Despite its small size only 2.7 inches long and a blade of only one point one inches. This small knife will be a great helper to survive and defend yourself against any attack the special shape of the handle similar to a letter, iT allows placing it in the hand like a mitten while the blade is located between the fingers this way the entire ways of the user is at the tip of the knife and at the time of the hit thanks to that the small weapon can hurt the enemy significantly the weight of the knife is naught point nine ounces and the set comes with a holster and a hook which allows carrying the weapon in the belt suitcase or any keyring the press of this knife is $15


This keychain besides being an unusual accessory could potentially save your life the device has a size of 2.3 by naught point nine inches and has powerful flashlights are blind any the attacker or illuminate the way other blazing light it also has a sound signal and a factory that can be used as an external power source for the phone a standard The USB cable is used to charge the device the gadget is made of aluminum and weighs two ounces and the device in addition to protecting you from criminals will help you survive in the event of a natural disaster the bright lights in the sound signal with the power of a hundred and, ten decibels can catch the attention of rescuers the the device comes in 10 colors and it costs 65 dollars


 This self-defense system resembles a gun but it's unlike a real weapon you will not need special permission to use it this device allows you to put off any criminal but it's not strong enough to kill anyone in other words you can defend yourself within the limits each of the capsules are filled with a special power, the tops and that reduces visibility to 100% meaning that it totally obstructs the vision of your enemy, also, the toxin affects the respiratory system causing an itchy throat cough and trouble when breathing after hissing an obstacle such as a wall or the attackers body the chemicals of the capsules scatter in the air creating a stout poisonous cloud, its effect lasts between 15 minutes and half an hour while the symptoms begin to disappear after 50 minutes the gas cloud has a diameter of four or five steps so the user will not be affected by the toxin the pistol comes in two colors yellow and black and as a cost of three hundred and fifty dollars


This incredible and the compact device is ideal for women it's perfect to carry in any bag and its shape resembles a mascara or a slightly large lipstick three inches long thanks to a special metal ring the device can be placed on a keyring working as a powerful flashlight capable of blinding and misleading the attacker but it is also an electroshock weapon both functions are activated by pressing a small button on the device the device is easily charged thanks to a special battery included in the set and comes in three colors pink red and black you can purchase this essential device for any woman for $60


This incredible instrument can be used as a self-defense system apart from being a great companion when camping outdoors initially the device was developed to meet the needs of rescuers and firefighters in Philadelphia as well as drivers of big trucks however after several updates this the instrument can be of use to anyone especially to survive in wild places this multi-purpose the tool is made of carbon steel with a polymer coating guaranteeing incredible resistance this instrument can fulfill more than eleven different functions it can be used as an ax a hammer a folding saw a can opener a blade for safety belts etc the developers also, offer an additional construction with a whistle a flint and axe sharpener in addition the set comes with a leather case for the instrument the complete device cost $99


This small pocket the gadget works along with your smartphone and guarantees your safety the device is a tear gas pump a compact camera and an alarm button to call the police or an ambulance all in one in case of an unexpected attack you only have to aim at the criminal with the device to take a picture thanks to the smartphone connection the photo is sent immediately to the police increasing the chances of trapping the attacker the device in neutralized the criminal using a special blinding spray also to activating a siren through the built-in speakers the device is compatible with iOS and Android phones and on top of that the creators have developed a 24-hour hotline receiving information from the devices in real-time and sending it to the police or health centers the device can be pre-ordered for $25 on the developers website


 This small and fun device is a bow tie that can be placed on any shirt using a special hook but it's not a simple fashion accessory the gadget contains a security button capable of launching a powerful 85 decibel sound signal this level of noise is not harmful to a man well it will attract the the attention of others the device is made of sturdy plastic and in addition to the loudspeakers the gadget features a light indicator that's activated with a hidden button on the front panel of this unusual bowtie the device is perfect to protect children from the attack of other children or to protect older people who need help acquire the device for 17 dollars


 The developers of this iPhone case have released the second version of their product successfully correcting the errors of the previous versions although the device turns the phone into a heavy and bulky construction it will add some very useful options to your smartphone first of all the massive weights of the phone is also a form of defense in addition to working as a battery of 2600 microamps the most curious thing is that it's not possible to fully discharge the extra battery using the phones the battery is developed in such a way that there is always a power reserve for emergencies the most important feature of the device is a built-in electroshock weapon capable of sending a 950-kilovolt discharge such a powerful charge can paralyze the muscles of the attackers if the discharge falls into one of the less protected areas of the criminal such as the face or neck it will neutralize the criminal for several minutes the different modes of the gadget are controlled with two buttons located at the bottom of the device and the case comes in five colors and costs a hundred and ninety dollars


 The developers of this device have worked closely with the police and have shown on this occasion a simple version of an electroshock weapon ideal for ordinary citizens in the plastic body of this white and yellow gun there is a cartridge with two electric darts a chip of the latest technology and an elementary electronic face unlike the models used by the police this weapon does not have a video camera although it does have a light torch and a laser sights to aim more accurately thanks to its measures this weapon can pass unnoticed for example inside your pants in a pocket or in a bag the weight of the device allows this the gun weighs only eight ounces that it - as a lefty mi on battery and a charge indicator a false charge allows more than 50 shots 30 seconds long each the radius of action of the device is 13 to 16 feet and it costs $400


 This pocket flashlight may seem like an unusual self-defense devise however it's a bright light and disorients a criminal long enough for you to run away the device is simple to use and has only one button which allows you to turn the light on or off you can charge the device using a standard USB cable to report located on the bottom of the device is three-point nine inches long and it weighs 2.9 ounces it's made of plastic with a special non-slip cover one battery challenge guarantees three hours of the continuous word although the device is normally used for just a few seconds the gadget comes in two colors red and green and will cost you fifty-two dollars