This futuristic hybrid two-wheeled car is driven like a motorcycle and according to the authors can also be considered a flying machine. The light motorcycle is a bicycle with an electric drive and zero Emission. As well as a plasma jet engine that provides optimum power in flight Mode. Moonrider is made of lightweight composite materials which allow the bike to efficiently fly. Also, it is equipped with two front tandem wheels consisting of electric motors powered by Batteries. According to the project these batteries should be charged from solar energy.

 The main function of this ultra-compact kickball is to travel short distances in the city. The small size in the following system allows the Wscooter to be combined with public Transport. The creators recommend transporting the vehicle attaching it to the belt after the trip but if you don't find this method practical enough you can bend the kickboard and carry it. Special attention should be paid to the details of the device including the flexible steering wheel a curved wooden platform for a single foot and a front suspension mechanism that folds and unfolds during the conversion of the Scooter. Of course, the Wscooter is not a full alternative to scooters in the big city but it is an interesting device for any urban dweller.


This hybrid bike looks like a motorcycle or a scooter but in reality, it is a bicycle with a stylish aerodynamic design that also serves as Protection. The electron is also equipped with a 500 watt electric motor in the center it's also worth noting the shock-resistant protective glass the light vehicle is battery powered with enough power to travel about 20 kilometers. Thanks to the electric motor the torsion of the pedals do not require much energy while the speed of the electron is not lower than the speed of a scooter. Another advantage to consider is the dual transmission the bike does not need to be shifted or started separately from the electric motor because everything worked automatically. When driving at speeds of up to 10 km/h the vehicle uses a rare chain mechanism like any other bicycle and when the speed increases the electric motor Starts. This allows the rider to move at high speed without changing the rotation tempo of the pedals. The vehicle does not rise above 80 rpm. At the same time electrons, the maximum speed is 32 kilometers per hour although it was artificially Limited.

This unusually shaped electric vehicle was conceived by the creators are safe stable and ACC years thanks to the design people feel a perfect balance during the trip in mathehys regardless of their physical form. The vehicle frame is a rigid tubular structure consisting of aluminum Sanctions. The maximum weight that mathehys in support is 200 kilograms while the device can accelerate up to 24 kilometers per hour. These electric vehicles can travel at least 95 kilometers without needing to be recharged.

American starts up the better bike offers an alternative for bike lovers who occasionally need some of the advantages of a car. Pebl is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 750 watts which can be used in conjunction with or instead of the Pedals. In acceleration mode ie when the user is not pedaling the bike can accelerate up to a speed of 32 km/h. A two hour or three-hour charge of the lithium-ion battery is enough to travel more than 40 kilometers on the front of the pebl there is only one adjustable driver's seat and behind it, there is room for an adult passenger. Behind the rear seat is a 170-liter capacity luggage compartment which can be extended by folding the rest seat. The complete car weighs 88 kilograms and can carry a maximum load of 159 Kilograms.

Ultralight and very stable the ATTO scooter can be the optimal solution for movements in the urban environment when folded this vehicle resembles a small suitcase which can be easily taken to work or transported in an airplane to stop a scooter the owner will need about 10 seconds. The weight of the ATTO is twenty-eight point two kilograms without the battery but if necessary when folded. The device can be divided into two parts. The adjustable seat height allows the scooter owner to feel comfortable regardless of height.

This vehicle created by the Philippine company h2o technologies is a small three-wheeled vehicle capable of moving both on land and in water. In the second case, a propeller is used at the rear which is activated by changing the position of a special lever in the Camp. The salamander is powered by 200 cubic centimeter gasoline engine with a capacity of 13 horsepower. Its maximum speed on land is 60 kilometers per hour and in the water, the color can accelerate to 6 knots or 11 kilometers per hour. However, according to the creators, the three-wheeled amphibian is planned to be produced in two versions and the second will be equipped with an electric motor along with a battery pack. When driving in rough terrain the mini car can carry up to six people on board. In the form of a boat, the amphibious can carry four passengers including the Captain.