iPhone 12 or new motherboard technology! The battery capacity is larger, and it is expected to increase to more than 4000mAh!

The battery life of the iPhone 11 series this year is stronger than in previous years. Among them, the iPhone 11 is 3110mAh, the iPhone 11 Pro is 3046mAh, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 3969mAh. At the same time, Apple has not paired a fast charge charger with the iPhone 11 Pro.

Recently, according to the latest news from foreign media, Apple will adopt a new battery protection circuit on the 2020 iPhone. The length (50mm to 26mm) and thickness (1.8mm to 1mm) are further reduced. This also means that the battery volume of the iPhone 12 has shrunk by nearly 50%. It is said that the implementation method is the combination of a MOSFET (metal half field-effect transistor) and a PCB board, and no component housing is needed.

It is worth noting that similar technical solutions have been provided to Samsung by ITM and are expected to be used on Samsung Galaxy S11. If Samsung plans to use this technology in the Samsung Galaxy S11, then it is verified that the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus has a 5000mAh battery capacity.

It seems that next year's flagship mobile phones will bring us great surprises, let us stay tuned! For more mobile news, please keep on TechJarus!