screw propelled vehicle
This unusual vehicle created by a Russian SUV factory is an  all-terrain vehicle that moves thanks to  a rotary screw motor the motor uses two  Archimedes screws prepared with a  resistance and anticorrosive material  the SUV is the unique ability to pass  through marshy terrain snow or ice and  is perfect for moving in the water  without sinking to great depths this  all-terrain vehicle shouldn't be used  within urban areas as the huge bolts are  not meant to move over asphalt or  concrete it's worth noting that the SUV  is very harmful to the environment  destroying the soil and killing plants  so it's used only in extreme cases for  example in rescue work in places of  difficult access the average speed of  this off-road vehicle is 6 miles per  hour    

A road is not required to ride in  this vehicle as it has a high passing  capacity even in difficult weather  conditions and on land with a minimum  level of grip for example bitty-ass has  no problem walking through slopes  snow-covered terrain impassable roads or  forests the temperature spectrum in  which the vehicle can work with  normality ranges from minus 52 plus 40  degrees Celsius it see as is not afraid  of the water and when swimming it can  reach a speed of 4 months per hour  besides being able to get in and out of  the water regardless of the state of the  shore or the hardness at the bottom the  vehicle can overcome obstacles up to 5  feet so the creators claim that it's the  world's largest crawl a tracked vehicle  with the world's least throughput  capacity as it can move on a single  crawler track traction in addition it CR  stands out for its high maneuverability  despite weighing 29 tons on the ground  the vehicle can move at a speed of 22  miles per hour even when carrying a load  greater than its own weight

The main characteristic of this armored  vehicle is it's incredible passing  capacity the wheels have a pressure  regulation system that allows them to  change their position when they're still  or moving in addition to the four-wheel-drive chassis the central part of the  vehicle has a special movable wheel that  allows it to overcome enormous gaps or  trenches before the obstacle is overcome  the wheels are lowered and once the  obstacle has been overcome they're  lifted using four hydraulics suspensions  the ten millimeter thick shielding  provides protection against gunfire  splinters and small-caliber lines in  addition the armored vehicle has a hydro  Jets on the front that allows it to  reach a speed of 6 miles per hour in the  water in the control area you can find  observation instruments a radio station  a navigation device and seating for the  commander and the driver in a combat  zone there's a machine-gun military  instruments and the hydraulic suspension  for the additional wheels the BRDM so  crew influence a driver mechanic a  commander and two intelligence soldiers  one responsible for the use of the  machine gun  currently intelligence divisions in more  than 50 countries use this armored 

fraun trackway
For ordinary off-road  vehicles wetlands can be too hard a test  but not for this automobile this unique  rescue truck can create a path for  itself and others if necessary the car  carries an aluminum Road coil which is  located in the back of the truck to  start building a temporary road the  driver must deploy the forklift  activates a special cylinder-like  mechanism and engage the rear gear after  these actions  its temporary path will be installed  following the principle of a carpet  track when the roadway is in the right  place  other vehicles will be able to move  along roads that were previously  impossible the new road reaches 165 feet  in length and supports cars weighing up  to 70 tons when all traffic has crossed  the site the truck can pick up the  temporary road and continue its journey  it should be noted that this truck could  operate even in partially flooded areas  making it an ideal vehicle to operate in  areas of natural disasters such as  floods and landslides today the car is  already in use in more than 30 different  departments around the world

paddle boat  
Here we have the prototype of a new  amphibious assault vehicle a caterpillar  vehicle with an original design all of  the machines main units are located  inside the bodywork in the front we find  a crew cabin with all the necessary  equipment crawler tracks are located on  the sides of the vehicle  these have special blocks of porous  material which increases the flexibility  of this vehicle the original  caterpillars allow the amphibious  vehicles and literally walk on water  although the car is still slower than  amphibious speedboats it is  significantly ahead of them in its  ability to overcome any terrain  after all if necessary this invention  may even pass over a wall 10 feet high  in addition the vehicle can carry up to  200 tons of cargo 

m3 amphibious rig
This German amphibious  car is designed to transport tanks and  other vehicles across water barriers  when entering the water the amphibian  can be transformed automatically with  the help of a floating system and a  hydraulic crane therefore if necessary  it can serve as a bridge or a floating  ferry which can carry heavy armored  vehicles weighing up to 64 tonnes the  main loading parts of the m3 amphibian  are made of aluminum in its main part  as a cab  a hydraulic crane and a control pole in  addition the design features a  four-stroke 8 cylinder 360 horsepower  diesel engine allowing it to travel overland at a speed of 50 miles per hour and  by water at speeds of up to 12 miles per  hour the the machine has two large folding aluminum mechanisms to increase  buoyancy in the water, in addition, this  technical device is equipped with an  armored cabin an air conditioning system  and a number of other improvements in  addition to Germany Singapore Thailand  Brazil and the British engineering  forces are successfully using these  amphibians   

u.s. Navy RP flip
 Despite its resemblance to a ship this  vehicle is not an autonomous craft and  therefore cannot move by itself its main  purpose is to carry out oceanographic  research flip does not have its own  energy base which could become an  interference source for the vessels  measuring and transports equipment so it  moves with the help of tugboats externally the the device is a kind of  hybrid between a boat and a submarine on  the bow there is a classic carcass with  an atom along ladder and rows of cranes  the length of the complements are 50 to  55 feet and the length of the boats up  to the stern is 90 feet the hull of the  flipped spacecraft is cylindrical  similar to our submarine casing inside  this sectioned housing other  compartments for research equipment as  well as 10 water sacks it's worth noting  that the name of the the flipped boat itself  is an acronym for floating instrument  platform at the same time in addition to  being an abbreviation flip means jump as  the ship is partially capable of sinking  turning 90 degrees and leaving only 55  feet above the surface since flip  investigations last several weeks in  order to facilitate the cruise work the  ship has been planned in such a way that  is possible to enjoy the stay in any  position at different times on the ship  studies have been carried out on the  propagation of seismic waves in the  ocean the interaction of different water  layers the exchange of heat between the  thickness of the water and surface and  many others 

the Toyotas tires ferret
According to  the developers this vehicles capable of  withstanding any conditions and is ideal  for driving in forests deserts and even  across rivers the creators of the  armored car used the 1959 British  intelligence car as a base and decided  to modifiers at the rear of the car they  installed a powerful engine and equipped  the vehicle with large wheels and  special tires designed for all terrains  these tires are characterized by  increased mobility and optimum  reliability and also have an attractive  aggressive design hydraulic motors  control to the inside drive two of them  instead of a machine gun a device with a  hook attached to the cable of the which  was installed in addition the vehicle is  equipped with reinforced shock absorbers  the special suspension allows this  improved armored car to easily cross any  terrain and overcome any obstacle

TCM 60
 The Swiss firm mattress which since 1945  has been considered the best in the  field of railroad machining specializes  in the creation of machines for the  construction maintenance and repair of  railway tracks among other devices  produced by the company is the TCM 60  train for track installation the main  characteristic of this device for the  construction of railway tracks are it's  complete continuous work this apparatus  is self-contained and can perform  lifting and installation of rails and  sleepers without additional machines its  universality makes the work easier and  faster as it decreases human  participation in the process  another important feature is that the  machine can transport its own materials  this prevents the use of additional  machinery when building railway tracks   

tanco A20
According to the creators  there's individual packet of hay bales  is fully automatic and autonomous the  machine can be connected to a tractor or  be operated with a power supply the main  function of this device is to prepare  the bales of hay for long-term storage  or transports the most important thing  is that the use with the help of an  energy source which can be installed on  the machine avoids the need for a second  tractor during the process the operator  can organize the packages or prepare  more the remote control system allows  the operators to be located 165 feet or  50 meters away from the device without  losing the signal