Imagine having iron man's Jarvis on your desktop that writes your letters draws your pictures laser engraves your phone case and plays chess with you. Today it all becomes possible with hexbot. The first versatile all-in-one desktop robotic arm that turns your desktop into a workshop. The 0.05 millimeter high precision and maximize speed insure the ability to complete all kinds of work. The unique drive circuit design eliminates motor noise. Yep, you can sleep beside the robot arm now. The modular design allows you to change the end effector within a clip and obtain various functions. Hexbot can be a desktop plotter in turn pixels into ink and pen. Bring arts to your home or write your homework text body can be a laser engraver that makes you a toy by engraving on either softer materials like wood and leather or harder materials like porcelain and aluminum. You can make a meaningful gift for your friend or some personalized stuff for your own. The text body can also be a 3d printer that turns your design into a product easily. The intuitive software gives you the seamless control on hex bot and creates things in just a few drags in place. Moreover integrating with blockly controlling hex pot would be as easy as dragging and placing command blocks. The movable touch screen allows you to control hexbot in a more flexible way. The other accessories bring hex pot to the next level to build a production line on your desktop.

Our world has changed drastically over the past decade with the advent of new technologies we have seen a revolution in mobility. We can now run our lives from virtually anywhere the problem we all want to boost productivity but how can we do it. Introducing zscan wireless the world's first wireless scanner mouse. The product is small and portable and gives users more freedom than ever before it's the ultimate solution for working anywhere with just a click. Everything you scan will display instantly on your computer screen work smart and increase your efficiency with scan wireless. It has the ability to scan tables and text in only a few swipes you can even direct edit on your documents. Plan your romantic journey by using scan wirelessly. Just glide scan wireless over travel books and magazines and create the ultimate itinerary in a snap. Found something worth sharing with your friends simply swipe scan wireless over the area you like and share on your social media pages with a single click. Be an adventurous eater scan wireless can help you to translate foreign languages and make sure you can try new things and actually know what they are. Scan wireless can even organize everything for you you can conveniently organize your most important notes in meeting minutes and store in Evernote.


Studying means working with a loss of information most of which is on paper, students write down notes read books and often find themselves in a situation where they need to scan several pages quickly. Pup scan is so compact that it fits easily it's your pocket. It designed to make students lives and the studying process a little easier. The device is simple and intuitive by pressing a button pup scan places a laser grid on the surface below it it determines the boundaries of the area to be scanned therefore you just have to place the desired sheet in the laser range and press the button again, then the user can choose one of three options to print the document store it or share it using any convenient social network, pup scan also has a built-in flashlight the device itself is smart and automatically corrects paper glare and irregularities to ensure the best quality of the finished document. The price is three hundred and eighty-nine dollars.