Automotive concerns often experiments and present their concept cars of the future one of these technological fantasies is this vehicle presented by the German company Volkswagen. This two-seat the vehicle according to the plan of the creators should move music levitation the car will be able to move on electromagnetic roads hanging in the air at a  short distance from the ground at the same sign. This concept is not an attraction for an amusement park but one of the options of a car of the future accessible to anyone the vehicle flies thanks to a powerful electromagnetic field which is activated by simply pressing a button the large side windows of the car are also its doors and controllers carried out using a joystick reminiscence of the shape of the car itself. The developers claim that this futuristic car will be equipped with also pilot and a voice control system as well as a GPS navigator which will be displayed on the windshield besides the built-in motion sensors will allow the car to stop in time to avoid a collision. Since this vehicle is still in its concept stage its price remains unknown.

These small robots designed to teach coding was created using artificial intelligence technology it'sable to recognize different colors track faces motor distances and move through five different axes you can control the rover by turning and guiding the device with the joysticks that come with the device it should also be noted that Novais an open-source the project, therefore, all its functions can be changed and improved depending on the owners' wishes, for example, the robot could recognize a voice or conductor target survey users can add speakers microphone Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules or even by the robots on wheels it easier to follow a person you can buy this gadget for 186 dollars

According to the creators this tricycle electric bike is the ideal vehicle for traveling around the city it can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and one battery charge allows you to travel25 miles it takes about six hours to recharge the electric bike with a weight of 40 pounds Xscape can be assembled ina few seconds and once ready it fits easily on a thirty square centimeter square, it is noteworthy that even when folded the electric cycle can be moved without any problems from place to a place like an ordinary suitcase on wheels despite its small size this city the vehicle stands out for its high strength the frame made of aviation aluminum is able to withstand a six and a half foot tall person with a weight of 330 pounds the dual brake system of Xscape guarantees safe ride an electric brake is mounted on the front wheel and a mechanical brake on the rear the electric the cycle is it cooked on a 36-volt battery and the engine power is 300watts like any other modern vehicle excavators equipped with its own application which can be installed for free on smartphone the program with the simple interface connects to the scooter via Bluetooth and allows not only to track its movements using GPS but also to change the speed the electric cycle comes in four colors and costs $1,300

 This simple looking luminous wand is, in fact, a multifunctional gadget Mstick is very compact its dimensions are 160 by 26 by 16 millimeters and the way to Sun hundred sixty grams a leather hand strap is supplied with each device the gadget is equipped with sixteen Tronic color LEDs along the body a32-bit processor and a two thousand milliamp hour power source while battery charge is enough to ensure a week of work and reduce brightness mode and seven hours of full brightness M stick has only two control buttons once a certain on the device and the other to activate bleated it connects it to any ios or Android gadget a the special application allows you to control the gadget besides the device is equipped with a universal mount for cameras and magnets have placed it massive surfaces M stick can be used as a regular lamp and its LEDs are able to change color following the mood of the user besides the gadget will help you write light messages and can also work as a sound visualizer for listening to music or use as a light signal on a bicycle a special timer shows the amount of battery left and you can buy this multifunctional luminous stick for $60

This toy robot was designed specifically to teach children coding to write a program you don't need to know any computer languages the execution of various commands by the robot is carried out with the help of multicolored blocks that can be connected in any order depending on their location the toy can to perform certain actions in addition to the robot itself and the blocks other accessories are included using them you can teach the toy to move along a given trajectory or stop in front of an obstacle recognizing it with the help offenses the basic version of this training robot will cost one hundred and ninety dollars

Unlike most bikes which take up a lot of space and are rarely used for their intended purpose this compact device can easily fit under the desk and significantly increase the physical activity of the owner the simulator is equipped with two pedals and a small screen which shows information about the progress of the training it is noteworthy that you can use biceps sitting on the couch or even light out of gym mats developers also offer two mobile applications that will help you exercise more successfully the the basic version of the app is limited to a clear interface with all the necessary information about the speed and other parameters and the second version of the application is a game the control of which depends on the speed of the pedal torsion the minimum price of the simulator is 256 dollars


This is an electronic metronome created specifically, for people experiencing sleeping problems according to the developers to fall asleep quickly you just have to slow your breathing from 11 to 6 times per minutes to facilitate this process and to save you from obsessive thoughts that usually prevent you from falling asleep the creators of dough down suggests using a small app that projects a soft blue light on the the ceiling is enough to concentrate your attention on it and try to breathe that the same rhythm to fall asleep naturally without using any medication on average it takes about eight minutes depending on the emotional stress of the user is noteworthy that the device does not need to be turned off because it can do this automatically after 8 or 20 minutes depending on the settings chosen you can buy this metronome lamp for $60 large

This innovative wheelchair allows the person using it to change his or her position in space literally standing up using an exoskeleton like mechanism this vehicle can lift a seated person to the same height in this interlocked uses this function is indispensable in everyday life and helps to prevent spine problems caused by being in the same position all the time the wheels of the wheelchair rise the user instantly putting him on a standing position the strong fasteners as well as a comfortable seating design eliminate the threat of losing balance and falling another distinguishing feature of this high-tech wheelchair is the ability to overcome small obstacles in the sitting thanks to the massive front wheels this device can even overcome small staircases and easily drive into curbs the cost of a loud roller could not be determined

This multicolored keyboard designed to simplify the process of rising music and learning music theory is equipped with a set of backlit keys the device knows a large number of chords and scales to start using it you just have to choose a scale and the gadget will independently download the database of chords and sounds related to it the device's memory contains about 860 games scales and frets and several thousand chords thanks to this the use of complain melodies and accompaniments in any key and each note in chord are attached to certain key simplifying the memorization process basically theory the board is a synthetic musical instrument that encodes information using colors thus the controller visually shows the relationship between melody and harmony the scale facilitating the learning process for beginner musicians the device can also, work as a regular MIDIcontroller allowing you to write and play music using a laptop in this case working with the gouges is no different from working with any other MIDIkeyboard you can buy this music assistant for $300

This small machine made by South Korean scientists able to perform the functions of a 3dprinter and milling cutter and a lacing graver thanks to its modular design the device is available in three configurations including a Delta robot the characteristics of each model are slightly different for example news3enables full-color 3d printing all devices work with PLA abs and PC plastic as well as flexible materials unlike the rather fragile plastic printers on the market mousse are made of high-quality aluminum the increased strength of the metal frame affects the quality of the printing increasing the stability of the apparatus and thereby greatly improving the results of production along with a3d printer moves comes with an intuitive and easy to use the program according to the developers assembling the modular the device takes no more than 10 minutes noteworthy that along with the laser engraver safety goggles and a cap are supplied so that the user doesn't have to worry about safety the price of these machines varies from 240 to 480 dollars depending on the bottle.