TOP HOME GADGETS: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

eva light

This device combines several functions ever light works as a personal air-conditioner a humidifier and an air purifier the system consumes less energy than conventional air conditioners and requires only 10 watts of power this is possible thanks to an innovative material called ever breeze which is made of basalt nanofibers and resembles paper the mini air conditioner is basically a cube with a removable water tank and two grills on the sides the working principle of this device is that the evaporating plates from that now paper absorb the water and the internal fan drives the air through them moistening and cleaning it from dust the Sava light works by evaporation of water which occurs almost at any temperature the cost of ever light is a hundred and sixty-nine dollars

Q&C nano 
This is a convenient and small water purifier Kirin see nano is an ideal solution for both homes and small offices the device not only cleans the water but also heats or cools it to the desired temperature you can select the appropriate mode with the buttons located on the top panel of the device also is worth noting that the Q&C now requires a filter change only after a year so you can use one device for about 5,700 liters of water this smart water purifier can be controlled using a mobile application as well the cost of the QC Nano is $449      

This video doorbell looks like a normal doorbell but when someone calls at the door the built-in camera activates and the visitors' image is displayed on a small screen indoors besides the signal is transmitted to the other smartphone thanks to this the user can monitor visitors both at home and away from it the doorbell can be controlled using a special mobile application the device has a five-inch touchscreen display and a camera with a 180-degree viewing angle besides you can set the device to start recording when the motion sensor is activated thanks to the built-in microphone and speakers the user has the opportunity to speak with the visitor the battery ensures trouble-free operation of the device for two months the price of view is two hundred and forty-nine dollars

tersa steam 
Over time clothing wears out and   loses its former appearance this is due   to improper care numerous washings are   the effects of ironing besides it takes   a long time so iron clothes this is the   first wall-mounted fully automated   garment care system the device irons the   wrinkles removes the unpleasant smell   and refreshes and explodes   Sosa steam doesn't require an external   connection to a water supply and doesn't   have a water tank the device uses   special capsules that don't contain any   chemicals the capsules have added smells   designed to remove the unpleasant odor  from clothes giving them a fresh look to   sustain needs only 10 minutes to get your clothes ready for use this smart   system costs three hundred and   thirty-nine dollars   

Over time clothing wears out and loses its former appearance this is due to improper care numerous washings are the effects of ironing besides it takes a long time so iron clothes this is the first wall-mounted fully automated garment care system the device irons the wrinkles removes the unpleasant smell and refreshes and explodes Sosa steam doesn't require an external connection to a water supply and doesn't have a water tank the device uses special capsules that don't contain any chemicals the capsules have added smells designed to remove the unpleasant odor from clothes giving them a fresh look to sustain needs only 10 minutes to get your clothes ready for use this smart system costs three hundred and thirty-nine dollars     

This eco-friendly air cooler cover uses an evaporative cooler and an air humidifier when the user adds water to a special tank kilos evaporative cooling technology quickly reduces the temperature of incoming warm air creating a refreshing cool breeze and in winter for example, it is enough to add water and set a special mode to turn the device into an effective air humidifier kilo stands out for its quiet operation energy-saving mode and portability and the price of a kilo is 159 dollars       

paragon induction cooktop 
The main feature of this cooktop is that it can be controlled through a specially designed mobile application you can even control the temperature remotely the device includes an induction cooktop where the burner diameter of 12 inches a one and a half-inch display touch buttons to control the temperature and a built-in Bluetooth module maximum heating reaches two hundred and sixty degrees Celsius it also comes with a thermometer clamps with magnetic fastening which are designed to control and automatically adjust the temperature inside the pan as for the frying pan and other utensils this function is performed by the Paragon silicon mat which is placed on the surface of the cooking zone under the dishes you can buy the paragon induction cooktop for $299       

bedjet v2 
This is a climate control system designed specifically for the vet according to bad chap manufacturers this new device can adapt to the biorhythms of sleeping people providing them with a comfortable sleep of easy awakening besides the bed jet feet sell as a stylish design that distinguishes it from its analogs this climate control system has the ability to quickly lower or raise the temperature of the bet for example in winter the bed jet v2 evenly warms the boat to a comfortable temperature just 180 seconds and in this summer the noiseless air system cools the bed allowing you to turn off the air conditioner preventing colds and drafts all the settings of the device can be managed in the special application that jet v2 can be bought for three hundred and thirty-nine dollars    

 smart thermostat 
Manufacturers of thermostats are trying to develop more advanced and innovative models but most of them designed for home use still remain basically the same so for example, Lux Geo has an LCD screen which displays all the necessary data and a special wheel to adjust the temperature the device can be controlled both manually and remotely using a mobile application there's also another recent thermostat model with similar functions and working principle this model as a more modern design and unlike Lux Geo is equipped with a built-in proximity sensor that turns on the device's screen when someone is near the average price of these thermostats is about $120

qi aerista 
QI innovations company which specializes in the production of C gadgets has developed the innovative key and wrister teapot the main feature of this smart device is the unique patented technology of preparation of the drink the water temperature and brewing time are selected individually for each type of teeth quieres that will help you to prepare a quality drink and avoid problems of excessive or insufficient brewing the clever teapot is equipped with six pre-installed programs cold tea floral green and black tea, oolong tea and milk tea also quieres qi has three drinks strengths presets and can keep the tea hot for an hour the mobile application key arrestor allows you to remotely control the preparation of the tape the water temperature can be set accurate to a degree and the heating time to the second you can buy this device for $200