One interesting record registered in the famous Guinness Book of Records belongs to an Android known as alpha 1 s. These robots were designed and manufactured by uptech robotics. In 2018 several groups of robots fought for the right to be the largest number of robots dancing at the same time. The victory went in a series of humanoid robots up tech alpha 1 s. Each robot is 40 centimeters high and the alpha 1 s models are made of aluminum and plastic thanks to this the up tech robots can perform various movements including Dancing. More than 1372 robot alpha 1 SS took part in the event they did a great job and now occupy a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

This robot solved the famous rubik's cube in a little more than half a second. It finished the famous puzzle in naught point six 37 seconds setting a new world record. Sub1 was designed by Albert Beer an engineer from Germany. The robot consoled the rubik's cube once the built-in computer receives two photos of the cube and determines the color of each element. Complex algorithm starts at work and help to find the fastest way to solve the puzzle. After that a microcontroller begins to move and does the rest of the work solving the Rubik's cubes in just 21 Moves.

The Japanese company Omron presented a robot that not only completes people tennis but is also able to train others. Forpheus is the world's first robot designed to Train athletes for this achievement the Japanese robot was awarded an honorary place in the Guinness Book of Records. The forpheus can move around the field using motion sensors and cameras and move at the pace of 80 frames per second using these devices the robot tracks the movements of the tennis ball the movements and position of the opponents and it can also calculate and anticipate human Reactions. In addition for forpheus can highlight the area of the field where the ball will fly after the impact. Thus helping to work out various strokes and combinations a rating program based on artificial intelligence is capable to estimate the level of preparation of the user and create an optimum training program.

The world's first cybernetic cheetah was shown in the US this robot was ordered by the military. On the outside, it's not very similar to a living cheetah but thanks to its capacities it's considered the fastest robot on the planet. Of course, the cheetah is still too slow to compete with a live cheetah which can reach a speed of 115 km/h but engineers' wants to bring the robot's capabilities to the level of living creatures. The robot sheets are built by Boston Dynamics develops a speed of 29 kilometers per hour. This robot has a running technique similar to that of the real predator for example to increase the length of the step and its speed the cheetah can bend it back.

This unusual robotic penguin named jumpin comes from Japan and became famous after it set a record for jumping rope and entered the Guinness Book of Records. Jumping was created at the National Institutes of Technology in Japan the developers presented this robot of the Robocon where Jumpin showed its ability to jump so employees were turning the rope forwards and the miniature robot was shown on a big screen jumping. After each successful jump the Rope made a 360-degree turn and the robot continued to jump as a result, jumpin successfully completed 106 jumps.

This unusual drone is known as the mega copter entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the most capable weight lifting remote-control multi-copter. The device, in fact, is a huge structure consisting of many interconnected drones which carry a load of slightly more than 61 kilograms at a height of more than a meter above the ground for 30 seconds. This is an absolute world record for now according to official data the maximum load capacity of the mega copter is about 150 kilograms but it's not known how it can fly and how long it lasts in Air.

This robot is 8.1 meters high. This robot was designed and manufactured in the German city of sent the walking robot could not only walk but even brief Fire. After creating this giant robot the company's Ola electronic AG entered the Guinness Book of Records. The titanic robot dragon known as tradinno is almost 17 meters long the robot moves on four legs and exhales fire from the mouth and nostrils. It's also worth noting that the wingspan of the giant robot reaches 12 meters and a total weight of Tradnnos 11 tonnes.

 This partner robot from the company Toyota can interact with humans. The height of the kirobi mini in a sitting position reaches 10 centimeters thanks to its compact dimensions there are lots bits in the palm of your hand and can follow you around the day wherever you go. The robot can remember faces and recognizes human speech supports conversation on different topics reacts to emotions and accompanies words with hand than face Gestures. These functions are based on speech and face recognition technology was developed by Toyota for its cast but there is more to the kurubo mini. Among other things, it's the world's first astronaut robot which was put into orbit on August the 4th 2013 on a cargo Spacecraft.

Piano tiles 2 is a popular mobile arcade game built on the principle of classical rhythm games where you need to hit certain tiles in time with the music and avoid clicking on other elements on the screen. This game not only trains a sensitive rhythm but also develops attention. The robot playing design is quite simple the phone camera is used to read information about the tiles on the iPad screen during the game while the robot attached to the phone receives the image analyzes it and activates small hammers that touch the screen at the right time and place hitting the black tiles. In the end, the robot managed to break the record of the game piano tiles 2 pressing 21 black tiles a second.

The world's first six-axis heavy-duty robot with open kinematics and unique load carrying capacity is designed for the foundry automotive construction and glass industries. It accurately and quickly performers manipulation of heavy loads up to a distance of six and a half Meters. The maximum lifting capacity of the robot is 1,300 kilograms a true record which allows it to work with engine blocks, stones, glass, steel, beams ship parts and craft marble blocks massive objects heavy parts and their components. The accuracy of the KR1000 Titans and allows you to improve the quality of production and reduce costs, in addition, small interference consoles and creates the working area.