A snake robots

The developments of the world's robotics every year gives us more and more thrills. Right now, for example, you're looking at a modular snake robot it was developed by specialists from the Carnegie Mellon University in the US.  Despite its modest size, the robot has amazing practicability, it can crawl swim climb up trees and poles. 

Also, the device can easily climb into a pipe or narrow slot. The purpose of the robot is research. The snake is equipped with a camera and lens built into his head. It takes high-quality pictures getting into the inaccessible places for humans drones and other robots. The tests in the abandoned nuclear power plant with the help of this robot have already allowed exploring 18 meters of the pipeline.

Lg rolly

The world's first laptops appeared in the 1980s. The idea arose when people discovered the need for a portable more compact version of a personal computer since then more than thirty years have passed and all this time the technology has been constantly evolving. All the gadgets around us have changed and many shrunk considerably in size.

It seems that the time has come for individual components of a personal computer. Here's a compact folding keyboard from LG electronics when folded it almost doesn't take up space, it fits even in a pocket or a bag and weighs just 155 grams. So today any tablet owner concerned it into a laptop while buying this $90 worth wireless keyboard. The design has a special holder that provides the tablet with the tilted position as if it was a laptop monitor. The keyboard is connected via Bluetooth and it connects disconnects and switches off completely automatically.

Vr waterslides
In the bavarian city of earning in the galaxy waterpark, the new technology has been implemented that takes waterslides to a new level. Visitors are invited to wear virtual reality glasses before going down and instead of observing the water the ceiling and walls of the slide while riding people find themselves in an exciting new world. There are three virtual realities to choose from the jungle, the snow world, and space. 

The length of the slide is 160 meters so you can enjoy the trip as well. A special tracking system is responsible for the realism of the sensations it unifies the picture with the location of the visitor. The trajectory of the descent and the speed of movement thanks to its image during each ride is unique. After the descent, the VR glasses are cleaned and sent back up the slide by conveyor belt.