad mike with it who can definitely be considered a madman behind the wheel the vehicles improved twin service engine achieves more than1000 horsepower depending on the fuel that can reach between 1100 and 1500horsepower on the highlands motorsport park racetrack make made a controlled skip curves at a speed of 125 miles per hour also this model are the most open drift car in the worldwide don't exaggerate when we say that this car is special even in the kind of seats it uses carbon and kevlar seats of a 270-degree headrest and together with it's a car to raise six ways seatbelts ensure the drivers total safety the quality details produced by famous brands complete the car, for example, the fuel system is made by aftermarket industries while Mazda rotors and other elements were used for the creation

Lamborghini Murcielago monster energy

This drift car is based on a Lamborghini and is a unique vehicle in its kind it is a completely modified Italian vehicle even the steering wheel was moved from left to right after lots of transformations, the car still has its6.0 liter engine but instead of full traction, it's equipped with a rear-wheel-drive an innocent engine electronic block the renovated Lamborghini has about 660horsepowerinside it has a safety frame for drift compositions and besides the creators added a special chassis designed for events of this kind

Nissan gt-r Nismo   

This vehicle was launched in 2017 by Nissan and is surely the fastest car of this company it can accelerate up to 60 miles per hour in2.4 seconds as a 600 hp engine with a torque moment of 652-newton meters thanks to its semi-slick tires similar to those of race cars the vehicle will not slip on slippery surfaces and all the wheels will not cling to the asphalt which increases the speed of the vehicle from the start to add even more, speed and strength Nissan used technologies from other race cars for example turbocharged compressors with increased capacity ignition optimization for each of the six cylinders a renewed cooling system and special silences new bumpers with aerodynamic elements in carbon-fiber spoiler wing increased the aerodynamic load up to 220 pounds at a speed of 190 miles per hour in addition the vehicle's creators did not forget about soundproofing unlike its analogs the engines sound of this newness and is no longer as loud as he used to be the designers also tried to make the interior of the vehicle as comfortable as possible the high-quality leather-covered seats of a special shape so that the driver is at ease in any situation also there are fewer buttons and in previous versions so it's much easier to use