The concept of this futuristic bike was created by a designer from India and it looks more like a vehicle from an outer space saga than an ordinary bike that will ride the roads of the earth it's streamlined game clearly suggests that the device will be able to develop high state and the seating position means that the driver will have to lead towards the hello bar as in a racing bicycle the smokeless wheels are equipped with some additional lights along his console and as we already know many of the most original and crazy concepts have eventually been made into reality perhaps this ultra-modern bicycle will not be an exception


It might be hard to believe but this bike is made entirely of recycled paper according to its creators they sought to create a completely environmentally friendly transport in which its owners can move freely through the city in order to protect the paper structure from getting wet during rainfall the bike is covered with a dense layer or recycled polyester this vehicle comes with an environmentally friendly cover for your smartphone and comes in a specially designed package that can be reused or turned into something useful however the creators have not decided into what exactly the bike is available in nine different colors the cost of this unusual Mexican invention is a hundred and eighteen dollars.

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This is not an ordinary bicycle its distinctive feature is the complete slap of pedals since it was designed exclusively for walking this bike was designed so that people in any can without movement it was meant to help the elderly people with chronic pain and those who are recovering through serious operations that live a full life it can also be used by people they like walking in general on this bike the rider sits in an upright position and remains in the same level where they're standing companions the weight of the person is held by the seat which relieves the feeling of tension of the lower parts of the body the feet remain in the ground which assures the stability and safety of the rider this unusual bike is available in three sizes depending on the height of the seat and in only one color yellow the maximum safe speed that can be developed is 5 km carrying capacity is a hundred and twenty kilos the bike itself weighs 12 kilos it's like this 71 centimeters this means of transportation costs $2,600


Unlike most electric bikes this one was designed not only for driving on simple bike paths within the city but it can also cope well with off-road conditions moreover it can be used to perform various tricks like jumping or balancing on one wheel while in motion, for example, this bike weighs 29 kilos and its maximum speed is 45 km hours to fully recharge and it allows the biker to cover from 1 kilometer depending on the model of the bicycle the vehicle is equipped with a special gadget placed in the frame to monitor the status of the bike and the level of battery power the bicycle is available in 4 colors to gray red and white it costs either four thousand three hundred or five thousand one hundred dollars depending on this battery capacity


An inventor from Minneapolis created this unique means of transportation which is a hybrid of a bicycle and an electric vehicle it is equipped both with an electric motor and with a pedal Drive which can work either separately or simultaneously complementing each other as a result of this combination this hybrid bicycle can reach the maximum speed of a hundred and sixty kilometers per hour which allows it to even compete with conventional cars this mega is a streamlined body made of composite carbon materials but however instead of having four wheels like a conventional car this bike has only three which greatly increases its maneuverability the batteries allow it to travel up to 8 full charge but the use of the pedal generator significantly increases this distance a typical adult can maintain a stable speed of up to 4 just by pedaling in a moderate rhythm the cabin of this unusual bicycle is equipped with airbags and seatbelts two seats a luggage compartment and even an on-board computer the cost of this vehicle is $5,000


Despite the unusual and even slightly ridiculous appearance this vehicle is a fully functional electric bike it folds in three and fits almost anywhere whether it's the trunk of a taxi or the space under your desk it is perfect for people whose height is between 155 to 195 centimeters but the main distinctive feature of this device is that it can be charged not only from a power outlet but also but cast directly so this way the owner of this pie can easily avoid traffic jams by simply parking their car and using a more compact and maneuverable vehicle this bike weighs only twenty kilos and is designed for people is wait there's not exceed up even 2 speed ur can develop is 25 4 meters per hour and one battery charge will be enough to cover from 35 to 4 the battery takes from 3 to 5 hours to fully recharge and another advantage of this bike is the built-in Carroll Bank for charging gadgets and the reliable smartphone support on the handlebar this means of transportation will cost its future owner $7000


According to its creators the unusual appearance of this bike is meant to imitate the first racing motorcycles and should attract the attention of potential buyers but this is not just a matter of beautiful design the similarity with old models ok this classical long soft seats that can fit two people at once however the feet of the passenger will be hanging in the air since the engineers did not provide a spend for them the electric bike also has other attributes of an old motorcycle a tank the front suspension and fork and a large headlamp the 3 controllers the wiring and the power converter are hidden the sturdy 34 kilogram bicycle frames made of periodical chrome-plated steel the LED lights and headlights are powered by the main battery in addition this vehicle is equipped with front and rear hydraulic brakes that provide effective breaking the 86 removable lithium ion battery weighs 40 kilos anchor be fully charged in five hours as in many similar bikes it's possible to charge mobile devices by a USB device and reach a maximum speed of 500 charged battery allows a vehicle to travel up to 5000 covers larger distances you can purchase an additional battery the cost of this electric bike with a nice vintage touch is $3,300


This electric bicycle with a folding frame is designed for the fast-paced life in a modern metropolis the Gordy's to its creators the bike can be assembled and disassembled in just 1 second and can be easily carried on the metro or buses when folded it is noteworthy that even when the ebike is unassembled you can still use its wheels in other words it can still be rolled around so that you don't have to carry it this bicycle is equipped with a 36 watt motor placed directly under the pedals the dimensions of the biker 42.9 by 8 centimeters and its weight as a little over 22 kilos thanks to its special design this vehicle is suitable for people of any height since the seat in the handlebar can be adjusted according to the owners parameters the cost of this folding bike is almost three thousand dollars


This electric bike can be considered one of the lightest ones on the market since it weighs out like 4 positive points of this bicycle is its foldable frame that can be assembled and disassembled in just three steps one battery charge is enough to cover distance of up to 5 moderate speed or up to $25 had maximum speed the bike was designed to be able to climb slopes with an angle up to 18 degrees the visor comes equipped with a small display of a handlebar and it's available in four colors only what costs potential buyers $7210


Even though low rider bikes are usually more comfortable they still cause a lot of inconvenience to their owners will its clumsy long-chain system the Norwegian invents and Mark Club or Nia decided to eliminate this problem by using a transmission system integrated to the front wheel it operates on the same principle as a gearbox and is equipped with two colored light panels in addition the creator of this steel frame bike added a comfortable chair a high back to it which makes writing is a very comfortable experience moreover the lack of chains will guarantee that the riders trousers will never get stained with grease at the moment there are two versions of this bike a classic two-wheeled version and a three-wheeled one with some luggage space behind the seat any of these bicycles can be purchased at 3200 dollars each