Samsung Galaxy S11 - A NEW CAMERA KING

So we've been talking about the Galaxy S11 for quite a while now.
We learned that Samsung is going crazy with display sizes.
The Galaxy S11+ will have a 6.9" display which makes it the biggest Samsung flagship phone
out there.

We've also been talking about the camera and how the main focal feature of the Galaxy S11
is going to be its camera capabilities.
You see the Galaxy S11 will have one of the biggest smartphone camera sensors ever, it's
going to be almost double the size of the camera sensor they have on the Galaxy Note

You see bigger the camera sensor better the photography experience as it allows more light
to get into the sensor which directly means better photos.
But a bigger sensor is not the only camera upgrade we're going to see.
There are going to be a lot of other features as well and we have Max Weinbach who works
for XDA developers and is one of the trusted smartphone tipsters out there shedding some
light on what we can expect from the camera of the Galaxy S11.

He made a series of tweets talking about the Galaxy S11's camera.
He says the Galaxy S11 will be a camera beast and a video beast.
He says the Galaxy S11 will have the best photo and video recording capabilities and
the Galaxy S11 will destroy smartphone video next year, and beat the iPhone 11 Pro which
right now takes the best smartphone videos.

iPhone 11 Pro saw the biggest camera upgrade that Apple has done in a while.
Even though it looks like siit it does the job really well.
So Samsung making a phone that will beat the iPhone 11 Pro in videography as well as in
photography makes me really excited for the Galaxy S11.
By the way, the Galaxy Note 10 takes amazing photos but since Samsung didn't include any
new camera hardware while companies like Apple and Huawei focused mainly on the camera this
year put Samsung a little behind.

But thankfully, it looks like Samsung will get ahead and set new benchmarks with smartphone
By the way, Max didn't end there.
He tweeted that we will get night video mode for the first time in 2020.
Now, he didn't say whether or not the Galaxy S11 will have it but he was making a series
of Galaxy S11 tweets and this one was in the middle so it only makes sense to believe he
was talking about the Galaxy S11 itself.
Since the S11 will have a bigger sensor which will allow more light which would in turn
help in video night mode but I guess it depends more on the software rather than the hardware,
In any case, I hope the S11 is the one to have this video night mode which I'm sure
is going to be super helpful.

Finally, he says good photography is going to be so much easier on Samsung flagships
next year.
Honestly, this got me excited for the Galaxy S11 even more.
I take a lot of videos on my phone.
One complaint I have with smartphone cameras is that they suck at video recording at low
Photos have gotten better at low light thanks to the night mode but videos are still crappy.
Thankfully it looks like it's going to change with the Galaxy S11.
That said, it looks like Max has found some codes in the camera app of the OneUI 2 and he knows a lot more than what he said today which he'll reveal it very soon.

So when he does I'll make sure to cover that as well so you can follow my blog if you haven't done it already.

So Samsung is growing in Japan. Their market share increased by three times year over year.

They sold half a million smartphones in Q3 with a market share of 6.7% which is an improvement compared to a 2.4% market share last year.

The surprising thing is this doesn't include the Note 10 sales which means the market share
will only increase in Q4 of 2019.
Apple, by the way, dominates the Japan market with a massive 63% market share.

Let me know your thoughts on this and I'll see you tomorrow.