Vondom faz

The next piece of furniture we want to show you isn't exactly a bed however you will have no trouble sleeping in this technologically advanced chair. The vondom faz daybed was created by Spanish specialists, the designer Ramon Esteve worked on the final design of the product. The daybed rotates 360 degrees by itself so you can sunbathe all day long. The special battling fabric chosen for the exterior is UV and weather resistant. Other notable features include four built-in speakers lighting and even a power outlet. The chair also has a built-in battery the lounger is also operated with a remote control and the price is about $2,500.

Future automation bed
The practice of storing things under the bed have existed in many countries for a long time. There's nothing surprising about it in many houses there isn't enough free space however all this time this space under the bed was mainly used for storing winter clothes, toys, and bedding, etc. Recently the British company's future automation has introduced a fundamentally new way of using this space. This bed is equipped with a special elevator attached to a flat-screen tv. The advantages of the system are obvious people don't watch tv all the time. Of course, there are special stands with retractable TVs but they're not cheap and they also take up extra space.

By the way when the tv is hidden the lift also goes away. The swivel mechanism is an additional advantage thanks to it you can watch tv from anywhere in the room. The motor is absolutely silent as well and there's also a special system that allows you not only to hide the numerous papers properly but also to keep them tidy.

Rest bed
Here we have a bed that will offer a new sleeping experience to the user. The rest bed received its name for a very obvious reason. This is a piece of furniture that adjusts its shape according to the position of the user, the mattress consists of several layers. Thus offering many advantages corner support, air chambers and a special phone that adjusts to the shape of the body in addition to these features the developers have equipped their product with smart sensors to ensure maximum sleeping comfort, the bed space is divided into five zones head shoulders lumbar region hips and legs. The softness of each zone can be adjusted manually using a mobile application or you can use another method letting the bed itself determine your position with the help of the sensors and then adjust the parameters independently during the night. Therefore the rest bed combines several separate mattresses of different rigidity and shape for each part of the product. The price ranges from 3,800 to $7,600 depending on the size of the bed.

Hsauto bed
Here's another great example of how to optimize the living space in residential premises. The hs otto company from Singapore offers an interesting solution to save space in the room. It specialists produce and sell a wide variety of furniture. However the most notable in our opinion are these beds they are perfect for small houses and apartments because the sleeping area is integrated into the closet. Thus when you don't need the beds you can hide it so that it doesn't take up too much space.

Everyone gets tired after a hard day's work but some people get more tired than others. This American products will be an ideal acquisition for those who find that the bed is the perfect place for recovery and relaxation. Ergo motion of different bed frames to place any mattress on them. The main feature of the design is the ability to transform thus the person can sleep in the best possible position to have a healthy rest. The legs are located above the level of the heart enhancing blood circulation and relaxing the muscles. There are additional support points in the lumbar region to relieve tension. If it's not time to sleep yet ergo motion will make stay in the bed enjoyable anyway, for example, the head part can be lifted which makes it more convenient for you to work on your laptop. Sometimes the bed can also be used as a couch ergo motion as many advantages. First of all, we'd like to highlight the wireless control there is a massage function for different zones with adjustable intensity soup if necessary erg emotion can be raised seven degrees to help you stop snoring. The construction is safe too. The fabric is easy to maintain and doesn't accumulate dust and of course, the manufacturer has added built-in lighting. The soft dim lights don't wake up the person sleeping next to you but at the same time allows you to stand up and move around the room safely. The price starts at $1,400.

The ultimate bed
The luxe bed co has shown that a bed can easily become the most functional piece of furniture not only in the room but also in the entire household. Although the ultimate bed takes up quite a bit of space it also provides extra space for relaxation.this bed can be considered a full-blown recreation system, it has integrated bedside lamp bookshelves and other important features like speakers, a USB plug and a sliding table. A self can be placed on the side of the bed and there are also storage drawers.

Bedaway compact
Bedaway compact has a design that's fundamentally different from everything we've shown you before during the day the only thing that hints at the existence of a bed is the vertical rail system on the wall. When it starts to sleep the bed descends revealing that all this time the bed was under the ceiling. During the day the bed is stored in a space that's not normally used the creators of bed away decided to use it creating a bed that doesn't take up extra space when you don't need it. It should be noted that the elevation of the structure only takes a few seconds, its also a simple process and even a child can do it.