Thanks to its replaceable magnetic connectors this cable is perfect to charge any gadget just insert the plugs or the magnetic tips in the device then plug it in and start charging. A corner connector on the cable makes it even more convenient allowing the device not to bend or interfere during charging. Mag ball itself has a nylon sheath reinforced with special threads used in bulletproof vests making the cable durable not in vain the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. This gadget cost $19

This compact toothbrush will save a lot of space in your backpack being ideal to go traveling with go camping or in the office and at home. The main feature of this device is that the brush comes with a case and a container for the toothpaste.  The tiny dispenser can be refilled when necessary among other advantages polo has a stable base to place the brush on the sink or the shelf. Also as possible to replace the head of the toothbrush without buying a new accessory. The developers offer three options for bristles soft medium and hard and the device cost $18.

This gadget is controlled with a mobile phone and grinds coffee grounds on its own boils water and brews coffee adding milk if necessary. This coffee machine resembles a conventional thermos in size and aspect but the main differences lie inside. At the top of the device, there's a coffee grinder to crush and compress the grounds into a kind of Tablet. The water heated in the tank passes through it under pressure and the hot coffees poured in a removable cup in the lower parts of the device. The grounds compartment holds up to 57 grams of coffee which is enough for three cups. The brewing process takes about 30 seconds in the mobile application porta press o the user can select ready-made recipes for various drinks or change the list by adding his or her own recipes. This innovative gadget costs one hundred and sixty-five dollars.

With this 100 inch projector, the user can see a movie anytime and Anywhere. The compact gadget is equipped with an omnidirectional five-watt speaker and runs on Android. The device is capable of projecting a twenty to a hundred-inch image from a distance of one and a half to ten feet in addition to its main function the device works as an ordinary wireless speaker. The projectors battery lasts for three hours of playback which is enough for one full-length film. Besides you can listen to music using the Bluetooth speaker mode for 40 hours. This projector costs 270 dollars.

What you're seeing now is a miniature camera with a viewing angle of 187 degrees which allows you to make a full-length selfie without using a selfie stick.  With this gadget, you can take pictures of the whole gang without using a tripod or any additional devices. Besides the device can shoot panoramic pictures with various effects and record 4k videos. The gadget only weighs 66 grams you can either hold it in your hand or place it directly on your smartphone. The images from the camera are transferred to a mobile application where you can share them on social networks or save them. Also PI solo as a video broadcasting function for Facebook and Instagram. It should be noted that this device is waterproof so it can be freely used on the beach or in the pool.  You can buy this invention for a hundred and eighty dollars.

Unlike other smartwatches, this gadget doesn't need daily recharging. Moreover, thanks to a built-in solar panel which feeds on natural and artificial lighting the clock can live without an electric battery charging at All.  It's worth noting that the waterproof device with a massive metal case and comfortable large buttons seems quite normal at first sight but it's quite the opposite thanks to a clever technology hidden under the translucent solar panel.  You can use this watch to track your physical activity study your sleep rates and see notifications from your smartphone. You can buy this artifact for a hundred and fifty dollars

According to the creators, this is the first reflector with 360-degree visibility and no other product can match its technical properties. The invention is attached to the wheels and reflects a strong beam of light in any direction so the cyclist can feel completely safe during the night. Besides, it's suitable for wheels of any diameter with any number of spokes. The gadget will cost potential buyers 20 bucks.

On the outside this automatic pencil is no different from other analogs on the market however its main feature lies in a unique protection of the fragile slate rut .the metal base at the end of the pencil prevents the rod from breaking even under strong pressure making it the perfect pencil for those who write fast and a lot . This device will cost you only six dollars.

This robotic pet helps its owner cope with stress and depression .it's soft and pleasant to the touch pillow with a tail . If you take this fluffy robot in your hands and pet it'll react like a real animal and start wagging its tail. This gadget will be useful to people who suffer from allergies or that for some other reason cannot have a pet. It doesn't poop when you don't need to walk it feed is all worried about it when you're on vacation.  All the robot needs are recharging once a day using a USB cable. The device cost $90

This is a unique smart lock the gadgets equipped with a video camera with a viewing angle of 180 degrees and a recording resolution of 720p.  It's worth noting that the device transmitted a sharp image even in the dark. Also, the invention has built-in motion sensors thus if someone comes close to the door the smart lock will take a snapshot and immediately send an alert to the owner . This innovative gadget cost a hundred and fifty dollars.