Cats are very careful about what's and where they drink and therefore they suffer from dehydration quite often the smart Pura fountain is designed to solve this problem a special form of the drinker allows the cats a drink with convenience without the risk of getting their whiskers wet. It's equipped with a carbon filter which cleans the water and keeps it fresh the special built-in sensor responds to the breathing of the animal and turns on its light it's suitable for owners of several cats. It connects to the mobile application and allows you to control the weight of each cat its changes and the amount of water consumed. Its advantage is simple to use in control the process of changing the water in cleaning only takes a couple of minutes. The cost of the device is a hundred and twenty-nine dollars.

This device will help you to be aware of the activity of your pet gives a token home on Dog's collar. It's able to transmit a signal with the user's smartphone with the help of a mobile application it monitors minutes of activity hours of sleep calories burned and consumed the weight of a compact tracker is only 7 grams so the animal doesn't even notice it and doesn't feel any discomfort. It's noteworthy that the device is resistant to water and also doesn't discharge the battery so fast so it can be charged less often with the help of the activity tracker the owner can easily maintain the health of the dog or cat preventing excess weight gain. Its cost is from 40 to 50 dollars.


There are a lot of special devices designed for the dogs not to get lost when walking one of them is the find stir duo this compact device hung on a pet collar allows you to track its location in real-time. The special mobile applications are which finds the duo connects shows how far away the dog is and which way to go to find it. In addition, it's able to record the path travel during the walk and even notify the owner of the dog has left the park one application will help monitor several dogs. You can connect to the device even if the dog is very far away. It's noteworthy that the pet tracker shows this speed of movement of the dog and also reminds you if you forgot to walk your pet. The cost of this device is one hundred and fifty dollars.

Everyday cats and dogs spend their time waiting for their masters for about eight or nine hours the manufacturers of aradis den that make sure that the animal is comfortable in these moments. This is an innovative couch that's not only convenient for the animal who can also become a home decoration. The integrated temperature sensor allows you to heat and cool the soft fabric always maintaining a comfortable temperature. The sensor is automated so that the pet accidentally doesn't switch it to some other mode .the animals have very sensitive hearing so the manufacturer took care to make the aradis absolutely noiseless. The height of the house is 50 centimeters so suitable for a small dog a cat or even a rabbit.


On the screen you can see devices that allow the user to communicate with the pets even when he or she is far from home. Devices transfer a live HD picture from the house to the mobile application and the smartphone at any time you can see what your pets are up to and even talk to them. The device has a built-in speaker, in addition, they show the image at a wide-angle equipped with a zoom and a night vision device. Petcube bites among other things have a dispenser for giving treats an impact cube play there is a laser for the game these movements can be controlled by the owner via the application. It's noteworthy that the device keeps a record of what's happening which means that even if the owner has been busy all day he'll be able to see what happened during the day at home.  The cost of pet cubs bites is two hundred and fifty dollars and the pet cube play is two hundred dollars.

This is a device designed to keep your pet moving. This is a hollow toy where you can put his favorite treats in the dog can get them only if the toy is in the correct position. Because of this special design, it occupies the dog for a long time until the last piece of food falls out. To prevent damage to the dog's teeth during the game the toys made from rubber and it costs $40.

Here's another device for animals that lack activity swift paws. Its installation takes only a few minutes adjustable size allows you to install the device even in smaller areas. It consists of flags and strong threads and a pulling device. The maximum tales the length of the thread can reach 61 meters swift paws gives the owner an opportunity to relax and watch the dog chasing the flags spending extra energy. Swiftpaws fix any dog and the speed of the flag is adjustable and can reach 30 miles per hour. It's powered by a rechargeable battery and may control remotely and you can order it for $250.

 This is an animal care device that combines the functions of a grooming brush and a hairdryer. It saves time energy and makes cosmetic procedures more enjoyable for the animal. After bathing with a pat on the pack caring process takes 30% less time than when you use a brush and the hairdryer separately. The manufacturer offers two interchangeable brushes the first one removes excess wolf and the second one is for a massage. Unlike a human hairdryer, this one doesn't cause any discomfort since the air temperature is regulated in a range comfortable for the animal from 37 to 60 degrees. Also, the user doesn't have to carry anything heavy now the device weighs only 420 grams. You can buy this device for about $55.

 Another device that supplies pets with fresh aerated water is the drink well pet fountain it's offered in three different sizes suitable for both cats and dogs. The cost of the device depends on the model and varies from 35 to 75 dollars. The drinking bowl doesn't take up much space it's easy to install and the animals get used to it quickly.

Cats love boxes and climbing so poopy cat Pats place combines both. You can build the counter house yourself using the details, therefore, you choose the shape and location of the tunnels by yourself. This is definitely an advantage because the tunnels can be assembled so that they fit even in a limited space. There is enough space for several cats to climb at the same time it stimulates the physical and brain activity of the animal. The material is light but after assembly, the structure is strong and easily holds the weight of an adult's animal. The manufacturer offers many variations, for example, the lambda mark series looks like famous places from different countries.