This car was created by an American company organic transit its main characteristic is being more like a bicycle than a car thanks to the presence of pedals however it also has an electric motor and a full charge of the batteries allows traveling up to 30mileself drivers can choose which road to follow according to the plan of the developers the electric motor is designed to climb uphill or foot particularly weak users who do not have the power to pedal elf batteries can be charged not only using a power socket but also with the help of solar panels installed in the vehicle chassis interestingly you do not need a drivers license to operate this vehicle this allows the vehicle to be used by a large number of people those who do not give much importance to speed or comfortably want to achieve a car to be transported

Taniwha sub

This is amarine developed by students at theUniversity of Auckland is controlled by a pilot who turns the pedal mechanism and activates the machine since the submarine is not equipped with an air supply system the pilot grieves with the help of a diving system the submarine is 10 feet long it's made of fiberglass and weighs 132 pounds which is the equivalent of an ordinary bicycle to turn on the boat the pilot must lie on his stomach and start pedaling after which the upper and lower friends begin to move to push the book forward the coordinator of the design team ensures that this vehicle can move faster than some motivates at the same site project manager Ian Anderson said that tiny wall can go faster some similar-sized propeller submarines


This unique mini-submarine has 10 foot long body made of carbon fiber and has a capacity for one person in the cabin according to the developers, this compact submarine weighs 66 pounds and can descend to a depth of 200 feet the machine is equipped with two propellers each of which is controlled independently by a special steering system this underwater vehicles powered by a power of 10 kilowatts electric motors each powered by two 15 kilowatt lathy MA and battery pack the total capacity of the batteries will ensure atrip of two hours and the submarine can reach a speed of five miles per hours range of the boat can be increased adding additional compartments to its hull which can also be used to transport equipment or any other cargo the authors of the project hope that the electric submarines cups tandem would be an excellent solution for scientists and researchers the ocean rescuers CoastGuard's military and simple lovers of extreme version


This unusual means of transportation was originally built for personal use as a high-speed motor vehicle while still fulfills this function but has been slightly improved and mass-produced the large distance between the front wheels and the rigid suspension guarantee good stability on the road the sports steering wheel and the special brake levers provide excellently control even at high speeds and instant braking the machine is easily disassembled repairing any part won't be a problem also if you have to replace certain spare parts it won't be the expensive standard version of Wow can be adjusted to the length of the pilot's body from five to six point two feet choosing the most optimal position


On July 11 of 2013, u.s.helicopter The society awarded Aero Veloa prize for the development of this helicopter powered by muscle, traction to receive the prize the vehicle had to meet the following requirements stay in the air for at least 60 seconds and reach a height of at least 10 feet from a horizontal takeoff within an area of 30 by 30 feet according to the co-founder of the Arevalo company Cameron Robertson the vehicle was designed for a pilot of less than 160pounds which can generate a power of approximately 1 horsepower the device despite weighing only 115 pounds has an impressive dimensions 190 feet horizontally, also, it's equipped with full huge symmetrical propellers


This vehicle was developed in Canada and is known as an ornithopter since it allows flying thanks to the movement of the wings the plane flies precisely thanks to these movements and knots to the work of a propeller or engine the plane weighs 93 pounds and is made of carbon fiber foam and cork the size of the ornithopter are 105 feet and fly the peculiar Snowbird ship is driven by a vehicle which performs the function of a tractor but once in there the old filter flies by itself the movements of the wings is controlled by a pilot who turns the pedals on the test flies, the vehicle traveled a distance of almost 750 feet at a speed of 15 miles per hour

Ruppert Archaeopteryx

The main feature of this unusual crafts its low weight 120 pounds in the open version and 135 in the closed version aswell as several forms of takeoff and landing, the flight control is carried out with the help especially adapted side levers and pedals the wingspan of the plane is 45 feet the weight of the take-off can reach 420 and the speed can reach 80 miles per hour, Archaeopteryx can raise if the pilot drives it with his feet from a slope if it receives the help of a moving vehicle is connected to a glider with a winch or if it has an electric motor that gives a boost to the movement of the the machine in the last two options the launching of the paraglider does not necessarily take place from the slope it is possible to do it on an absolutely even surface the plane is equipped with a small strategy to land at low speed there is also an option to land little lakes but to do so you must have a good experience points and maneuvers in yet