Fun vii
 According to its creators, this Japanese project presented in 2011should symbolize the pleasure of driving its name consists of two parts fun and meaning vehicle interactive internet or in other words internet on wheels it's worth noting that the idea of pleasure at the Japanese is quite peculiar the main feature of the vehicle is the possibility to change the appearance of the car similar to how you change the wallpaper on a computer monitor the vehicle is supposed to be fully tactile and the lounge will have an assistant a hologram of a young woman to assist the driver and passengers

Google car
The company Weimar owned by Google has long been developing young man's driving technologies but not limiting itself to software creation its experts create and patent several innovations that may be useful in the future one of their creations is this futuristic car which instead of a steering wheel and a dashboard only has a few buttons on a special panel these include buttons to open windows closed doors adjust lighting and activate the seat heating besides the car can choose the best routes and predict situations on the road

b roll
This is an ultra-compact 100%electric car designed for short trips with capacity for the suit people the car is easy to drive and doesn't take up too much space on the road the advantage of B roll is undoubtedly it's sized which allows you to park your car in places where conventional cars can not fit

Here we have another project this time from Germany like the previous car this sports car can change its appearance but without using sensors the car's body is based on an aluminum frame and instead of the usual metal panels, it uses spandex covered with polyurethane the moving parts of the car stretch the material creating the illusion of leather in the car besides the material is semi-transparent so the taillights are visible only when the driver presses the brake the headlights are even more interesting they open like human eyes

This is a convertible vehicle with a folding roof and side elements that can be removed if necessary German inventor Christianvicuna created the first kriya Veloseveral years ago in its current design the Cabrio Velo weighs 100 pounds the creator's plan to produce another version made of carbon fiber which will be a little lighter in addition to the hinged roof and sides the cars equipped with a complete lighting system and a200 liter rear cargo compartment if you wish you can install an additional child seat an optimal 250-watt motor powered by a lithium battery is located on the front wheel and the the maximum distance you can travel without stopping is 60 miles

Cadillacs cyclone
This car was designed in 1959 to test new engineering ideas the double Cadillac has a transparent plastic roof which fits snugly against the panoramic windscreen so the driver has a 360-degree view among the advanced technical features have a radar which scans the surroundings and warns the driver about different objects in the road sharing a message on the electronic display the front of the car hides at325 horsepower engine the instruments inside the car are located between the seats and the exhaust is located near the front wheels

holden hurricane
In 1969 the holding company showed a futuristic automobile with the vigorous name of hurricane the accommodation in the saloon happened just like in a spacecraft from a fantastic movie once the driver of the passenger in their seats the roof automatically closed and the seats reclined this car was equipped with the most advanced the technology of its time automatic climate control a rear-view camera digital dashboard self-adjusting radio and even a primitive magnet guided navigator similar to a compass today this unique vehicle is not on sale like classic models can be found in museums or restored car exhibitions

Polaris slingshot
This unique tricycle is designed to be ridden on public roads and special racetracks the slingshot is registered as an ordinary motorcycle but this is the only thing these vehicles have in common the Polaris slingshot has all the advantages of an automobile a regular steering wheel with an electric amplifier waterproof adjustable anatomical seat safety bars and 3-point seatbelts slingshot is reliable on the road thanks to its stability system AVStraction control and wide wheels

mercedes-benz hexawheel
This all-terrain vehicle concept equipped with six wheels is ideal for traveling off-road with the most possible comfort the car can carry up to three people at the front and rear cabin Hexa wheel was designed by Iranian engineers and has a hinge ligament which allows it to move on almost any terrain according to the designer he was inspired by apps whose the segmented body gives them more flexibility and allows them to overcome obstacles more easily the total length of the vehicle is 16feet with two similar wheel bases and aground clearance of one and a half feet the weight of the machine is distributed evenly over all three axles which together with the flexibility of the support structure allows the car to overcome steep and large slopes

This huge 31-foot long mobile trailer more then 10 feet tall Heights a kitchen bathroom and everything you need for comfortable stay in addition to the interior its technical equipment is also impressive truck has Kevlar covered tires unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles and 7 observation platforms caravan is also equipped with advanced communication a system which functions as a mobile command center capable of interacting either with aircraft