AirDrop Rival Called Quick Share (Samsung is working on it)

Samsung is also working on an AirDrop rival called Quick Share for its Galaxy phones.  Screenshots of the feature show that it will work similarly to AirDrop, it will give you an easy way to transfer files between two Galaxy phones. You’ll also be able to restrict who can send you files to just people in your contacts or to allow everyone nearby to send you memes, videos, and other things. 

Samsung will launch this alongside the Galaxy S20 and hopefully, we'll get to hear more about it at the event.

The Galaxy S20 will have 120Hz display but you can't use it in maxed-out resolution. You can only use it at 1080p. Now, it looks like Samsung will default the screen refresh rate to 60Hz out of the box. Of course, you can change it to 120Hz in the settings. But the thing is, an average consumer won't even notice this and probably would never change it to 120Hz because he probably won't even have an idea that the screen supports 120Hz refresh rate.

Honestly, this is a little weird for Samsung to do it. All the companies that support high refresh rate displays end up shipping in the highest available mode. Pixel 4, OnePlus all leaves its 90Hz mode turned on by default.

Maybe Samsung is keeping it to 60Hz to optimize the battery for an average consumer but this would also mean that the average consumer probably will never experience this high-quality display for which he's actually paying a little more than if it were just 60Hz. 

Anyway, do let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments