Samsung Galaxy S11 - CENTER or SIDE?

So the Galaxy S10 was one of the first devices to have a punch-hole display and was the first
to have this kinda display on an AMOLED.
It was at the right side to make sure it doesn't interfere with the content you're watching.
Samsung moved it to the center on the Galaxy Note 10, and instead of a pill-shaped cutout,
Samsung chose a small hole.

Initially, I thought it would hinder the user experience and get in the way of the content.
I thought having it at the side would make more sense than at the center but turns out,
it didn't even bother me.
I've been using the Galaxy Note 10+ ever since the release and I don't even notice that it's
Now, the question that everyone was asking, where will be the hole cutout on the Galaxy
Will it be at the side or at the center?
Well, we have an answer for that courtesy of our friendly neighbourhood Ice Universe.

He says it'll be at the center just like the Note 10 but the good news is it'll be smaller
than the Note 10.
The hole got smaller on the Note 10 compared to the S10 and now it's getting even smaller
which is good.
He also mentions Vivo S5 will have the smallest punch-hole design ever created and they're
using Samsung's AMOLED.
So Samsung finally has decided to give punch hole AMOLED to other OEM's as well.
Right now, they're the only display maker that can drill holes in AMOLED.
Others can do it in LCD's but not in OLEDs, Samsung kept the tech exclusive for their
flagships for a year and now they're selling it to other OEM's as well including OnePlus.
Remember I told you that there won't be a new Exynos 9830 chipset.
The Exynos 990 and 9830 both are one and the same.

It's just that Samsung's marketing team changed the name at the last moment.
Well, now we have Samsung themselves confirming that both are one and the same and there won't
be a new chipset for 2020.
As you can see here on the official Samsung website, the part number for the Exynos 990
is S5E9830.
If you still not convinced the part number for the Exynos 9820 is S5E9820.
So this should put the confusion to rest, the Exynos 990 is officially the Exynos 9830.
We also have the possible color variants of the Galaxy S11 family.
According to Ishan Agarwal who's one of the reputed tipsters out there, the Galaxy S11e
will be offered in these colors while the Galaxy S11 will have these colors.
I'm sure there will be more at the launch.
Some colors are region-specific and I don't understand why Samsung does that.
Also, I'm sure there will be gradient colors as well.
Aura glow variant of the Galaxy Note 10 was the best selling color of the Note 10 so it
only makes sense there will be Aura color for the Galaxy S11 as well.
Also, he says these are the color variants for the S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite.
We've talked about the S10 Lite a few days ago, it features flagship specs and in many
ways, it's better than the Galaxy S10 itself.
Not really sure when exactly is Samsung going to launch these lite models but rest assured
I'll keep you posted.

Finally, Ishan says Samsung is working on new Galaxy buds and will be offered in these
color options.
Galaxy buds, in my opinion, is the best sounding Bluetooth earbuds out there and I'm interested
to see what new features would the Galaxy buds 2 going to bring to the table.