This product by the Swiss company Rinspeed doesn't work as a usual car but instead, it has a lot of different sensors and an advanced navigation system you only need to set the destination and travel. But the main feature of Snap is that the car is a transformer with two main components the skateboard platform and the potted module. The ZF electric motor is located on the second axis and develops from 38 to 69 horsepower providing a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour and a 12-kilowatt hour battery provides a 60 mile range. Also, the smart platform can move independently from the structure when it needs a recharge the side windows of the Rinspeed snap have a darkening function and warnings for other drivers can be displayed on the front and rear windows. The control system is complemented by artificial intelligence designed to entertain passengers on trips.


This is an environmentally friendly solution for the city. You can charge the Renault twizy using a regular 220-volt outlet in just three and a half hours. The range of this auto in the city is 60 miles. The Renault twizy is a two-seater electric car that runs on an eighteen horsepower engine using a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4 to 13 kilowatts per hour. This modern car can reach speeds of almost 60 miles per hour. The weight of the Renault electric car is about 1050 pounds and the turning radius is only 11 feet. This allows the car to easily move around the city and park in almost any space inaccessible to larger cars.

The Iveco company presented an autonomous truck tractor with zero carbon dioxide emissions. The interior of the car includes a multifunctional steering wheel in the form of a helm an interactive display no buttons and no rearview mirror. According to engineers, z truck works exclusively on environmentally friendly fueled biomethane. Although for refueling it's possible to use conventional liquefied gas. The estimated range of the car is about thirteen hundred and fifty miles it has an engine capacity of 400 horsepower which works in tandem with a 16 speed robotic powershift transmission. It's also worth noting that the behavior of the car on the road is constantly monitored by smart electronics built into the set truck.

The main feature of this two-seater an electric car is not only being a means of transportation but also an entertainment center. Oasis has the ability to move on its own while passengers can do whatever they want inside the car. Of course, the user can drive the car but when the steering wheel is not being used it can turn into a workplace with a keyboard. In the glass front part of the car, there is a little Garden. Inside the Rinspeed oasis, there are comfortable chairs a TV and a table. The car is equipped with an electric drive and a large solar battery on the roof. According to the developer's thanks to the controlled rear wheels, the car has excellent maneuverability.

This vehicle compact at first glance is practically a whole-house. Ozawa includes two double beds and one of the sleeping areas is in the sliding roof area of 55 by ac inches. Also, the cars equipped with a kitchen which easily extends outwards the worktop has one gas burner as well as a box for cutlery and kitchen utensils. There's also a refrigerator. Ozawa has a built-in water tank with a capacity of 90 liters and pulls out elements for showering.

Mercedes-Benz created a self-driving future bus which can recognize pedestrians cyclists and traffic lights and it can also pass through urban tunnels. Moreover, the vehicle can autonomously park at bus stops leaving a distance of at least 4 inches to the curb. The maximum speed of the future bus is about 43 miles per hour. To navigate the streets of the cities the Mercedes bus uses video cameras sensor radars and GPS systems. The salon of the future bus has free wi-fi a zone for wireless charging and 243 inch displays at eye level with news and information about the itinerary.

This vehicle is mainly designed for snow sealing operations on the slopes of ski resorts. Its distinctive feature is a large nozzle from the swiss manufacturers out. The special pipe monster mechanism uses a snowplow this allows tamping of snow and smoothing the surface of the slopes in the best possible way. The nozzle is made of high-quality lightweight steel it can easily be installed on any powerful snow compacting vehicles. The nozzle is controlled from the driver's cab. The working speed of the Zao pipe monster is between 16 hundred and forty and twenty-six hundred and twenty feet per hour.


This truck was specifically designed to transport the blades of wind Generators. The universal heavy trailer can be mounted in any car and adjusted in accordance with the size of the load. The XL blade mate is equipped with a unique hydraulic steering system that increases the safety and efficiency of the vehicle by automatically holding the axles. The length of the truck with a fully extended trailer is about a hundred and eighty feet but blade mate is still really maneuverable on the road. The steering system automatically rotates the axles to keep them aligned with the truck.

A group of students from the Swedish University of Dalarna developed a roving vehicle that set an efficiency record. The car has named the eczemas one it took part in the delsbo electric competition all the vehicles in the competition had to run on batteries according to the rules. The winners created the machine that used the least amount of energy the vehicle was able to transport from one to six passengers weighing an average of a hundred and ten pounds and was equipped with one brake. The eximas one is mainly made of aluminum it weighs about 220 pounds and it's 18 feet long. The exims has four 12-volt batteries and an electric motor with a power of 500 watts, as a result, the car spent about 20 minutes to travel two miles using only not 0.75-watt-hours per mile.

Atieva company showed an electric car which can reach 60 miles per hour just two and a half seconds. One charge is enough to travel 400 miles. The car is equipped with lidar it has a built-in voice control system and an autopilot system. The machine is equipped with an engine powered by a battery with a capacity of 130 kilowatts per hour and develops a capacity of 1013 horsepower. Each car wheel has its own electric motor and air damper and the weight of the battery lowers the center of gravity. The Lucid air as two separate second-row seats with adjustable backrest that tilt up to 55 degrees .it also active suspension a panoramic glass roof and 29 speakers with active noise reduction system.