One of the biggest problems of modern mobile phones and smartphones is their size which can cause great Discomfort. According to the developer of the concepts Tunisian designer Issam Trabelsi, the Nokia fit ring should help in this situation. The device itself is a fully-fledged phone and is designed for convening and taking or making calls and messages. However, the technology of writing texts is still unclear on the other hand the gadget is still being developed. The designer notes that is not necessary to take off the ring even during SHOWERING. The user learns about the incoming messages and calls utilizing vibration. And according to the idea of the Creator, this unusual device will be made of soft silicone and flexible rubber and therefore won't restrict the movements of the person wearing it the use of these materials, as well as its special form, makes it available to people with different sized fingers. Unfortunately, we couldn't find out the estimated price of this gadget.

 Inventors from the Jerusalem University of Technology designed this small printing robot. Unlike other portable printing devices, this gadget literally moves on the sheet printing a text. The printer is based on wheels which allow the device to move independently in any direction for the convenience of aligning the prints are on the sheet engineers have developed a special design. The pocket printer has one sharp angle that is set in the corner of the sheet a switch on the sole activates the princess and the ink begins to flow. The user only has to correctly place the device also the pocket printer is equipped with stabilizing sensors and works with any paper format. The device can be synchronized with a computer or a smartphone via Bluetooth without any additional drivers. The capacity of the belting cartridge allows you to print up to a thousand pages and the battery charge is enough for about one hour of continuous operation. You can buy this pocket printer for about 180 dollars.

This bright yellow silicon thimble equipped with a small blade can replace box cutters and scissors. It helps to open envelopes plastic packaging and tape sealed boxes with one hand movement.  The device is made without regard to the specific size of the fingers and therefore it's suitable for any user the manufacturer emphasizes that this then bull doesn't cause discomfort even with prolonged wearing. For example during the Working Day and doesn't hurt the skin of the hands. Also, the design of the blade prevents accidental cuts the cost of this small knife is $11.

Despite its size, this tiny action camera has enough power and performs all the functions of such devices it weighs only 28 grams while being able to shoot 4k videos. The distinctive feature of the gadget is a moveable lens which rotates 180 degrees and shoots in any convenient position. Thanks to the built-in magnet the camera can be easy but at the same time firmly attached to the user's clothes and therefore it doesn't require additional fixing elements. The snap battery lasts for an hour and a half when recording high-quality video and besides the manufacturer suggests using an additional external battery in case of the battery if the camera is dead too early. You can buy snap for a hundred and fourteen dollars.


This titanium carabiner to reliably store your keys comes in several colors and models depending on the size and additional functionalities. This device allows carrying any number of keys preventing their sounding and also reducing the space required for storage .in addition it can be used for opening bottles and as a multi-tool .the price of the key Titan is 21 dollars.

This small streaming player from mighty audio was created for lovers of an active lifestyle with a premium Spotify account the main feature of this device is that you don't have to download music in a classic way it downloads Spotify playlists for offline listening. However offline listening is available only for users you have a paid account so along with the player you need to purchase a premium account. The device's memory is enough for 1000 songs the player is waterproof and the battery capacity is enough for five hours of work both wired and wireless headphones can be used. It is equipped with the standard connector and a Bluetooth transceiver it synchronizes with playlists and updates the library with a Wi-Fi connection. To work the player must be synced with the owner's smartphone .the gadget is available in three colors and it costs $ 86.

This amazingly compact circular device can monitor various measures including temperature humidity air pressure brightness noise and carbon dioxide levels motion and so on. Thanks to the many built-in sensors and machine learning Sense works better with time the device sends push notifications to the phone with useful information and advice on the environment as well as other important things. For example, if someone enters the house, in addition, the gadget is extremely simple to handle. You can just carry it with you or set it in the room to begin collecting information. The price of cents is $45.

There are unusual gadgets according to its creators there's an alternative to the usual computer mess. It not only fits easily in the fingers but can also be used directly on the edge of the laptop. According to the developer swift point is the first input device that combines the natural gestures of the touchscreen with the accuracy and convenience of the computer mouse. The small size and convenient shape make the Swift point GT manipulators suitable for a wide range of users. This light device measuring 56 by 40 by 33 millimeters and weighing only 24 grams is quite suitable for the role of companion to a mobile computer. The smooth white GT is powered by a built-in battery which provides up to two weeks of continuous work without Recharging. The cost of the mini controller is 150 dollars.

According to the manufacturers the Leatherman tread black bracelet made of stainless steel completely changes the idea of multi Tools. This practical model is capable of transforming into 29 fully-fledged tools and devices and at the same time there's warranty period is 25 years which is much longer than that of any Multi-tool. The diameter of the bracelet is adjusted to the size of the rest by adding or removing links and the diamond-like carbon coating protects the entire surface. The device includes a hook for cutting ropes sets of screwdrivers and wrenches a cutter with a carbide tip an extractor for SIM cards and a blade for opening envelopes and cardboard boxes each segment is securely connected to the rest with scripts. However, the round shape of the parts allows you to not be afraid of cuts or abrasions on the leather because of constant wearing even the hexagon bracelet snap can be used as an opener for cams and others. The price of such a stylish bracelet is $175.

This ring developed by the Icelandic startup gained the instruments allows you to manage digital audio applications with just one finger movement. The device is made in the form of a stretchable bracelet which eliminated the problem of mismatch in size. Also, the developers made it easy to control to start using it you need to master only five basic movements which must be synced with the application. It includes tapping on the surface moving the hand with the rein to the right and left and some other movements the controller itself consists of a motion sensor a Bluetooth antenna a gyro rack module which provides a connection to keyboards and batteries which guarantee up to four hours of operation in the offline mode. Thanks to these components the user can control the music remotely change the volume rhythm include sound effects and give other commands interacting with any compatible application. You can buy this ring for a hundred and twenty-nine Dollars.