Food Huggers Lids - A New Way to Love Your Leftovers

food waste is a significant issue. It's not simply the food that gets squandered, however that is terrible enough. It's everything the water, vitality, and the effect of carbon contamination from moving everything. Also, decaying food is the single biggest part of civil landfills, a colossal wellspring of methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gasses on Earth. Reducing food waste is one of our core values.


Graphene-X | The jacket you won't want to take off

The Alpha Series is the graphene-incorporated all-around coat that sets another standard for adaptability, execution and solace. The coat sports a sharp, moderate plan on account of the joining of a graphene layer that makes it waterproof, lightweight, breathable, strong and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Would you be able to envision wearing something 200x more grounded than steel, lightweight as a plume, adaptable, impermeable, breathable and waterproof… that also looks stylish… well, this is what it resembles.

Envision a coat that would be an easy decision when you picked what to wear each morning. Envision this coat would perform immaculately autonomous of the climate or what sort of action you have on that day.

Graphene is a miracle material that implied the Nobel Prize of physical science to the researchers that found and that vows to change the world as we probably am aware it. However, what precisely is graphene?

Trexad Mundo | The Travel Pack Created by the Crowd

A super comfortable, water-resistant day pack that can hold up to 18 L of volume, but that also folds down to smaller than a can. Simply remove the back and strap system from your travel pack and place it onto the day pack, and you’re ready to go.



AIRO.LIFE Free Data Smartphone 

Zombicide: 2nd Edition tabletop game 

EFORGE | Electronics 3D printer

PHONOCUT. Home Vinyl Recorder