Bottle Opener Remote :

Its time to Throw away your extra remotes and your bottle opener! Because this unique remote can control tv and works as a bottle opener as well. When you're watching the game with the buddies, impress them with this fun and useful device. This remote can control televisions, DVD players, Blue Ray and more!

Imagine you're sitting around the tv with a group of friends. A generous soul goes to the fridge and returns with beers for everyone. That generous soul has forgotten a bottle opener. Everyone groans. Then you open a bottle with a remote. Isn’t that sound cool?
The cool bottle opener remote is available on Amazon for $12.99.
Finger Guard :

This is a unique gadget helps you to protect your finger while cutting fruits and vegetables. Figuring out how to cook should be done in wellbeing, overall when utilizing knives. Wearing finger protector enable Little Chefs and their folks to cook together in concordance while learning the correct cutting procedure. this is a kitchen must-have devices. Finger guard will keep your valuable fingers out of danger way when you are cutting and dicing the vegetable The finger protector is extraordinary while showing kids how to cook, it considered as a significant instrument for chefs of all ages and professionals as well. The Length of this gadget is 6.7cm and the width is 4.6cm. The price of this safety cutting gadget is 13 dollars.

Coolest Cooler :

The coolest cooler is a high-quality cooler for people who like getting together outdoor connecting with family friends and relatives. It is not only a cooler it have many different features as well.
 Like  In the front it has a secret compartment where you can stash your smartphone, car keys, drink recipe cheat sheets, or whatever. The cooler is included with a splash-proof speaker capable of streaming a whopping eight hours of music. And with Party Pairing, it lets you connect with a second speaker up to 30 feet away to create the ultimate outdoor music venue Every Coolest comes with a magnetic corkscrew and integrated bottle opener.
 The price of the cooler is about 250 dollar

Plates with Glass Holder :
Have you ever been to the cocktail parties, where you're standing around and mingling with others and holding a plate of delicious dishes in one hand and a glass of wine or champagne in the other? And suddenly one of your friends came to try to do handshake but your both hand is full so it kind awkward feeling. Well, with the cool new Cocktail Party Plates you can now hold both your appetizers and your glass in one hand because these unique plates have a built-in stemware holder. Simply hang your glass in the cut-out slot on the plate when you are ready to take a bite because you now have a free hand. Do whatever you want with your other hand. The price of the plates is around 10 dollars only.

To-Do Tattoo
Scribbling stuff on your hand went out of fashion 11.5 years ago, so anyone ghetto enough to write down a phone number, much less a to-do list, on their palm deserves to have it look like the neatest body scribble possible. The To-Do Tattoo looks to help you keep your on-skin to-do list organized, sticking a temporary print filled with notebook lines and a “to do…” label on top.  Nice.

Yep, it sticks on a temporary tattoo made up of lines that look like it was transferred right out of a page from your pad. You can then scratch down what you want in a neat line, instead of the messy characters you’d normally get just writing letters down any way your pen slides. Sure, you’ve still got a stupid list scrawled on your skin, but, at least, it looks organized.

The To-Do Tattoo comes with 12 temporary notepad tattoos, each of which you can only use once, of course. Since no one, except your grandpa, carries around a ballpoint pen anymore, it comes with its own writing instrument. The bundled gel pen uses safe, washable ink, designed to stick to the skin just a little stronger than your average office supplies fare.

Whether you have to quickly jot down a list of gifts you’re shopping for, your co-worker’s take-out orders or a few foreign phrases when you’re abroad, your hand doesn’t need to suffer through a mass of ugly text anymore. Just slap on the tattoo and begin writing.

While you can buy a pen and paper for $3.49 too, you have to admit: a To-Do Tattoo just looks more entertaining.