In 2017 the Canadian company Bombardier recreational products released a tricycle Spyder f3s. The main feature of the three-wheeled car is the sports mode activated by the driver which allows it to perform controlled drift because thanks to intelligence electronics the Machine remains stable. The three-cylinder Rotax 1338 engine sets the spider f3s in motion. This engine is a hundred and fifteen horsepower at seven thousand two hundred and fifty rpm and about a hundred and thirty Newton meters of maximum torque. The fuel tank of the f3s is rated at twenty-four point four liters it's also worth saying that the engine has the capability of liquid cooling with automatic fuel injection and electronic throttle control. Sports chain front shock absorbers fox podium with gas filling has an anodized aluminum body and preload adjustment.  Spider f3s is equipped with an excellent security system and we can mention the dynamic power steering anti-theft anti-lock and traction control system as well as a high-performance brake system Brembo. As for the transmission, this three-wheeled vehicle has a six-speed manual gearbox with reverse. Special attention was paid to the analog-digital instrument panel which includes a tachometer a time and distance meter a gear shift indicator warning lamps a thermometer an electronic fuel gauge and a clock.

The model of the three-wheeled vehicle developed by the American company epic Evie has equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 400 horsepower and a torque of 813 Newton meters. Such indicators provide the torque roaster acceleration from nought to 100 km/h in just 4 seconds. Also, it became possible thanks to a light body hydrocarbon panels and polycarbonate windscreen the weight of this electric vehicle is 998 kilograms. According to the manufacturer, this car is the fastest electric tricycle in the world which is also able to withstand almost any overload in pivoting motions. The company palatov motorsports have specifically designed a sports adjustable suspension for the three-wheeled car. The energy for this vehicle supplied by the iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 34-kilowatt hours which provides the vehicle's range of travel up to 100 kilometers. The charging time varies but the average is three and a half hours. The driver of the torque rode set is in an open cabin which is equipped with sports seats a digital speedometer a small monitor entertainment devices and a 12-volt Outlet. This epic evie model is suitable for use both on the track and on the city streets

The three-wheeled Electra mobile the Morgan Ev 3 was presented in 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show. The model combines retro features and modern technology the British company Morgan Motor Company has created a car whose weight is only 500 kilograms. This tricycle is driven by an electric motor with an engine power of 62 horsepower and is connected to the batteries with a capacity of 20 kilowatts. The electric motor is located next to the rear wheel. The Morgan ev3 uses a liquid cooling system and the batteries with a capacity of 20-kilowatt hours provide a power reserve of up to 242 kilometers. The maximum speed that such a vehicle can develop is a hundred and forty-five kilometers per hour than the three-wheeled electric car can get up to a hundred in less than nine seconds. The Morgan ev3 has an aerodynamic design the frame of the electric car is made of wood and the body is made of aluminum the appearance is quite extravagant with asymmetrical front light perfectly complementing the image. The instrument panel at the Morgan ev3 is a retro-style combining old switches a classic speedometer and a round display informing about the remaining charge.

This three-wheeled vehicle is a compact electric automobile that weighs 300 kilograms. This car is designed for easy maneuvering in dense city traffic, therefore, the length of the I rode is two-point three meters 1.5 meters in height and is width is eighty-four points five centimeters. The double tricycle where the passenger sits behind the driver is equipped with a specially developed active lean system. So that the electric car is able to tilt in turns by shifting the front axle which is controlled by the computer. As a result, the Toyota I rode has a high level of maneuverability with the turning radius of only three meters.  On each of the front wheels of this car, there is one electric motor with a capacity of two Kilowatts. The maximum speed that a three-wheeled vehicle can develop is 56 miles per hour and on one charge from a household outlet which takes only 30 minutes. The eye Roda can drive up to 50 kilometers it's worth saying that inside the Japanese electric car provides lighting a heating system and an audio system. Due to its compact size, the Toyota I road takes only a quarter of the parking space for a regular car.

The American company Elio Motors have presented a three-wheeled two-seater. According to manufacturers, the e1c should bring a cheap and energy-efficient meaner transport to the mass market. Therefore the three-wheeled vehicle was equipped with a three-cylinder gasoline engine with a volume of naught point nine liters and a capacity of fifty-five horsepower which for 100 kilometers requires only 2.8 liters of fuel. The three-wheeled Elio has a solid frame structure that increases safety and also has modified suspension which improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the Machine. There are two seats in the cabin with the seats located one after another the e1c is equipped with three airbags one of them is located in the steering wheel and the other two are built into the racks. Also, the developers have provided special Kherson airbags on the windshields. Elio motors preferred tempered glass to plexiglass and sedate they prepare the documents for obtaining permission to build and sell a three-wheeled car the e1c.

The American company Vanderhall introduced a three-wheeled car the model is built. Around an aluminum frame and the body, panels are made of carbon fiber. The Laguna's weight is only 703 kilograms and the car is set in motion by a 1.4-liter turbo engine manufactured by General Motors which develops a capacity of 203 horsepower and 271 Newton meters of torque. The vanderhall Laguna engine is located under the hood and rotates the front wheels. The maximum speed of such a vehicle is limited by electronics to 220 km/h and the car accelerates from naught to 100 in 4.5 seconds. The Laguna has a front-wheel-drive in a six-speed automatic transmission with the possibility of manual switching stages on the steering wheel. The body of the vanderhall is an aluminum monocoque which is paneled with carbon fiber. As for the design the interior is assembled from the interior elements of the Chevrolet sonic model there's air-conditioning a hater and heated seats but there's no audio system but at the same time, there are 600-watt speakers for connecting and working with Bluetooth. It's also worth noting and in case of bad weather in a three-wheeled car its provided with a carbon fiber insulation it's turned back visor rests on the aluminum security arcs located behind the seats.