Now first off is a pretty cool little pocket gadget that runs emulators and ROMs. This is the pocket go when you get out of the box it already comes with the pre-installed firmware so you could run tons of emulators and ROMs from NES, SNES, Gameboy, game boy advance and even play some ps1 games on here. Although some run better than others. If they included 8-gigabyte memory card lets you load it on easily and also to do things like load music on here watch movies pictures all that kind of stuff. In terms of features and they've a two-and-a-half-inch colored and backlit display. If you're playing this at nighttime or something you can still see what you're actually playing.

We've even got a headphone jack a tv out port in case you want to play these games on your tv, USB for charging and obviously things like a power button reset and volume wheel. You can also do things like change up the wallpaper and the themes inside the settings to kind of personalize it I just think it's really cool that you have this pocketable emulator to play all your favorite nostalgic games for just $40 which is a really good price for this. Lastly, it also comes with extra colored buttons inside the box in case you want to take it apart and kind of swap them out but I'm thinking the grey and purple kind of color theme it has going on for that super Nintendo colorway but again for just 40 dollars a really great value for playing some old nostalgic games. This would also be a really good gift idea for the holidays coming up.

Next up Arbonne conductive headphones from lokmat. These are just $40 and are a really great pickup for people who are into jogging and working out or something like that where you want to be able to have that full awareness by using your ears but you're still gonna be getting audio as it's literally being driven right into your head through the sound waves. So in terms of appearance they don't look too different from the usual wireless earbuds that you can wear around your neck around your head but with these like I said they don't go actually, in your ear you put them around the top of your ear and they sit right on the outside which is right on the tragus section of your ear. So you connect them to your Phil over Bluetooth 5.0 and that essentially delivers the audio through like the sound waves into your head. It sounds stupid but it actually works.

On the bottom, you have your volume controls there's actually on the right side a little button here for muting your music or taking calls this also has a built-in microphone. In terms of sound quality it's not world-changing you're anything but it definitely sounds better than I thought they would. They're a bit bass-heavy which could be good for some people but again that's kind of also how it relies on pulsing the music past your eardrum. And honestly using these and testing out a pair just regular earbuds you'd be pretty hard-pressed to tell an actual difference in sound quality. So you put these around your head sits right outside your ear and now when you're working out or you're jogging you could still have that full audio awareness around you and still listen to music at the same time. They're lightweight they're flexible and the only 40 bucks they're actually one of the highest um bow conductive headphones I found on amazon.

Mm710 mouse

The next up is the mm 710 mouse from a cooler master. This is the latest release in the lightweight gaming mouse trend and I figured you know instead of doing a full review which at this point everyone their mother is done on youtube does give you the sweetie and run down. At just 53 grams mm 710 is bare-bones at the core which is what a lot of people want no flashy gimmicks or anything. It's on the smaller side for a mouse at 116 millimeters long 62 millimeters wide and 38 millimeters high. It is by definition an ambidextrous design with the PMW 3389 sensor from Pixar inside that has seven preset dpi levels from 400 to 16,000.0

Aesthetically nice and simple the shell does have the kind of Coolermaster logo cut out but the PCB has this dust and splash resistant spray on it. For those worried about that open-shell design don't worry it's not gonna get damaged in the long run. Some other things to know what the PTFE feet it has in the bottom are bare very smooth pretty similar to gee skates or other aftermarket glide feet you can pick up which is definitely a nice combination with their ultra weave lightweight cable they have here. So again like a paracord, this just officially got released about a week ago even though you probably been seeing this for a few months now. So I figured show it off it's the great mouse and why not show it to you now before the stock gets low and just a really tough price to beat at $50 for a lightweight gaming mouse.

Tai hao keycaps

Then last but not least we have these tie how keycap sets. This is a great way to give your keyboard a nice little facelift kind of customize it a bit without breaking the bank obviously. So prices are gonna vary depending on your keycap color combination or your set, for example, the red and black color is only $22 and then you have the other rubber keycap set which we can show off they're gonna range anywhere from ten to twenty-five dollars again all depends on the set that you pick. The main purpose of these is simple it's all about aesthetics you got a black and red setup you get a black and red keycap set.

Take your keyboard to the next level what about the rubber ones what are they for you might be asking, well to give your finger that extra grip you have rubber key calf is gonna be very easy to tell them apart versus the stock keycap so if you're gaming itself and you maybe you get off the WASD key set. You can now easily wander your fingers over without looking because you're gonna feel the texture difference. There are hundreds of different color combos and designs you can pick from to fit your setup and your theme