BugatTi chiron

This hypercar was officially presented to the public in2016 and it got its name in honor of racing driver Louie Alexandre Chiron it was the brand's image from 1928 to 1958the car with a full tank which has a volume of a hundred liters can travel for nine minutes at a maximum speed about 285 miles per hour the engine power of the new Bugatti is 1500horsepower for the torque is 1600 Newtonmeters the car can accelerate to 60miles per hour in two-and-a-half seconds120 miles per hour in 6.5 and 180 in13.6 seconds this would not be possible without an updated air cooling system60,000 liters of air passed through the engine every minute each car is equipped with exclusive Michelin tires whose price reaches $42,000 the total price of the car is three million dollars

Lamborghini Aventador  s  

The new Aventador asked dork who pays Lamborghinis a first serial model with a fully maneuverable chassis and the new ego mode that allows configuring the engine transmission suspension and steering depending on the owner's wishes changes in the body design significantly increase the sports cars aerodynamics and the rear spoiler guarantees 50% more holding power than the the previous model the car salon is equipped with a modernized digital panel and a modern multimedia system the maximum speed that the Aventador asked and reaches 217miles per hour and it needs only 2.9seconds to reach 60 miles per hour the cost of this modern vehicle is over$400,000

rolls-royce phantom 8

The updated version of the phantom was officially launched in July 2017 in London and has been christened by its creators the world's best automobile the car was designed with an aluminum body and besides a lot of extensions has been prayed to noise insulation problems for this reason, the phantom is equipped with six millimeters thick double-layered glass and an additional layer of insulationthanks to this the new model of thefamous car is 10 percent quieter than the previous version but at the same time heavier weighing almost five thousand seven hundred and eighty pounds 12-cylinder fans and engines power output is 563 horsepower the torque of900 Newton meters despite its impressive dimensions, the sedan can accelerate to60 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds below its maximum speeds limited to 155 miles per hour this smart the car will cost about four hundred and thirty thousand dollars

the Pagani Huayra BC

This two-door car is equipped with a six liter MercedesAMG v12 engine with a capacity of almost800 horsepower and a talk of a thousand newtons meters the, unladen weight compared to the basic version has been reduced to 1218kilograms and the gear shift takes only75 milliseconds twice as fast as the previous model of the series this hypercar can accelerate up to 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds and its top speed is close to 230 miles per hour the creator's equipped the car with a lightweight forged aluminum suspension significantly reducing the weight of the entire structure they also included ceramic and carbon brakes according to press reports the 20 copies of the higher BC model have already been sold for about two and a half million each

MAYBACH g650 landaulet

 This an exclusive all-terrain vehicle created by theGerman company Mercedes was launched ina limited edition of early 99 copies the car is equipped with a powerful 6 liter engine a 630 horsepower and automatic transmission the salon is equipped with modern equipment such as a 2 zone climate control system and is decorated with premium materials also the space inside the off-road vehicle is divided into two parts by a section that separates the rear of the cab with the driver and car driver's seat another distinctive feature of this SUV is leather folding roof located on the rear of the cab this unique invention by Mercedes is worth almost half a million dollars

aston martin db11

A new British supercar was presented for the first time at the Geneva 2016 show the car was designed in the company signature style including the famous radiator grille a long hood ventilation slots in the front wings and a rearward moving cabin at the same time the vehicle is equipped with narrow diode flashlights and a roof that contrasts in color the changes also affected the interior of the Aston Martin the engineers installed the completely redesigned center console new seats and a new steering wheel while the usual dashboard was replaced by a 12-inch TFT display the standard supercar equipment also includes a new multimedia system with satellite navigation, besides, the car was equipped to the 360 degrees camera and an innovative automatic parking system almost all of the AstonMartin's bodywork is made of aluminium and other alloys significantly reducing the current weight the 5.7-liter v12gasoline engine with a 600 horsepower capacity is capable of propelling the supercar at a speed of 200 miles per hour the cost of the Aston Martin is over $200,000

Lykan  hyperspoRt

This hypercar produced by the Lebanese company WMotors was developed for six years with the collaboration of Arabic Italian and french engineers since the official launch only seven vehicles have been produced one of which is used by the sheik of Qatar this - car the mass of two thousand six hundred and fifty pounds can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds thanks to a 750horsepower engine and a torque of 960Newton meters lykanHypersport has an aggressive and angular design made primarily of carbon fiber the multi-layer surface treatment allows the cars to be extremely durable compared to any analog on the market, the interior of the cabin corresponds completely to the car's uniqueness and it's finished with carbon fiber titanium leather and precious stones to date this is one of the most expensive sports cars priced at 3.5 million dollars