Waverly Labs has developed a device that allows people who speak different languages to communicate perfectly without the help of translators or dictionaries. This special technology allows you to connect up to eight people for one conversation. Thanks to the pilot headset people can speak to each other for free and freely in French Italian Spanish Portuguese and English. You can also download other languages if necessary. The technology of this device that translates a foreign language into the user's preferred language is based on automatic learning and they statistically based method of Interpretation. The program accesses and analyzes huge amounts of data to understand the information real-time. The gadget requires an internet connection but Waverly labs also have an offline Version. Currently, pilot translation headphones can be purchased for 249 Dollars.

This unique electronic ring identifies the users' gestures and turns them in some music. This is a MIDI controller so make whole new use of your sound Creativity. Neova consists of two elements the electronic ring which is used to capture movements and a network hub connected to the computer via USB. The user's gestures are recording using nine sensors integrated in the ring, in this case, each movement can be individually configured according to the needs and imagination of the owner. The cost of this electronic music assistant is 256 dollars.

Israeli developers have launched a device that provides effective control over a wide range of household appliances from anywhere in the world. The genii system includes infrared sensors a hub that acts as a device manager and an application for the Smartphone. The device allows you to configure the system and perform the functions of remote control. The device provides a high level of safety in the Home. The user can check the alarm status at any time as well as turn the light on TV on and off as if it were present. Also, the genii allow you to turn on your heating or air-conditioning system before you get home. The device can turn off the watering system in the backyard as well the device's sensors transmit and receive data using an infrared or Bluetooth signal. They operate on batteries that last approximately two years and the genii can be purchased for $90.

These compact size Bluetooth headsets are waterproof and ergonomic and design providing comfort and excellent sound. The design of the headphones resembles that of a classic headset and the replaceable silicon accessories ensure good sound insulation allowing the headphones to stay in place even when running. Tecpods free has a touchpad that lets you answer calls and control playback with gestures. The device connects instantly when it's turned on and automatically stops playback if you take them out of your Ears. The headphones work perfectly with ios and android automatically connecting to your smartphones and charging in the case that comes with the kit. You can buy this inexpensive analog of the Apple earpods for $80.

This foldable tool has the standard size of a ukulele neck and cover so it's easy to play with. This comfortable size we achieve face the articulated neck mechanism which can be folded in half without loosening the strings and unfolded in exactly the same way. The platform resembles some folding wings pressed against the main part but also very compact when folded. Astro can be easily carried in the bottle compartment of any backpack jacket pocket or other clothing. When folded the dimensions of the instrument are 29 by 10 by 6 centimeters. The ukulele changes in seconds to be ready to play and does not need to be adjusted again. This compact musical instrument will cost two hundred and forty-four dollars.

Here we have a large box where you can project a 3d image. The transformation of two-dimensional digital content into a three-dimensional hologram can be enjoyed by people of any age and not just by video game lovers. The 3d image can be used for different purposes for example for presentations or video conferences the holus glass cover was designed to reflect a portion of the light and obtain an optimum product quality design. The device has a draw with internal connectors side USB ports allow multiple users to reload their Gadgets. An integrated HD mini directional speakers are synchronized with the devices that connect to holus. To date, the cost of this 3-dimensional screen is 662 dollars.

This new data entry tool allows you to write on almost any surface working in conjunction with the most popular mobile devices using the Bluetooth Module. All movements of the electronic pen are transferred to the screen of the smartphone or computer in real-time. The developers have created something ergonomic measuring 142 by 18 by eight point five millimeters with a weight of only 30 grams. On the surface, there's a right mouse button the audio input a charging port and a touch-sensitive own LED display directly extending the functionality of phreee. This smart payment can be used as a wireless mouse and with its help the owner can make calls right and send messages without unlocking the smartphone and manage other features. The built-in battery provides up twelve-week your battery life and charger takes only an hour. The device is available in black graphite silver and golf and phrees minimum cost is 128 Dollars.


The gadget is used to ensure user safety. Bkin is a light and compact flashlight with a high level of Brightness. The device can be carried everywhere is it weighs no more than 24 Grams. It has two civilizing modes which are used depending on the situation and the time of day. The maximum range of visibility with a flashlight is almost a thousand meter and the viewing angle is 120 degrees. The built-in USB connector allows the device to be recharged quickly and conveniently. The bkin recharge guarantees 20 hours of operation and the price of this device is $12.
This robot takes care of the conditions of the house and guarantees its protection. Carl is equipped with a set of sensors that allow it to hear see and even smell what's happening around it. Therefore the robot senses any changes in the air such as the presence of hazardous and noxious substances or allergens and also monitors the noise level when no one's home Carl moves and immediately notifies the user when it notices something strange. The robot can recognize fire Bleek's and the water pipes or even the appearance of an intruder in the house. In addition, the user can remotely control the device to view them from a distance. Carl can be controlled using a voice wizard but this is not mandatory. The robot can be controlled with a few clicks on the device's touchscreen or by the smartphone and since this device is under development its cost is unknown.

This mask provides filtration of particles that are harmful or even dangerous. Breaze kills various bacteria in the air allowing you to breathe comfortably in your daily life. The gadget is equipped with a fan that distributes fresh air to make breathing easier and in addition, breaze has an intelligent training program that can regulate air flow depending on the frequency and the depth of breathing. This system provides a regular flow fresh dry air the unique transparent mask design intelligent built-in ventilator and effective filter ensure optimal breathing comfort and freshness. Breaze can be bought for 105 dollars.