This machine made from lego pieces can cut out various three-dimensional images from cylindrical floral foam. At the beginning you should draw any figure on a regular sheet of paper then a special sensor reads it controlling the cutting process it should be noted that the device uses floral foam because the lego motors are weak and are not able to work with wood.

A lego tracked a special device made of lego details work together to perform the process of harvesting. The device has a lever for grasping the crop and a tool for cutting it after that the harvested crop is sent to the trailer of the car. The device is able to collect not only light plants but also larger ones such as apples or tomatoes. The lego tractor s high cross country wheels and seven engines altogether.

This device works like a regular automatic coffee machine. Sam labs designed the device made from lego pieces in the style of the famous American company Starbucks. To work all the devices sensors must be turned on after that the user must put 2 euro into the machine and put the cup in its place within 45 seconds the machine calls the coffee and then heats the beverage in the next 45 seconds.

The swiss programmer hands Anderson made a lego robot capable of solving the Rubik's cube. The device solves the puzzle completely automatically. The ultrasonic sensor scans the cube and determines its colors then the machine calculates the rotation sequence for the solution and executes the turns of the cube. The robot needs three to six minutes for the entire process. It is worth noting that the device works without connecting to a computer since it calculates the algorithm of the solution with its own processor.

 the the device is designed in the style of the American company McDonald's and built entirely of lego pieces. The user needs to put a glass in the machine introduce the required amounts of money as shown in the image and then turn the special lever. There are two tastes to choose from if the user wants the strawberry cocktail then needs to move the levers that write and if he or she wants a chocolate one then to the left. Inside the device, the drinks are stored in bottles and special troops allow the device to pour the milkshake into the glass.


This replica of the famous weapon from the video game black ops 3 is made entirely out of lego pieces. The device has a squid head shark teeth and dragon wings. The apothicon servants also have bright orange eyes than a lot of tentacles just like in the original game.

This cyclic installation clearly demonstrates the principle of wave gearing. All construction materials and mechanisms of the device are lego bricks. The wave gearing occurs thanks to a frictional contact and it works similarly to a screw. This lego device has internal gears an output shaft and a wave generator based on a small motor.

This mechanism includes 17 modules to perform various actions. The device is capable of moving 500 balls at the same time. The machine is 21 feet long and 5 feet wide and this unusual device on average can reach a speed of 1 ball per second and the entire path where the small balls run is a hundred feet long. Along the way, the balls get thrown into the basket loaded transported and lifted spirally.

The mechanism was built completely out of lego pieces. The device includes the main game field decorated in a space style. A display that shows all the data as well as a mechanism to launch the ball formatic cards with facts about the space and a rotating mechanism in the form of the planet earth. The lego pinball machine also has the ability to automatically reboot. In addition, the mechanism is equipped with sensors that provide a fully-fledged game process.

This mechanism was completely created as of lego pieces and his name is time twister 4. The digital clock display contains a matrix of cubes that are pushed out in order to share the time. Each digit is equipped with a small motor controlled by a conveyor belt and small levers located inside the clock. Thus this allows you to push the pieces or reverse them back. The device weighs 18 pounds and is 32 inches wide and 14 inches tall.

Like a real hay harvester this lego machine collects dry grass turning it into sheaves. The device is equipped with 10 engines. The combine is 14 inches tall 21 inches long and 11 inches wide. The hay enters the special compartment for processing where it comes out already packed. After that the sheaf remains on the ground and then it's taken away by the lego loader.

This is the lego axle sorter as-l40a Japanese engineer akiyuki Kawaguchi created the mechanism using lego bricks.  The main feature of this device is the ability to automatically sort different pieces of lego. The high productivity of the machine allows it to solve ten different types of lego bricks into ten special containers. This device has a small built-in electric motor which allows the as-l40a to operate at a relatively fast rate.

Here's another agricultural device made entirely out of lego pieces and it's designed for planting potatoes. First of all the machine digs a hole using a special tool then the potato passes through a conveyor belt and falls into the right place. At the end of the process, the machine covers the potatoes with soil and level-set.

This is the prototype of an automated warehouse made out of lego the device is controlled using a special electronic display. The machine has conveyor belts as well as cables for lifting and lowering boxes. The display shows which cell the user is selected for operation and to change the direction of the device simply set the required location in the warehouse and press the start button.

 Made out of lego pieces, the fully operated super-heavy german Maus tank is 28 inches long and weighs 13 pounds. The tank has a working chassis to overcome various obstacles a controlled gun with the shooting mechanism. A 360-degree rotating tower and retractable headlights. It should be noted that the tank has an opening panel with a working v12 engine and radiators as well as a rotating periscope. The lego maus is able to unfold on the spot and controllers carried out using a remote also made of lego.