This model is designed specifically for dredging shore fortifications maintenance as well as for strengthening slopes. The excavator has a powerful 282 kilowatt Isuzu engine which provides high performance and Fuel Efficiency. In addition, the Hitachi's zx350lc 5 can automatically shut down when it's not working which prevents fuel loss and helps reduce noise and carbon dioxide emissions.  Also, internal sensors make constant micro-adjustments to the hydraulic system making the car's movement smooth and calm. The cylinder is located in the boom arm and bucket are equipped with a flow regeneration system that accelerates the reverse movements of parts and is highly accurate at Positioning. The weight of these hits actually models its 34.7 tonnes.

 GXT 2555R
The genesis company has created large and very powerful equipment designed for the demolition and processing of scrap. The g xt 2555r weighs twenty-five points six tons its maximum opening and cutting depth is five feet. This model is able to easily process various materials of any weight this is one of the main features of the g xt 255r in comparison with its counterparts. The powerful equipment is installed on a crawler excavator Komatsu pc 4000 with an operating weight of 380 tons. The turning speed of the platform is about four revolutions per minute and the maximum speed of the vehicle is 1.2 miles per hour. The power of the installed engine is 1875 horsepower and the length of the boon for the g xt2555 r is 23 feet.

CAT  657E
This is a tractor combined with a self-propelled scraper manufactured by Caterpillar. The model 657e wastes sixty-eight points eight tons while its nominal payload reaches forty-seven point two tons. The tractor is equipped with a caterpillar 3412 engine with a capacity of 27 liters and a full capacity of 550 horsepower or 410 points 1 kilowatts. In turn, the scraper 6570 has a 3408 engine of 18 liters capacity with a total capacity of two hundred and ninety-eight point three kilowatts. The maximum speed that this vehicle can develop is about 30 miles per hour. The total length of the car is 53 feet its width is 14 feet and the overall height of the cat 657e is 15 points 4 feet.

P&H 2800 MKII
The American company P&H mining equipment founded back in 1884 made this crawler excavator. The digging height of the equipment reaches 55 feet and it's unloading height is 30 feet. The rated capacity of the bucket is about twelve hundred and seventy cubic feet the machines operating weight is one thousand and seventy-nine tons. The width of the crawler trail is about thirty feet and its length reaches 35 feet. The pressure of the caterpillar on the ground is four hundred and forty-two kilopascals or four-point five kilograms per square Centimeter. P&H 2800 works in tandem with a Komatsu Quarry dump truck. The model 830 II has a capacity of 231 tons and an engine capacity of one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five kilowatts and the maximum speed this vehicle is 30 miles per hour.

37 Z4 XXT
This concrete pump produced by the famous company Liebherr hair has a four-section 120-foot longbow and works with massive trucks. The boom is designed to reduce vibration when moving and the concrete pipe placed on both sides allows an even distribution of the load. The bends and the joints of the sections of an increased radius thereby reducing pressure losses over the entire length of the 37 Z4 XXT. The front and rear support of the concrete pump is located not on the carrier's chassis but don't greatly on the base of the vehicle which allows it to better respond to pressure changes and also increases the overall stability of the entire structure. The concrete pump itself operates in three load modes and can pump from 40, 414, 250, 760 cubic feet of concrete per hour. Pumping cycles can vary from 25 to 32 revolutions per minute.

Canadian company Dramis mining trucks which specialize at mining equipment presented a ten-by-ten truck tractor. The total weight of this car with two trailers is a hundred and fifty tons. This three-tier dump truck uses the off-road truck that can with c500 chassis. The drum is d 150 t is powered by an x-15 engine with a capacity of six hundred and five horsepower an Allison 6620 an automatic transmission and an AAMCO Auxilary Gearbox. The carrying capacity of the rear hydraulic suspension is sixty-one point two tons and the front one is about twenty-two point six tons. Despite its impressive size, the dramis D150t can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per Hour. The dump train can withstand all weather conditions both high heat and temperature about minus 50 degrees Celsius.  

This heavy hydraulic excavator manufactured by the Japanese company Hitachi is suitable for work in mining quarries and for big and intensive land works. The EX 3600 is equipped with a Cummins qsk60ce engine whether the rated output of fourteen hundred and fifty kilowatts for 1200 horsepower at 1,800rpm. The operating weight of the machine is 361 tonnes also the capacity of the bucket is 780 cubic feet and the length of a handle is 15 Feet. The maximum speed of the machine is 1.4 miles per hour and the speed of the rotary engine is about 3 rpm. It's worth noting that the maximum digging depth of the excavator is 28 feet and the unloading height reaches 38 feet.

This mining excavator is equipped with Liebherr hydraulic cylinders and buckets which ensure easy penetration of the buckets into the material and their optimum filling even in the most difficult operating conditions. The social weight at the r996b is about 676 tonnes the vehicle has a Cummins K 1800E engine for the capacity of 20, 240 kilowatts for 3045 horsepower. The maximum speed that the leaper is 996 B can develop his 2.8 miles per hour .the speed of the rotary motor reaches 8 rpm. The digging depth is about 26 feet and the bucket capacity is twelve hundred and seventy cubic feet. These characteristics provide high productivity and a caller base guarantees high stability on rough Terrain.