This unique 3 wheels electric skateboard is suitable for driving on any surface including snow sand and soft ground. The device is equipped with two massive studded wheels at the front and a caterpillar chain at the rear. The vehicle can accelerate up to 32 kilometers per hour and cover the distance of almost 20 kilometers without recharging and the charge takes about three hours. The device can easily climb hills with the angle no more than 50 degrees and isn't afraid of water if necessary. You can connect to track 1 a special wheel which is useful when performing very complex tricks. The vehicle cost is $ 2,000.

SEVE 800
A convenient and stable electric scooter a kind of hybrid of a skateboard moped and motorcycle moves thanks to an 800-watt engine and can accelerate to 35 km/h thanks to the strong tires which are 24 centimeters wide .the vehicle remains reliable on the road doesn't threaten its owner with a fall during a sharp turn. One battery recharge is sufficient for 80 kilometers and all necessary device data can be obtained through the special companion application for the smartphone. You can buy seve 800 for $1,700.

This vehicle is positioned as the world's first electric foldable and self-charging bicycle. This model was only 11 kilograms the new product can be folded to suitcase size allowing you to stores in the trunk of your car or under an office desk. It must also be said that this vehicle equipped with special tires so even in the folded state the user can simply roll it next to it. As a self-charging function, the powerful battery built into the bicycle can be fully charged by pedaling and braking as the system converts mechanical energy into electricity .the cost of a self-loading model is $1,900 .

This is an electric bike that can be recharged from the Sun the novelty is equipped with special panels which transform solar energy into the necessary electrical charge .is worth mentioning that the body and steering wheel of this device are made of carbon fiber which makes it very lightweight and the solar panels so thin that they hardly add any weight. The developer said that under full load this the bike could cover a distance of 72 kilometers .such a device will cost consumers $9,000.

This development is capable of floating up to 30 centimeters 36 powerful electric motors that make pusher screws move to lift the man in the air. The screws are installed in the domes and a placed under the base of the flight deck. The power of the propulsion unit is 272 horsepower and it so soft thrusts is 195 kilograms. Depending on the weight of the person standing on the board the hoverboard stays in the air for up to six minutes. Taking into account the maximum speed which is 20 km/h with 1 recharge the user will be able to cover almost 2 kilometers which is very good for this device .control of the flight deck is realized with body flexes. This unusual means of transport cost $20,000.

This is a new electric scooter that allows the transportation of bulky cargo. All necessary luggage can be placed in a large square compartment which is a compliment to the frame of the scooter. In this case, the user may not worry about the safety of things as the compartment has retaining rings and hooks which ensure reliable luggage retention during transportation. This type of electric scooter can develop a speed of 72 km/h and covers up to 80 kilometers with only one recharge. The vehicle can be plugged into a standard power rose at any time and recharge for a couple of hours. Such a novelty cost five thousand dollars

Unlike electric and conventional bicycles this vehicle is set in motion, not due to twisting of pedals or an engine .the unique mechanism of row bike makes the ride something like paddling. The bike is equipped with a movable seat that moves along the frame during each strike and completely static standing stops instead of pedals. The steering wheel acts as a lever and contributes to the speed development such a device can serve not only as a means of transport but also as a bacchanal simulator. You can buy the row bike for $ 1,500.

This board differs from the electrical analogs by the presence of an underwater wing which allows it to rise above the water while driving. The device is made of strong but lightweight materials which are also used in the construction of racing boats. As soon as the board gains sufficient speed the rider leans backwards and the device rises from the water as if flying on the surface. Direction must be set with the feet and motor operation can be controlled remotely via a wireless or wired connection. According to the developer, it's not difficult to control the device so it's suitable for both professional surface and beginners. The cost of jet foiler hasn't been disclosed as of yet.

The novelty has a classic design with the use of underwater wing is keeping the transport of float and a screw powered by pedals or a 400-watt motor. The bike is made on an aluminum frame with carbon fiber parts which provide little weight and sufficient resistance the device doesn't have a body in the usual sense but remains in the water even at rest. This vehicle developed speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour and can work with one recharge for more than an hour. The maximum permissible load as a hundred kilograms .the electric bicycle itself weighs twenty kilograms and thanks to the modular design can be partially dismantled for transportation. Unfortunately, we couldn't discover the cost of this development.

The portable and accessible electric skateboard has rather modest dimensions and it's therefore perfect for travelers. Its total weight is two kilograms with a length of 43 centimeters for charging the battery the owner needs an hour and a half. The skateboard with a single challenge is capable of passing 11 kilometers and also due to the powers of 400-watt engine goes up freely with the inclination of up to 15 degrees .this electric skateboard with a special rucksack will cost you $250.