Apple will get rid of Charging Port In Its Upcoming Phone

Apple will get rid of the charging port in 2021 according to the world-renowned analyst. The 2021 iPhones will be solely dependant on the wireless pad for the charging according to the analysts.
So it looks like Apple is taking the courage to a whole new level.
There were rumors back then that Apple is planning to ditch the lightning port in favor
of USB type C but it looks like Apple won’t do that with the iPhone.
Instead, it will just remove the port altogether.
Yes, Ming-Chi Kuo who's the top Apple analyst is saying the 2021 iPhones will not have any

That would mean the only way to charge this iPhone is wireless.
That's already an option in iPhones, they can do wireless charging but going all-in
with this tech does sound crazy.
I mean not only charging but everything you do with a cable right now will have to be
performed wirelessly — including backing up and syncing your iPhone.
This all sounds a bit crazy when you first hear it, but then again many people thought
the same thing a few years ago when analysts speculated that Apple could drop the headphone

And they did, but dropping the headphone jack worked because there were ways to provide
the same functionality with limited compromises.
The airpods or any other Bluetooth headphones provided the same functionality and even after
a huge backlash people got used to it pretty quickly.
But removing the charging port is going to be a far more significant shift than removing
the headphone jack or even the touch ID.
For one, it’s harder to use the phone while it’s charging wirelessly.
I for one love the wireless charging and there are millions out there who love to put their
phone on a charging pad rather than plugging it.
Wireless charging is slow for now but not going to be in the future as companies like
Xiaomi already offers 30W of wireless charging speeds.
But the problem with wireless charging is it's harder to use the phone while it's charging.

The second problem is, you can't use dongles either.
This means if you have expensive wired headphones then there's no way you can use it.
It's as good as worthless and you have to shift to the Bluetooth counterparts.
We know wired headphones sound better than wireless and the good thing about wired headphones
is there's no need to charge it.
There's still a massive amount of indignation from the removal of the headphone jack and
that's with the option of still being able to use the dongle.
But removing the charging port will take this away too.
Another big problem is going to be syncing your phone to the computer.

We use cables right now which is fast, reliable and cheap.
But the same can't be said for the wireless transmission.
So I don't think removing ports is going to benefit anyone other than Apple.
I know for sure Apple fans will call this a revolution of some sort but they'll fail
to realize that they are doing it just to earn more money to increase the sales of the
wireless charging pads, and to lower the manufacturing costs, I mean now they don't need to put cables
inside the box and there won't be a charging connector either.
So they're going to save millions and make billions by selling those wireless pads.

And the worst thing is, Android companies will shamelessly follow this just like they
did with the headphone jack.
So I hope it doesn't happen, I don't support it and neither should you but hey, they're
going to do it anyway.