This electric boat for two people is equipped with unusual underwater wings that give you a feeling of being in the air and at the same time reduce the water resistance during movement one battery challenge is enough to cover a the distance of 50 miles while developing a speed of 25 miles per hour the battery a charge is fully in three to four hours the hull of the boat is made of composite materials which according to the developers make the ship almost unsinkable the wings are made of aluminum alloy and can be folded if necessary among other things the boat is perfectly balanced and easily enters curve without turning over

hard drive marine LC seven

This unusual boat produced by a company specialized landing craft can reach up to great speed and use its nose as a boarding platform it has solid beach crawling spikes to hold on to the shore and pull itself to it which allows the passengers to exit the boat without getting their feet wet when it's time to float off the boat pushes itself from the shore beside these spikes can be used as anchors but that's not all some models also have a modular wheelhouse that can move twelve feet forward then back the length of this the boat is about 30 feet which allows you to carry even big cargo like small cars

chillie island 

This device is a hybrid of a small electric boat and a Shea'slong it doesn't reach great space but it provides an excellent rest on the water for one or two people the chair is made of polyethylene on a fiberglass frame and its dimensions are 8.2 by 7.4 feet passengers can enjoy two comfortable ergonomic Sun lounges which allow them to sit in a chair with all the comforts in full growth and if necessary without any problems slip into the water if they want to swim thanks to the special handles located on the sides of the boat it'll be easy for a person to climb back in the creators also provided protection from the Sun this purpose over the seats there' san unusual construction reminiscent of three palm leaves or petals of large tropical flowers their position is easy to change depending on the solar activity and the owner's preferences the electric modes are installed and the device can work up to six hours without recharging the speed and direction of the boats are regulated using a trackball which is as easy to operate as a conventional joystick among other things the chair boat is equipped with all the necessary attributes of a comfortable rest for example a compact bottle cooler cupholders and a sound system that can play music from your smartphone via Bluetooth audio systems controlled via a small onboard computer which also informs you about the level of battery power of the device the boat speed and other necessary things depending on the configuration the boat can be equipped with additional illumination

schiller bikes 

This is an innovative water bicycle that works basically like an ordinary bicycle the driver turns the pedals and the mechanical force is transmitted through the gearbox to two propellers which allow the user to turn left and right the weight of the inflatable base on which the bicycle is located is 50 pounds and the bicycle itself is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, also, this is one of the few water light models on which you can move backward the device develops a speed of eight knots or 10miles per hour

gliss speed

This electric eco-friendly boats will make you feel like you're driving a go-kart on the water it's easy to drive and it's not demanding it can speed up to 16 miles per hour and you don't even need a license to drive it thanks to its Universal construction this little vehicle can carry one or two people but the max weighs of each passenger is 240 pounds charging the boat takes almost two hours and it'll be enough for a two-hour ride at top speed the boat is 8.2 feet long and 4 feet wide and it weighs 137 pounds with the battery itself weighs 46pounds it's easily removable and if you buy extra batteries you could endlessly drive this water go cut this small electric boat has three different speed modes and it's perfect for both private water parks and renting it on the seashore

Heli cat 

This is a boat for those who are afraid to fly but very fond of spending time near the water it looks like an unusual hybrid of a catamaran and a helicopter and is literally known as the helicopter cat butts the creators perceived not only the goal to draw attention to their device due to his unusual appearance this the catamaran is positioned as a very fast vehicle which remains stable even in troubled waters the cab was designed for three people but if necessary it can accommodate seven people including the pilot the design of the cabin prevents water from getting inside even during a storm with the help of special vinyl curtains which can be lowered or raised if necessary catamaran helicopter is produced with engines of two types Yamaha honda depending on the customer's choice the power of the first motor is 60horsepower and the catamaran can reach the speed of up to 31 miles per hour, Honda'sengine is a bit more power it delivers 90 horsepower and can accelerate a 44 miles per hour the length of the helicopter cats are 21 feet it's 10 feet wide and weighs one-ton and a half the catamaran also comes with special devices for diving and fishing folding chairs special rod holders and even a net for fishing it's also suitable for those who like to dive deep down and you can do this from an aluminum deck 

platypus craft 

In the central part of this double-hulled catamaran, there's a special passenger section that can be lifted by hydraulic drives over the water and lowered into it this makes the vehicle a kind of hybrid of an electric boat and a submarine however divers will still need diving equipment but they can be lowered into the water while the boat is moving two electric motors allow driving the bootup to four hours underwater and above the average speed of the catamaran above the water is 5.6 miles per hour the maximum speed is eleven point two miles per hour the weight of the boat is 1590 pounds and its dimensions are eighteen point seven by eight point two feet


The developers of this boat wanted to create a water vehicle with anon-standard form, so it's not surprising that this vehicle looks like a real shark being a hybrid of a submarine and a Hydra cycle a shark has a high maneuverability despite its impressive size which reaches 16 feet and a weight of 1,300 450 pounds a special 260horsepower water jet engine makes it possible to perform simple tricks on the water turn in place and also sink to 5feet deep a jump more than 11.5 feet above the water the boat can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour underwater and up to 50 miles per hour over the surface when driving an underwater special tube is used to supply air to the engine and an additional the monitor is installed in front of the driver's eyes the image of which is transmitted from external cameras there are two sports seats in the cabin one behind the other firmly fixing the passengers of the ship and protecting them from injuries during sharp maneuvers, boat control is carried out with the help of fins the ones in the front can lift and lower the device above the water the real ones are responsible for the turns 


This electrical submarine is like a sportscar for diving, the creators of this invention wanted to make the underwater world even more accessible for people and they did it the price of this individual the submarine is that of a cheap car but it's totally worth it the length of this underwater vehicles about 10feet the bodies made of carbon fiber and it's capable of holding one person with a scuba set the submarine which weighs66 pounds without taking the diver into account can descend to a depth of up to200 feet it works on an electric motor powered by two lithium-ion batteries that drives two turbines located on the sides of the vessel each battery provides about an hour of free movements underwater the speed of such a submarine about 5 miles per hour noteworthy is the fact that in a single cabin there's enough space not only for himself but also that additional equipment or a pair of replaceable batteries

Alpha Centauri 

This looks like it was created specifically for Batman but in fact the designers were inspired by the streamlined forms of fighter aircraft inside their receipts for four passengers and a length of this vehicles27 feet this fantastic boat is capable of reaching a top speed of 60 knots at70 miles per hour which makes it one of the fastest luxury boats in the the world thanks to the use of lightweight composite materials the weight of hydroplane is only three thousand six hundred and forty pounds the interior of the boat is red and inside there are four racing seats as well as navigation and sound a system with two subwoofers