This vehicle combines a futuristic design with the latest technologies, Japanese engineers added a sloping system to the Yamaha Niken thanks to the two wheels with advanced suspension design. This tricycle can easily overcome twists at almost any angle. This vehicle is equipped with a three-cylinder engine of 115 horsepower. One of the features of this model is a white crankshaft and special fuel injection settings which provide high acceleration Characteristics. Also, the basis of the Yamaha II can lead a hybrid frame design with a steel frame and a pendulum of aluminum. The dual front brake systems with 298-millimeter discs provide excellent tricycling Maneuverability. A telescopic suspension with parallel levers allows you to control the roadway with high accuracy and safety.


 This project combines modern design solutions and an extravagant design. The first biplanes that appeared in history inspired the general style of the biplane according to the developers. The motorcycle is equipped with a four-cylinder V engine with a working volume of a thousand cubic centimeters located longitudinally and the torque on the rear wheel is transmitted through a prop shaft. The chassis of the Suzuki biplane is noticeably different from the traditional designs used on motorcycles. The concept bike received a leave at site parallelogram like front suspension. The disc of the front brake has attached directly to the rim under the rear there's a classic braking system.

This the Slovenian company Akrapovic together with Slovenian dream machine motorcycles has developed an unusual motorcycle project known as a full moon. The vehicles equipped with S&S knucklehead engine for the volume of fifteen hundred and twenty-four cubic centimeters and two Akrapovic exhaust systems integrated into the rear fairing of the motorcycle. According to the creators, most of the functions of the steering levers and switches are fully automated which allows them to free the handlebars for having a large number of different cables. It's worth noting that another relevant hidden under the body is the hydraulic suspension which allows you not to use the parking footrest since the full-moon motorcycle is lowered and can stand on its own in a vertical position. The frame its body of this vehicle is made of sheet steel.

The well-known German company BMW showed its own environmentally friendly two-wheeled Vehicle. This motorcycle was named the Motorrad concept link according to the manufacturers this vehicle focuses on the driver had man meets. The combination of functionality and the latest digital technology turns a motorcycle into a communication device. The design concept link uses a fully electric power plant. It also has flat battery packs in the compact rear-wheel drive. The motorcycle meets the highest requirements of modern urban mobility and is characterized by rapid acceleration and easy control. The presence of a reverse system simplifies maneuvering and helps to park even in the closest of city streets. The Motorrad concept link provides the owner with all the necessary information while driving. The motorcycle stalls in the family all the events marked on the drivers' calendar as well as important points on the map. The speed directions of the navigation system and information about the state of the batteries are projected onto the windshield directly in the driver's field of vision.

 The Swiss company Quadro vehicles have developed an unusual motorcycle the former wheeled vehicle was named a Quadra for Steinbock. According to the manufacturers, this unusual vehicle can work virtually on any road surface and in any conditions while ensuring stability and safety. This is possible thanks to the HTS suspension and the WBS combine braking system which distributes the force between the 4 disc brakes which greatly reduces the braking distance even on wet roads. The Quadro 4 steinbock has a rear-wheel drive and is driven by a single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 346 cubic centimeters with a power of 32 horsepower and a torque of 34.8 Newton Meters. The motor is centrally located in a steel tubular frame the quantum for has on each axis two wheels which go down when turning. The models equipped with a technically advanced tilt system with hydraulic cushioning and a Suspension. Point turning this ensures a uniform pressure distribution across all four wheels up to an inclination of 45 degrees.

It is the completely electric and ecological motorcycle the Zecoo. The maximum speed of this vehicle is 120 km/h . One battery charge is enough up to travel from 85 to 140 kilometers it takes about six hours to recharge the battery. Its exactly weighs 225 kilograms and it's also worth highlighting the six-piston front brake caliper brakes on the rim of the wheel don't drive and nitro shop all parts of a second motorcycle and mainly made of aluminum alloy and carbon plastic.

Estonian company Renard motorcycles produced a GT sport motorcycle the body of the vehicle is made of carbon plastic reinforced with Kevlar which allows the Renard GT to withstand shock loads and vibrations. As the power unit uses a v2 engine with right-angled cylinders which develop a sufficient saw already a low rep. The power of this engine is 125 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and the maximum speed of the motorcycle is 230 km/h. The Renard GT runs exceptionally smooth at any speed so it's great both for come cities and Freeways.

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta projects this Vehicle. The model is equipped with a 998 cc four-cylinder engine which develops to little 5 horsepower at 13,600 RPM. Thanks to such characteristics the maximum speed of the MV Agusta f4rr reaches 300 km/h. Also worth noting the motorcycle is a six-speed manual transmission

This bike is designed for both driving on urban roads and for racing tracks, the unique technologies by WSBK increased dynamics and optimized Performance. The Aprilia rsv4r features and aggressively sporty design that a stylish lightweight carbon fiber trim and an updated silencer. Also worth noting is that this motorcycle has a whole set of electronic systems all of them have a lot of individual settings for different parameters. The built-in RSVR engine with a capacity of 180 horsepower has mounted on a dual aluminum body. The maximum speed that this motorcycle can develop is about 300 kilometers per hour. Increased safety is ensured by the tandem operation of the disc brakes and a two-channel anti-lock system. The dashboard of the motorcycle is equipped with two separate displays for trips on the highway or for track races.

This motorcycle was produced specifically for the market of Southeast Asia. The many sportbike Yamaha r15 has 155 cc single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 19 and a half Horsepower. The model is equipped with a variable valve timing system. Also, the engine has a liquid cooling system an injector and electronically controlled valves and the Taurus 14.7 Newton meters where the weight of 136 kilograms the vehicle speeds up to 135 km/h.