For over 40 years avivi kitchens have been creating innovative furniture one of their latest developments in this smart kitchen. Its design is a combination of minimalist style and high-tech furniture elements. The worktop has an automatic sliding mechanism that allows you to increase the size of the table and also to open the access to the gas stove. Behind its elegant doors, there are kitchen appliances and some other built-in devices. You can control all elements using your mobile device when assembled this smart kitchen allows you to increase the space of the room providing convenience and comfort to the user.

 The SW
This small cabinet can perform several functions the device works as an iron or a steamer. To start using the SW the user needs to hang his or her clothes on the hanger place it by the special crossbar and a smart cabinet and press the button on the control panel. With the help of a movable mechanism the SW can smooth any fabric in just three minutes, in addition, there is a drying end and ironing mode. Both of these processes take about six minutes this invention can hold up to 12 pieces of clothing at a time. And thanks to its small size the SW is convenient to store at home.

This is a motorized lift for a TV the Dutch company klinken officer presented this project. With this unit, you can raise and lower a flat-panel LCD screen of up to 47 inches. When the TV is not being used it can be stored at the table and when you need it the top cover of the table has automatically shifted and the elevator starts lifting the TV and the lid is pushed back. The K&O TV lift is controlled by remote control all through a special mobile application.

The German company Tielsa showed its own smart kitchen. The concept combines advanced electronic technology and deprivation the user can control this kitchen using a mobile device or a tablet. Thus the user can adjust the height of the sink as well as the cooking and other working surfaces depending on the height and the physical capabilities of the tenants of a house. Also in the application, you can activate a kid's mode to automatically block dangerous items. The tielsa kitchens floor is equipped with special sensors activated if someone Falls this is especially useful when living with elderly people who require constant attention.

In order to save more space in the apartment Slovak designers, David Hesco and Thomas & Dec develop this unusual project. It's a small shelf which also works as a table on which you can put your phone or TV remote control but if you push aside this mechanism you can raise another piece of furniture. To do this you need to press the necessary buttons after which the platform with a dining table and four chairs appears on the surface.

This bed is intended for rest and at the same time serves as a multifunctional modern multimedia technical device.The Somnus neu can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi the bed is equipped with a five-channel HD sound system cable TV and DVD and the other part of the Somnus neu there's a giant screen which takes the desired position when you press a special button and the curtains can be closed too. You should be limited that the user can control us on this view using his home mobile device connected to it somnus neu has LED lighting which allows you to create various light effects for your mood, all the parameters and settings can be controlled through the built-in the 17-inch touch screen.

Above having a lot of shelves this wooden cabinet has another important function thanks to the special turning mechanism one part of this furniture has the ability to expand almost 280 degrees. To open the cabinet, you have to unscrew a special part which allows the door to move freely thus it gives access to a secret room. This design solution allows you to save space as well as to separate working and recreation areas of the room. The wooden cabinet is built into the wall so that at first glance it's difficult to notice that there are other loops for point the shelves.

The company began its activity in 1980 in Italy most of all they've been focusing on the development and manufacturing of clothing transportation and storage systems. Recently they've released a new piece of furniture called the dynamic closet the innovative design and easy operation allows you to home Ominously fit this smart wardrobe into any interior. Also, the user can install the application on a smartphone or tablet to choose the color style size and other characteristics of clothing and the smart wardrobe will immediately give out the necessary Isis.

The American company precision ladders have developed an automatically folding ladder in order to lower the construction the user just needs to insert the key into the special panel and turn it. The metal ladder equipped with side handles expands in just a few seconds and in the same way, falls back. Thanks to this design you can save a lot of space in the room or make space for other furniture elements.

Today space transformation and folding furniture are becoming increasingly popular. Bosaspace offers a whole range of different design solutions that allow not only to save space but also to create a new interior in the apartment. For example thanks to the sliding panel built into the kitchen it can easily expand and comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. In the same way, a bag slides out from the closet separating the rest area and the working space. Based on its design the user can choose one of several layouts options on a daily basis. Moreover, you can manage the bosaspace smart furniture in three ways by a voice assistant, a special electronic device or your smartphone.

Designers Liddy Scheffknecht & Armin B. Wagner built this folding workstation that opens like a book and includes a chair and a table. For their project, they used only cardboard and a decent tape this solution can hardly be used for work but on the whole, the idea of a folding office is very interesting. With more durable materials you can achieve real benefits from a folding set of furniture.

One of the main features of this smart system is the ability for the user to manage furniture and all processes in the kitchen using the one-touch panel. It provides the user with access to the Internet as well as access to social networks. The refrigerator is also equipped with a touch screen that displays all the necessary information and can transfer it to the user's mobile device. The kitchen panel is equipped with high-tech sensors and an innovative electronic system so the future kitchen can recognize products and determine their characteristics. Also, all the elements have built-in drawers to store utensils and other kitchen accessories.