The manufacturers of these watches claim that they've created a completely new product in the watch industry. IT  performs several functions at once in addition to its main task of showing the exact time. For example, the watch hasn't built-in magnifying glass whose magnification can be changed by replacing the lens.  Also the device as a special case that allows you to carry snglaty watch anyway. Another feature of the watch is an integrated multifunctional tool system which includes six small instruments for the most difficult situations to keep the owner oriented in space without him getting lost.  The device is equipped with a compass located at the top of the dial. The price of the singularity watch is a thousand and forty-eight dollars.

This unique blanket will help you survive difficult conditions in cold areas as it can be heated with the help of any portable battery. The device is safe and easy to use as it can heat you absolutely anywhere without the need for an electrical outlet. Thanks to a possible battery this device will not be damaged even in contact with water. The blanket has an instantaneous heating capacity that allows the user to warm up in just 30 seconds. Besides rakin maintains the required temperature for 9 hours thanks to its battery with a capacity of 10,000milliamp hours. This blanket can be purchased for one hundred and thirty-seven dollars.

This compact modular fishing rod is similar to other models but unlike these cast pack is equipped with a special spring made of stainless steel. And it spirals functions simultaneously as fishing rings. It should be noted that thanks to the spring the length of the fishing rod is significantly shortened allowing fishing in hard-to-reach places. The advantage of cast pack is its small size which allows you to carry this fishing rod almost everywhere and use it in extreme conditions if necessary. This device can be thrown not only from above but also from one side or from below. And besides wrist movement significantly increases the launch impulse.  The main difference between cast pack and other similar devices is that all the details of this system can be easily disassembled and connected to each other. The cost of this fishing rod is a hundred and ninety dollars.

This Universal shovel includes ten useful tools that will be useful for survival or for general use in the wild. First, the device performs its primary function the blade can be fixed in three different positions the device has a 2-inch tooth but it's useful when cutting branches or strings for example.  Also, the la police gear is equipped with a three-inch ruler for accurate measurements. Another feature is the removable cradle which contains other tools in the other parts of the handle there is a magnesium and silicon rod ideal to light a fire and in the base we find a whistle to send signals in emergency situations. Also, the handle is equipped with a nut and can I opener. This multifunctional shovel will cost you $40.

This flashlight is an integral part of any survival kit, the gadget is made of high-quality anodized aluminum, according to the manufacturer's data, the halogen lamp can operate for two thousand hours. Such 1k is equipped with a Panasonic XML rechargeable battery. Making it the most durable flashlights on the market you can charge the device with any phone USB cable. The device has a special variable illumination mode which allows you to use it for a long time without recharging. Another distinctive feature of touch 1k as it's convenient touch screen which allows you to change mode and adjust brightness with a single touch. This allows you to quickly and conveniently control online distribution something very useful in difficult situations. The cost of this flashlight is $80.

This waterproof portable charger performs several functions at once. Poseidon can be used as a flashlight for excellent visibility in the dark.  Also, the device is equipped with a micro USB cable compatible with Apple phones. The charging process of the phone is quite fast. Thanks to the battery with a capacity of 10,000 milliamp hours. Presided surpassed military standards in drop testing ensuring the reliability and durability of this device. Also, this gadget has 2 ports to charge different devices so for Sidon is an excellent tool to keep the users and their friend's devices charged anywhere. The price of this device is $80.00

The agent will protect themselves in extreme situations with this pistol which is easily assembled and Disassembled. This model is easy to use and works reliably the Glock 19 is equipped with alternative modified barrels with a cooling system . And also a collimation sight can be mounted on the shutter ensuring more precise shooting even with poor visibility. The cartridge has a minimalist but functional design and the price of a Glock 19 pistol on average is $2,500.

The London-based design firm three coils have developed a practical and useful multifunctional tool system in the form of an automatic weapon. Like a real gun, the device has detachable clips a silencer a barrel and other parts that work as separate tools. In addition, the cylinder head can be used as a key holder along with the handle they form a bottle opener. Under the appearance of a silencer, there is a small flat screwdriver the barrel and upper performer scalpel while the two removable pliers are both flat and crossed screwdrivers. It is worth noting that all the elements of puna can interact with each other. For example, to make the scalpel fit better in your hand you can lengthen it with the help of a silencer. And if you need to use a screwdriver and you can remove the clip and insert it on the other side.  The kits also come with a set of removable blades. The price of this curious tool system is $26

The main characteristic of this fishing rod is the absence of a real the zoomed rod includes a rod whose length varies from 8 to 16 feet. You only need 30 seconds to set up the decide fishing mode. This allows the user to easily move from shallow water to deeper areas without buying additional equipment. It should be noted that the handle of the fishing rod is made of a very resistant material while the main part of the zoom rod is made of carbon fiber making it easy to use thanks to his low weight and Flexibility. The device is quite compact when folded it is only 25 inches long. The fishing rod can be purchased at a cost of one hundred and fifty-five dollars


Besides the basic functions, this watch is equipped with many other useful components the device is equipped with a compass barometer and a thermometer. Also, the GPR b1000 has a Bluetooth module to synchronize with various devices as well as full GPS navigation with annotations routes and maps. In addition to charge, the built-in battery developers have integrated stuff solar technology which uses sunlight to charge the device however the product comes with a wireless charger . The GPS enabled g-shock model can work for approximate thirty-three hours.  The back cover of the device is made of ceramic while a sturdy sapphire crystal protects the loads and LCD display.  The device also has a wide polyurethane strap with carbon plastic inserts the launch of GPR v1000 is scheduled for mid-2018.  The price of these watches will be approximately $800.