So Ice Universe said there will be some design differences between the Galaxy S11 and S11+.
And it looks like he was totally right.
There is one big design difference and it's that the S11+ is even uglier than the S11.

Ice Universe hyped it as something way cooler than the other S11 variants, something that
we can look forward to and here we are, this is what he was talking about, this hideous
thing is what he was hyping to be way cooler.
Honestly, I'm quite surprised to see this design, I mean when I saw the camera layout
of the S11 for the first time I thought it couldn't get any worse than this, there's
no way the S11+ could get an even worse camera design than the S11, But I was totally wrong.
Samsung somehow managed to outdone themselves and put an even bigger camera rectangle with
a very weird camera arrangement.

This is the first look of the S11+ which comes courtesy of Onleaks who also revealed the
first look of the other S11 variants.
Basically all the variants will have the same design except the cameras are arranged in
a weird manner.
There, of course, should be a reason for this weird asymmetrical camera arrangement.
What exactly is the reason, I don't know but I hope it's worth it.
Otherwise, this has to be the weirdest camera arrangement ever, even the iPhone 11 Pro looks
kinda okay compared to this.
No, I take it back, iPhone 11 Pro still has the ugliest camera design.
By the way, people will get used to the design once the actual devices are released just
like people got used to the iPhone 11 Pro's camera design.
This is the first time ever we're seeing such a camera arrangement and that's the reason
it looks so weird but I do hope Samsung has a very good reason for going with this weird

Of course, as we have talked yesterday, the camera is packing some really powerful hardware.
108MP camera, 10x optical zoom that can do 100 times digital zoom, 8k at 30 fps video
recording are some of the key camera hardware features this huge rectangle is carrying.
Another interesting thing is this basically puts rumors of Samsung merging the S11 and
Note 11 lineup to rest.
There was a rumor a few months ago that Samsung is deciding to merge the two lineups together
since there aren't many differentiating factors left between the S and Note phones except
the S pen.

The rumor also mentioned that Samsung will take this step provided the Galaxy Fold or
foldable smartphones become a hit among the consumers.
The Galaxy Fold is selling really well but I think Samsung will wait until they're confident
the Fold can take the place of the Galaxy Note, which right now is not happening just

Maybe it will happen a couple of years down the line you never know but in any case, we
can surely expect a Galaxy Fold with an S-Pen sooner rather than later.

That said, do let me know your thoughts on this camera setup down in the comments and
as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out!