Many people complain that when they ride a bicycle they have a narrow view and therefore it's difficult for them to see the road for example in a stream of cars as a solution to this problem the owner of the tall twin bike channels suggests using a modified bicycle. With the help of iron bars and four pedals, he created a two-seater vehicle with a height of three meters only the driver controls the bike but the passenger on the lower seat can help reach a higher speed. These and other unusual bicycles can be found on the youtube.

This unusual 5 wheeled motorcycle with a low landing was designed by inventor Marc Gyver whose youtube channel to date has only a thousand subscribers. According to the creator as a basis, he used an electric skateboard and a children's bicycle. However, this strange combination allowed mark to assemble a vehicle that can reach 50 km/h and move freely along the road. As a power source, the low-speed motorcycle uses a battery for the capacity of 10,000 milliamp hours.

Despite the fact that this self-made Russian helicopter looks like a frame from a full-fledged machine it's still able to rise to the air at a small height with the help of standard blades in the upper and tail sections. After takeoff, the helicopter can travel a short distance with only one pilot. Unfortunately, the name of the person behind this unusual aircraft remains unknown but you can find other insane Russian inventions on the youtube channel meanwhile in Russia.

This hovercraft assembled by inventors from the channel the real-life guys are equipped with an electric motor with the capacity of nine kilowatts which operates on special rechargeable batteries. A grid protects all propellers installed in the vehicle. The base which is easily inflated with an electric or hand pump has received steering and it's possible to ride this ship with an air cushion both on land and on the water.

This unusual vehicle as four wheels and two bases with ordinary bicycle frames. In addition to the standard pedals, there's bicycle can ride independently thanks to the electric motor. The creator of this invention is a guy named john pepper who clearly knows a lot about bikes. Apart from this bike on john's youtube channel, you can also find a couple of interesting homemade inventions.

Colinfurze is widely known among technology fans and his videos have millions of views on his youtube channel. Thanks to his incredible homemade inventions. In this video, we want to show one of the unusual vehicles created by him a super-fast machine similar to those used on the attraction altered Rome. According to different tests, this car can develop a speed of more than a hundred miles per hour. Entering the Guinness book of world records as the fastest means of transport of this type.

Both these vehicles are the result of a long process of remaking trucks. The vehicles were equipped with massive wheels to overcome any obstacles on the road. Also, some parts of the hull have been replaced with parts made of a more durable material which provides high throughput and increased safety inside the cabin. After the makeover, these trucks became real all-terrain vehicles which will perform their functions for a long period of time. You can see these cars overcoming incredible obstacles on the channel off-road 4x4 fails crashes.

the parents of a child they wanted to give him a truly unique car created this compact car. Therefore the boy's mother designed the car and the father built the model using various items that were stored in his garage. Working four hours a week the man built a card for two months. The wooden case with iron parts is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 350 watts allowing the small car to reach a speed of 18 in km/h.

This vehicle was created in Indonesia based on an ordinary Vespa motorcycle. The vehicle received a gas-fired engine and a long body with a large number of wheels. In Indonesia, these inventions can be found at the annual carnival of unusual and extreme scooters and motorcycles. Unfortunately, no one knows who the author of this vehicle is but if you're interested in looking at other self-made models then we recommend you to visit the channel Indonesia extreme scooter.

The people from the channel exposure came up with the idea of building this unusual vehicle the team of high school students spent four weeks building the bike. During the assembly wooden boards tools, ordinary nails and screws, as well as wheels, were used. The invention doesn't have pedals, therefore, it's best to ride it on an inclined surface for example from a hill or catching a rope to the body of a scooter.