10 AMAZING CAR GADGETS                                         


The mink is a small but very reliable and convenient house on wheels suitable for bold travelers they want to leave the the city behind and join nature mine can easily be attached to an SUV and travel off-road without problems even in the wild you can be sure that the trailer with all your commodities will pass because it was created for tourists who were not afraid to challenge nature the trailer is ideal for traveling in middle latitudes but in reality, it can be used almost everywhere except the most extreme places in terms of temperature the simplicity and reliability of the design the thoughtfulness of each element and the high level of safety make this house on wheels different from its analogs inside this trailer you can find all the modern amenities you need like sockets USB ports and even a Wi-Fi router


The most important advantage of these chains is that they can be installed on any car, in particular, those with a very small distance between the tires and the shock absorbers strut the chains are universal and work with wheels from the 13 to 24 inches there is no speed limit when using this chains they developed in Europe for use with all-season tires inside the supplied kit there is a sufficient number of plates and connecting links for the tires the kits also come with gloves clamps a screwdriver, a wrench a device for putting on the chains and instructions apart from that you only need a longer Toodle slots along the entire circumference of the tire to install the chains with a width of 6 millimeters and a depth of at least 4 millimeters

Cattint lifting bags

These hydraulic lifting cushions are an alternative or an addition to hydraulic lifts and pneumatic levels when working with automotive equipment, they're installed under the wheelers of the car and injected with air using a standard pneumatic supply system when folded, they are only a couple of inches thick the pillows are suitable for working with cars and trucks the vehicle is lifted from four to six inches which may be enough to obtain the necessary additional space for the installation of metal supports under the axis of the car, this option can be very useful and the wheels of the car are flat or there simply no space for the metal support the pillows are quite strong and effective to lift even very heavy equipment like trucks tractors and career special the equipment they're available in different designs from three so a hundred tons of lifting capacity

trestle Jacks

 Whenever you need to replace its higher the brake linings are the bearings on a heavy cargo trailer you can rely on the trestle track jack which raises the axles faster than any conventional system the whole process can take less than 10 seconds jack uses the tractor's movement to raise and lower the trailers as soon as the jack is in a vertical position it turns into a support post with a reliable the workload of 30 to 50 tons if you need to remove a full axis or an empty trailer you will need to use two trestle jacks per axis in the vertical position the jack can be fixed in place using a belt to secure the two front connectors to the trailer place

auto firemen

 This is an automatic fire extinguisher in the engine compartment of the car two fire extinguishers are installed on any suitable metal surface at two opposite points under the the car's hood using magnets and connected by a harness that's sensitive to temperature the harness should be wrapped around potentially hazardous areas in terms offered for example near the fuel supply or electric wires then attach the end of the harness to the devices and they'll be ready to save your life the harness automatically responds to a temperature rise under the hood because it's made of a flammable material that instantly lights up at burns reaching the extinguishers within a couple of seconds, they, in turn, react and release chemical reagents in the form of gas that extinguishes the fire in less than30 seconds

air hydraulic jack

These hydraulic lifts are designed to lift cars a rubber replacement or other work air hydraulic models can leave cars from 11 to 88 tons using the lift it's possible to work with both cars trucks and special vehicles such as tractors and combines the company produce conventional and elongated models with a wheel on the end or in the middle with a removable and removable handle increased safety is ensured by the smooth running of the lift

hail protector
This Texas-based company hail protection has patented a unique content with an airbag function to protect your car from hail the technology includes a mobile application available for both iOS and Android it uses information from weather services to warn the driver 30 to 60 minutes before the possible hail for those who do does not have a smartphone at hand the system will send an alert via email the sense itself consists of two layers the first of which is secured with slings under the car and the second forms the pillar itself which is inflated using four valves and a small compressor the owner activates the system using a remote control the compressor itself can be connected to a double-a battery a cigarette lighter or an AC supply the tent is ready in less then five minutes but the manufacturer ones that the system cannot protect the machine from hail the size of a soccer ball in addition to health protection the the tent also offers conventional protection against ultraviolet rate water resistance and air permeability

Trac grabber

This special whale attachment was invented to prevent your vehicle from getting stuck in snow Sandor dirt this device is much more effective than a piece of wood a shovel or painfully pushing your car the system is simple and can be used on different machines vans and ATVs all the times think belt provides a rubber base the track grabber rotates with the wheel until it comes into contact with the ground and can move normally the the system is made of ultra-thick and durable rubber the size of the nozzle for the the wheel has 8 inches long and 1 inch deep

mad ramps

These special stair rails are designed for loading and unloading Cortrecycles from Jeepsthey're fixed to the rear of the car secured with reliable metal bolts the main advantage of mad ramps is that they can easily move up and down to ensure smooth movements of the quadricycle on the joints of the dovetail and the car body unlike similar mechanisms these ladders after being installed on the machine provide additional space for transporting machinery in the body extending it by about 11 inches when transporting the loads together with the car, they can add up saving space and after arriving you can easily unload the cargo


This is a new generation of car mats their the main purpose is to give the surface under the feet a clean look automatically removing debris and liquids on a special substrate the mat is made of two layers that the top layer consists of small hexagonal cells through which any debris falls on the the lower layer which has depressions for the accumulation of debris thanks to the fact that the rug locks in place around the perimeter the debris remain inside it until the next cleaning it does not fall out and it doesn't even spill on an the uneven road that is made of light rubber which does not absorb dirt resists the reproduction of bacteria and doesn't smell the invention is easy to clean as well simply rinse it with water and the mat is ready to be used again