flexible love 

This amazing folding chair can become smaller or bigger depending on the design you want all the people you to want to accommodate it works basically like an accordion, it weighs only66 pounds and depending on the model can be used by 16 people at the same time according to the developers this check and withhold away to 4,000 pounds or in other words for grizzly bears if you need to you can transform the chain to a sofa or make it as small as a computer chair flexible love comes in five models of different colors and sizes the top length of the the cheapest model is a hundred inches and it will cost you three hundred and twenty-five dollars


Despite having a very simple and minimalistic design this small working table can be transformed into a large dining room great for having friends for dinner two wide lakes are divided into several parts and slide apart together with the tabletop revealing a hidden mechanism inside where you can place four additional panels if you want to place just one panel taking a smaller but still functional dinner table the additional leg of the table which supports it in the middle can be moved in any direction so it will not bother you when sitting the dimensions of this table make it possible to comfortably accommodate eight people when it is completely assembled it comes in three colors glossy white grey and wooden you can buy this table for $2000

cube five-in-one 

This small cube-shaped ottoman comes in several colors and as detachable lit under the lid there are four strong metal frames to turn them it's a fully-fledged chairs with no backrest you must separate each of the soft sides of the cube and install it on the frame thus you can get five seats at once which will be useful if a large group of people arrives at your place after using them you can easily place them back inside the cube the five chairs at one will cost buyers $1000

M chair 

This unusual chair created by Mexican designers combines a chair a bed and table it is made of wood from tropical trees it's not afraid of water and as a very simple minimalistic design, in fact, the chair consists of four segments of different sizes each of them combines 16solid rods that can withstand the weight of an adult in case the person wants to sit on this unusual table to change the shape then the segments are the required angle and fasten those using small bolts since the chair is a design project we can find out its cost 

smart living

ThisTV module might not seem very big but you can place a lot of things inside the stone of a lower drawers stores a folding table which has easily put together and thanks to the extra panels it is great in case visitors arrive behind the TVitself you can hide up to 6 folding chairs thanks to the the convenience of the design the panel freely rotates 140degrees giving you full access to all your stuff the module comes in seven colors and is the price is still unknown

unique cube wall shelves

The different elements of these shelves can be arranged at your taste creating comfortable and stylish storage space with the the help of special fasteners of different shapes the paths can be connected to each other in any possible variations direction the segments are made from material easy to clean they completely waterproof so the shelves or cubes can be used even in the bathroom, each shelf itself is capable of supporting a weight of up to a hundred and ninety-six pounds and it can be used not only for storing books but also as a stand for a TV or even as a bench among other things the creators are sure that the material from which the shelves are made is safe for children the unique elements are available in three versions19 12 and 8 inches in length each having a width of 14 inches the price of the simplest set of the unique cube wall shelves a hundred and fifty dollars 

wall bed sofa 

This sofa will let you turn your living room into a bedroom and it's a perfect solution for owners of small apartments thanks to the special construction, the bed is located in a compartment behind the sofa and to use it, you just have to pull several small imperceptible fastening located at the sides of the mattress, the bed ends up on top of the sofa and stays in place thanks to a set of special fastenings which work also is additional support for the furniture, the removable pillows can be used to make the head of the bed softer while the sofa can be used to store different things under the seats the price of this transforming furniture is five thousand dollars 

boxes furniture

This piece of transforming furniture is a great solution for small flats where you have to use empty spaces the best you can constructions such as an all-in-one bed wardrobe couch coffee table are a great option to get more storage place in your house this probably isn't the most comfortable furniture in the world but it will definitely save you some space and help you keep your house tidy and the white color helps to increase visual space in any room another copy module for the kitchen includes a working area a sink several drawers and small fridge there's also a great idea for a home fit a set of special moving segments hide the screen and a stereo system but to be honest these design solutions are not cheap for example, a module for a living room will cost you eight thousand five hundred dollars 


This is another bookcase for the secret bet which also comes with a special shelf for a flat TV and a small LED lamp hid under one of the sections of the bookcase the shelves and compartments can easily and gradually be moved 100 80degrees allowing you to assemble your bird with the help of a set of solid straps on the side of the bed there are several small compartments where you can place everything you might need at night the turning system is balanced in such a way that not one of your belongings will fall while you're getting the bed read the size of the mattress is 75 by 60inches while being 6.4 inches tall if you don't need a TV shelf the developers will add in more book compartments you can also change other segments of the bookcase if you want to see the price of this bookcase or bed is $8,000 


This modern dining table is placed on a set of unusual crossed legs it not only looks stylish and fits any interior thanks to its wooden countertop but it can also grow in size when folded its size is 79 by 39 inches once the panels are in place it grows up to a hundred by fifty-four inches giving you enough space to accommodate 10 people the tabletop is made of wood with a veneer surface and the frame which allows the table to grow is made of strong steel this piece of furniture is available in three colors and weighs 230 pounds and its approximate cost is $3,200 

THE twirly bed 

This bed special feature is that you may not notice it on the outside it looks like a usual bookcase with several drawers I'm about eight inches each the bookcase comes with the table that can be used as the dinner table or as a working place and if you want to sleep you can easily fold it up because the bookcase can be turned 180 degrees and transforms into a double bed by this bed and you'll get an amazing mattress long enough for an adult person to sleep on it and this construction is only 21inches wide allowing you to place this piece of furniture even in a small room without losing too much space or having to sleep on a sofa this mystery bookcase will cost you $3,500

Florida 2 

After a number of easy manipulations, this compact coffee table can transform into a dinner table enough of for adults to comfortably enjoy a meal together to assemble the table you have to use a special lever to lift the tabletop above the small base to a proper height, once the tabletop is in the proper position, can be slid apart into pieces, all additional elements are stored inside the table and can be easily picked and installed after being used the table can be easily transformed back until the arrival of your next guests, the tabletop is covered with a file hard white gloss coffee table measures 2.4 by 2.6feet while the dinner table is 3.9 feet on one side is 5.2 feet on the other the height of the table varies from one point eight to two point four feet you can buy the Florida two for nine hundred and forty dollars