This incredibly unusual smartphone is a project by designer Varnicic Branislab instead of modern materials such as metal and plastic. The concept uses natural elements mostly Wood. This phone looks more technological thanks to its style inspired by the movie Tron and it's rounded display. The interface of the gadget is also in line with the rest of the features on the Smartphone in the lower part there's an element similar to a dialing desk of an old phone. There are application icons and those that don't fit on the screen can be reached by scrolling a wheel. The designer also wants to add a fingerprint scanner to the functionality of the smartphone then place it directly on the working display.

The design of this new smartphone stands out for its curved body and flexible display. Besides the bend at the G flex 2 is steeper than its predecessor its radius is 650 millimeters on the front and 700 millimeters on a back. According to designers such an ergonomic design brings the microphone closer to the mouth for better speech transmission and reduced external noise. Also, the increased bend radius allows you to conveniently hold the smartphone in your font and carry it in your pocket. Perhaps even in the back pockets of your jeans as the case is sufficiently resistant to small deformations. The smartphone is not only very powerful and efficient but also fully uses all the advantages of a new platform produce power consumption and most advanced network capabilities and a quick charge 2.0 function. By the number of new technologies and one device the smartphone LG G Flex 2 is so advanced and it received many awards from the founders at the CES 2015 exhibition in Las Vegas.

In 2017 Meizu released a very unusual 2 screen smartphone the main display of the Pro 7 is a 5.2 inch full HD Super AMOLED display. The second screen is located on the back of the case is a 1.9 inch Super AMOLED displays with a resolution of 536 by 240 pixels. This screen is used to display notifications, to share the time and take selfies using the main camera. In addition, it displays other information the number of steps taken during the day the weather and also the charge of the phone Battery. The hardware basis is the Mediatek Helio X30 processor with 6 gigabytes of RAM and battery capacity is 3500 milliamp hours. This unusual device is available in three colors red silver and gold.

If all other smartphones have quite a wide line of plastic or metal on top on the sides of the screen and here we have none at all. Other manufacturers are making to millimeter wide frameworks on the sites while sharp specialists have got rid of this elements also over the screen where usually there's a conventional speaker. What catches the eye is the lack of a dynamic there instead of the usual dynamics as a chip that generates vibrations and then the ends of the middle ear when a person puts the phones in the face. This technology will be very much appreciated by true high tech lovers and in addition, the device consumes much less energy when talking.

This device from the famous manufacturer of blackberry cannot be confused with any other phone as it instantly catches anyone's attention. Maximum viewing angles saturated colors high contrast and brightness a good only a phobic layer and Gorilla Glass 3 against Scratches these are the some of the advantages of this model. Over the screen of the smartphone, there are proximity and illumination senses but the auto-brightness of the screen cannot be turned off it smoothly adapts within the adjusted limits. The speaker is very high quality and loud beside it has a built-in microphone to determine the distance to the Oracle and the pressure on it. This is both the blackberry natural sound system consisting of four microphones and loud and clean stereo Speakers. By the way, these speakers can also be used to listen to music.

This powerful looking gadget stands out for its Thermo vision camera which can help to determine which of the objects are warm hot or very hot. With this function, you can determine the temperature of any object in real-time and also take a photo or video of it. The built-in the thermal scanner also makes it possible to detect heat leakage in rooms to measure the temperature of objects and even to see in the dark or smoke the range is a hundred feet. Young usual smartphone is on a deal for construction workers for example because in addition to the thermal scanner the device has curved protection by military standard mil STD 810g and a moisture Protection. Caterpillar s60 is equipped with three buttons under the 4.7 inch HD display and the hardware base is an 8 core Snapdragon 617 with 32 gigabytes of Memory.

This smartphone is the world's first gadget with a laser projector capable of projecting multimedia content on any surface. The device has a projector built into the rotating module at the bottom of the device which allows you to display an image at different angles on a horizontal or vertical surface. To achieve the desired angle of the image you can use a special flip upstand on the back panel. In addition smart cast as an infrared motion sensor capable of catching the position of your hands in front of the smartphone. This allows you to turn in almost any surface into a touchscreen with a keyboard or a screen would gesture control support.


When you look at this smartphone its camera immediately attracts your attention and it makes sense after all the oppo n3 is equipped with a completely unusual camera module. In addition to being able to rotate 206 degrees becoming either a frontal or a rear camera. It also is equipped with a motorized drive so you can rotate the module with your fingers or wear can rotate automatically. This is convenient for example if you want to take a panoramic shot. In addition to other common elements, this smartphone includes the wireless remote control O Click 2.0. Which allows you to remotely control a camera switch tracks and do other vital things remotely.