In the fall of 2017 experts from the Japanese company, Yamaha showed a conceptual smart electric motorbike called the motoroid. The designers used original stylistic solutions during the design giving the model a very futuristic appearance. By using electricity as fuel the motor rider is friendly to the environment. The chromed selling this located on the sides before not only an aesthetic function there are also stylized storage batteries that store the power reserve. It's no accident that we call this electric bike smart the fact is that the vehicle can interact with the driver thanks to the built-in artificial Intelligence the bike can recognize faces and body movements and move Autonomously. The main advantage is the automatic balance control system thanks to it for example if the motorcycle is pushed it automatically returns to its original position.

The vehicle you see on the screen is designed to transport troops across the water and it's the development of the United States. The length of this landing amphibian on caterpillar tracks is 26 meters, it's 10 meters tall and the speed of movement our mortar is 37 km/h. Supposedly the Machine withstands a standard load of a hundred and fifty tons but in a state of overload is able to move with a load of up to 190 tonnes. The power reserve is 370 kilometers thus the UHAC is able to completely replace a landing craft since it has higher technical characteristics. The undoubted advantage is the ability of the vehicle to enter the beach as well as overcoming obstacles on land.

The car that you see on the screen was developed in the NASA Space Center and it took about five months to make it. The Mars rover has a futuristic look it's eight and a half meters long three-point four meters tall and four meters wide. This unusual vehicle was designed to move people around the surface of Mars but it won't be able to ever fulfill this mission. The materials used were composites and aluminum which makes the SUV relatively lightweight 2.7 tonnes overall. The maximum speed of movement is 110 kilometers per hour however the creator state that on Mars the working speed will be 25 kilometers per hour. NASA's Mars rover has incredible maneuverability thanks to its six wheels with a diameter 127 centimeters. In addition, the wheels have a unique shape to more effectively overcome obstacles. Instead of tires, the aluminum discs are covered by rubber strips allowing them to be quickly cleaned of sand.

 Modern vehicle manufacturers surprise us every day with their new technological innovations. The Terrafugia tf-x is a real flying car according to some sources this machine is being tested in a wind tunnel. The model is equipped with retractable wings and built-in electric motors with a capacity of 600 horsepower it's known that the cruising speed at the car is 322 km/h and it can travel up to eight hundred and five kilometers. The manufacturer claims that the car is designed to carry up to four people and can move from door to door. It's noteworthy that the driving process is completely computerized to get to the right place all you need to do is enter the destination address into the system. Hopefully, the Terrafugia tf-x will be out on the market in the next 8 to 12 Years. The estimated price will be about 300 thousand dollars.

In 2017 another futuristic car this time designed by Renault was introduced. On the outside this model doesn't look much like a vehicle it's more like a flying or a floating bubble. It's noteworthy that this car was designed by the most ordinary student the company Renault held a competition for the best design of the car of the future and the Renault float was the winner. Instead of liquid fuel, the car uses electricity to travel around it floats in the air using the same technology that Elon Musk uses for is ultra-high-speed trains. Thanks to this technology the float will be able to smoothly move in any direction without turning or bending. The vehicle is equipped with a bucket seats and sliding doors there are several versions of this car. In the first model inside the bubble, there is space for only one person other versions are equipped with passenger seats as well as additional Seats.

Here we have a car with a capacity of 40 4.3 horsepower capable of developing a speed of 45 kilometers an hour while still having a carrying capacity of 1 ton. The sherp ATV is a cross-country vehicle created by a Russian company its main feature is its unique unparalleled patency. It is able to move on ice and moreover, it can also easily travel along the water. It's designed to overcome 35 degrees steps the sealed housing doesn't let water into the cabin each wheel has a volume of 800 liters and is connected to the pumping system. It has a relatively small weight and small dimensions to move even in confined spaces. It shows incredible stamina and can move even when 2 wheels out of 4 Failed. It is noteworthy that the car is equipped with a cargo hold with a capacity of 170 latest there you can store different objects or place an additional fuel tank.

Here we have an exploration military vehicle of the Turkish company FNSS Savunma Sistemleri. The peculiarity of the cars that it's resistant to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons which is how it got its name. The basis was a conventional military PARS 6*6 car improvements made it possible to move the Armed Forces in complete safety is equipped with a system for detection and identification of weapons of mass destruction as well as toxic industrial materials. It is designed to move four people more exactly the driver the commander m2 system operators have also a larger car Configuration. PARS 8x8 CBRN designed for six people the car is 7 meters long 20 and a half meters wide and it weighs 20 tons it's no worthy that the past 6x6 CBRN can't travel long distances on its own. Transport planes are used for most of the transportation.


Here we have one of the most ambitious projects of the company workhorse engaged in the development of electric vehicles. SUREFLY is a flying taxi which moves using a hybrid power plant. It's equipped with a gasoline generator with a capacity of 200 horsepower according to the creators this passenger drone can travel 112 kilometers and raise a load of 180 kilograms. At the moment the vehicle is still under Development. The first test flight was conducted in the spring of 2018 and at the end, the drone reached a height of only half a Meter. Nevertheless, this is an important step to continue the working process. It is noteworthy that the passenger drone is equipped with a lithium battery if the engine fails the battery will last for phonic minutes. Usually, this time is enough to safely line the vehicle and avoid falling. Nevertheless, the main feature of the drone is the control system once the pilot sets the direction and it'll decide the quickest and safest way to reach the destination.