Samsung Galaxy S11 - NEW BATTERY TECH

Samsung Galaxy S11 devices will have huge batteries and we have information about how Samsung was able to crank in bigger batteries in almost the same form factor. Samsung Galaxy S11+ and Galaxy S11 will also have a 108MP camera. Samsung will unveil the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus in February.

So the Galaxy S11 series will have significantly bigger batteries compared to its predecessor
the Galaxy S10 series.

According to information that's available right now, here are the battery capacities
of the Galaxy S11 series.
The S11e will have a 4000mAh battery, 4300 for the S11 and 5000mAh for the S11 Plus.
These are significantly bigger when compared to the S10 series as you can see here.
A lot of us were wondering how were they able to crank in such huge batteries in almost
the same form factor.

Well, Thanks to the Korean media now we know why.
You see, Samsung is using PMP tech for the batteries this time.
PMP basically refers to Protection Module Packages which allows for a much tighter packaging
of the battery cells compared to what Samsung is using for the Galaxy S10 models, whose
packs still require a holder case.

With PMP tech they can shrink the size of the whole package by up to 57% which allows
for bigger capacities in a smaller size.
And that's how Samsung was able to crank in bigger batteries with almost the same form
By the way, If you were wondering Samsung is still not using the graphene battery tech
which will for sure revolutionize the smartphone and battery industry.
With graphene tech, you can charge the phone 5 times faster and also it stores 45% more
capacity in the same size.

For example, if the Galaxy Note 10+ had a graphene battery it could take only 13 minutes
to charge from 0 to 100 and the battery capacity could have been 6235mAh without occupying
any extra space which is really amazing.
The last time we heard Samsung is hoping to release one handset with graphene tech as
soon as next year or in 2021.
So Samsung trademarked the bright night sensor for the Galaxy S11.
If you remember Samsung calls the camera night mode as a bright night.
So Samsung making a dedicated camera sensor for the bright night suggests that night photography
is going to get better.

The camera codes of the OneUI 2 also showed that the S11 will be capable of doing video
night mode so it now makes sense what is that 5th camera at the back is going to be.
It could be a bright night sensor that will assist in night photography and videography.
Of course, we can't say that for sure but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

So when Onleaks released this first look of the Galaxy S11+ with a huge camera layout,
Ice Universe tweeted out that the rendering is wrong.
The real handset will look beautiful than this.
At that time he didn't say exactly what part is wrong but he tweeted out a couple of days
later showcasing the changes and if you were hoping it wouldn't have this huge camera rectangle
then you might get disappointed.

Ice Universe says the Onleaks render doesn't have a square lens for the periscope zoom
Almost every handset with a periscope camera a square lens.
The second error he points out is the lens arrangement.
It won't be this messy.
The actual thing has a symmetrical camera layout, which is good but honestly, this is
not what I was expecting when he said the real S11+ will look beautiful.
Even with the corrections, it's going to basically look the same as it's looking right now.

Not really a fan of this design but I do hope this grows on us or at least it looks better
in real life than what it is being portrayed here.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated with all the Galaxy S11 information so you can consider
following my blog for that and as always I'll see you tomorrow..