A few years ago U.S armed forces launched a program to develop a multi-purpose combat vehicle. There was a tender and the company Oshkosh got the contract. Sometime later the amazing military all-terrain vehicle Oshkosh L-ATV appeared.  Its purpose is to replace the obsolete off-road vehicle the humvee which was used by the military and police since 1985.  The Oshkosh L-ATV has several interesting features. First of all, it's worth noting that the SUV has an extremely high cross-country ability. Also, it can be transported by air and even parachuted. There are four different models the first one is for general purposes the second one has light weapons the third one has heavy weaponry and finally the fourth model is a multi-purpose two-door pickup truck. The vehicles are equipped with machine guns automatic grenade launchers anti-tank missile systems and similar weapons. The four-seater all-terrain vehicle can carry a weight of up to 1600 kilograms and the two-seater up to 2300 kilograms. The maximum speed at the Oshkosh L-ATV on a flat road is 110 km/h and the price of the car is about $400,000.

The car that you see on the screen was designed by the federal security service of the Russian federation. The car was designed in 2008 but the first combat tests were conducted only in April 2016. Unfortunately, most of the characteristics of this armored vehicle are classified, therefore we know only a few facts about it. The maximum speed of the falcatus during the tests was 200 km/h nevertheless the recommended speed for operation is only a hundred and sixty kilometers per hour. Experts believe that the company kamar has developed a unique chassis specifically for this armored vehicle. Its engineers have also been working on the development of the engine and some of the main elements. Experts believe that the engine power is 730 horsepower. The armored protection project was developed by force technology a company specializing in the production of bulletproof equipment. The falcatus two and a half meters tall six and a half meters long and inside it can accommodate up to ten people. There are three windshields all large and armored. On the side, under the smaller windows, there are loopholes for small arms. The falcatus is intended to support assault groups in special operations.

It’s an armored vehicle was manufactured by the Slovak company karametal. The alligator 4x4 master 2 was first shown to the world in 2016 at an exhibition in Bratislava. This armored vehicle has a four-wheel-drive system. Some other great features are independent axles, a special suspension system, and large ground clearance. Tires were the central inflation system further improved the alligator's performance. It weighs as much as 12 tons and reaches an astonishing speed of 130 km/h. Interestingly in emergency situations, the speed can be temporarily increased to 145 km/h. The payload of the armored vehicle is just over three tons. At the same time, the reinforced roof construction could withstand up to 500 kilograms of load. This is important because the alligator is complemented by combat modules. The vehicles meant to be used by special armored units of the police. In addition, it can be used to transport cargo in combat actions. The alligator is five and a half meters long which allows it to transport up to 11 people, two crew members, and nine infantry soldiers. It's worth noting that the alligator 4x4 master 2 can overcome one-and-a-half meter wide water obstacles without preparation. Alternatively, it can be equipped with a special kit that will enable the movement of the vehicle on the water.


These light armored reconnaissance vehicles are manufactured by Terradyne armored vehicles even though they're manufactured in Canada you can find this vehicle all over the world. For example, it's used by the police in the U.S Singapore and Mexico. The Gurkha is also used by the police of major Canadian cities such as Toronto and Alberta. There are three models and of course, we're going to talk about the most interesting one. The multifunctional model known as the MPP is designed to transport infantry as well as law enforcement units. The car has a fairly lightweight body it's based on the chassis of the ford f-550 truck. Under the hood, there is a 330 horsepower 6.7-liter diesel v8 turbo engine. The roof is equipped with an optional turret mount for a wide variety of weapon systems. There are also two layers of protection. The first layer protects the vehicle itself and the second protects the crew. The all-round body protection of the Gurkha can withstand an attack with armor-piercing bullets. The walls are also blast resistant. At the customer's request, the reconnaissance vehicle can be supplemented with a third layer of protection.


The car you see on the screen is a modern Turkish multipurpose armored combat vehicle. The developments and production are carried out by the American Turkish industrial joint venture FNSS. When creating the project special emphasis was placed on mobility protection and payload. The result was an armored vehicle equipped with the latest technology. The pars three 8x8 meets the highest military operational requirements the vehicle weighs 30 tons it is powered by a diesel engine which allows the vehicle to reach a hundred kilometers per hour. Moreover the pars three 8x8 also has an amazing off-road capability it can easily travel on steep slopes overcoming obstacles up to 70 centimeters tall and trenches up to 200 centimeters wide. Although the cars very heavy, the body is balanced to distribute the load evenly along the axle. Thanks to this the pars 3 8x8 does not get stuck even if the soil under the wheels is loose and soft. Another advantage is the short braking distance and increased grip at high speeds.

 Now it's time to show you an armored vehicle manufactured in the United Arab Emirates by the company NIMR. The Ajban Sov is a special operations vehicle. The model was released in 2015 and was first shown during the IDEX (international defense exhibition & conference). The vehicle can be used for reconnaissance, patrol, border control, and logistics support. Up to four people can fit inside and optionally a fit seat can be added. The vehicle has been specifically designed to provide a 360-degree view around the vehicle. Pay attention to the open design of the hole too this is an advantage because it allows the use of various communication systems. In the events of an emergency, a special power management system can be used. It will bring into operation all the special equipment on board. Inside you can find a fire extinguisher a fire extinguishing system and even an external torchlight.