The Pinter - Welcome to a new world of fresh beer.

90% of individuals in the nation don't approach and aren't drinking specialty brews. The Pinter opens the entryway to everybody, helped to some degree by the reality the conveyance expenses are substantially less and the reality there is no obligation. Right now on the off chance that you need to have 24 cans of specialty lager conveyed from a particular bottling works you'll pay about £50 - here you'll be paying £10/£12 for what might be compared to 17 cans (10 pints).


Internationally, we're delivering an amazing 1.3 billion tons of landfill waste every year.

While what could be compared to one waste vehicle of plastic is likewise being dumped into our seas consistently.

Truth be told, over 90% of the plastic at any point delivered has not been reused!

In any case...

At Teddy Locks we are doing something about it.

We are reusing and repurposing these important materials, what's more, making luxury socks from utilized plastic containers and assembling waste

LOVELY TRASH: Vases grown with fungi on coffee cup waste

Marty the Robot v2 - The walking, dancing, coding companion

Marty is the educational robot that makes finding out about coding and mechanical autonomy alive. These abilities are fundamental for the future, and with Marty, they're additionally extremely fun, accesible and drawing in to learn. For both beginners and advanced users, Marty is a fabulous and versatile means for learning.

Marty the Robot has one of a kind moves and splendid capacities to step up your learning with a saucy character and trusty ally for a very long time 8-14+

There are heaps of exercises you can do with your Marty. From dance schedules, robot football, to going angling!

Tangiplay: Tangible Coding Learning Toys for Kids aged 4+

Tangiplay, the enchantment substantial coding item for youngsters. Made through the normal long for 3 fathers who have predicted the fate of play fused with learning, and met up to make a toy/game for their children that is not only education, however fun as well.